Who Was Esther In The Bible

Who Was Esther In The Bible?

Esther is one of the most well-known women in the Bible. According to the Biblical account, Esther was a young Jewish woman who was taken into the court of King Xerxes I of Persia. She bravely risked her life to save her people, the Jews, from destruction. Esther’s story is found in the Hebrew Bible in the book of the same name.

Esther was the daughter of Abihail, a Jewish exile in Susa, a province of ancient Persia. She was orphaned at a young age and was taken in by her distant relative, Mordecai. Under Mordecai’s guidance, Esther was chosen as one of King Xerxes’ new queens and eventually became his wife.

After becoming queen, Esther’s true identity as a Jew was revealed to the king. Mordecai warned Esther of a plot to exterminate all Jews in the kingdom and urged her to intercede with the king. Bravely, Esther risked her life to speak to the king on behalf of her people.

The king was gracious and issued a decree that all Jews should defend themselves. This gave the Jews the power to pour out their fury on those who wished to harm them. This event became known as the Feast of Purim, which is commemorated to this day.

Esther’s courageous action was not in vain. Following the feast, Jews established themselves as a dominant people in the area, and the memory of Esther’s loyalty to her people has been remembered throughout the centuries.

Although Esther defeated the enemy, her story is more than just a victorious tale. It is a testament to faith, humility, and obedience. Esther and Mordecai both demonstrate a strong faith in God and a commitment to follow His will. As Esther was taken in by her cousin, Mordecai, she was obedient to his leadership and protected God’s people. Through her conduct, she served as a model for us to follow, even in the face of danger.

Esther’s story teaches us the importance of courage and resilience. In the face of adversity, Esther shows us how true faith in God can bring about miracles. Her story is an inspiration to us all that we can have the strength and courage to do great things in the world, even when faced with difficulty.

The Power of Obedience

The Book of Esther is an important reminder of the power of obedience. Esther was obedient to Mordecai when she entered the palace, and even though she knew the danger, she refused to turn her back on her people. She was willing to suffer in the face of adversity, and in doing so, she was ultimately successful in saving her people. Esther teaches that obedience to God and those in authority over us can lead to remarkable results.

Mordecai also demonstrated his faith in God and complete obedience to His will. Although Mordecai suffered greatly, he remained committed to his faith. He was willing to think outside the box when it came to saving his people. He trusted in God and stepped out in faith. He risked his life in order to save his people. His story is a reminder to us that no matter the risk, great things can come from true obedience to God.

Esther and Mordecai’s story is a testament to the power of faith and obedience and how it can lead to incredible miracles. They demonstrate the courage, faith, and humility that we all can aspire to. Through their courage and incomparable obedience, we can remember what it truly means to be faithful in God’s eyes.

The Message of Esther

Esther’s story tells us that when we stand up for what we believe, God will be there to support us. As we obey and follow Him, He will be there to protect us and help us succeed. Even in dangerous and overwhelming situations, we can put our trust in God’s plan. Through Esther’s courage and faith, we can be reminded that it is never too late to ask God for help and to trust in His plans.

Esther’s message is one of courage and salvation, but it also sends an important message to all of us – that we must have faith in God and obedience to Him in order to receive His blessing. Esther shows us that no matter the circumstances, God will always be with us as long as we obey Him and walk in faith. God will never forsake us, even when the odds look bleak.

The Book of Esther is an important reminder to us all that we can have faith even in extremely difficult times. When we place our trust in God and obey His call, we will be guided by His hand and delivered from whatever comes our way. Esther’s story reminds us that God is always in control, and when we are obedient, He will fight for us and provide us with miraculous victories.


Esther is a powerful example of faith, courage, and obedience that can lead to incredible results. Her story stands as a reminder to all of us that we can have strength, courage, and faith in even the toughest situations. In the book of Esther, we witness God’s faithfulness, mercy and provision. We can learn to trust in God even when we are surrounded by danger, and know that with faith and obedience we will be saved.


Esther’s story is one of hope and courage. In the face of overwhelming odds and competition, she was chosen to be the queen and ultimately saved her people. Her story sends a message that no matter the situation or difficulty, with faith and obedience, anyone can achieve the impossible.

For Esther, her ultimate victory stemmed from her faith in God and her willingness to take a stand for her people. Through her courage and obedience, she showed us that with faith, our actions can make a difference in the world. Esther stands as an example of the power of faith to bring about amazing changes.

Throughout her story, Esther demonstrates that self-confidence and determination are essential for success. We must be willing to take risks and trust that God’s plans for us will bring us to great places. Esther’s story reminds us that with faith and obedience, no task is too great, no goal is too lofty, and no dream is too hard to accomplish.


Esther’s story is not only a story of faith and courage, but also a story of grace. Even when confronted with danger and despair, Esther’s faith remained strong and she ultimately trusted in God to deliver her people. Her story reminds us that with faith and conviction, no matter the odds, God will guide us and provide us with grace.

Esther’s story speaks of a deep reliance on God’s mercy and provision. God demonstrated His grace to Esther when she chose to face the danger and speak truth to the king. He saw her faith and obedience and provided the Jews deliverance from their enemies. As we remember Esther’s story, we are reminded of God’s grace in our own lives.

Esther’s story shows us that when we stand firm in faith and obedience, God will not forsake us. We can have faith that God will provide whatever we need to make it through the storms of life. Esther reminds us that with faith and patience, our true victory will come in due course.

The Legacy of Esther

The story of Esther remains a beacon of hope to this day. It is still celebrated around the world by Jews and Christians alike. Esther’s courage and faith remain a testimony to the power of faith and obedience. Through her story, we are reminded that our actions have the power to make a difference in the world, and that with faith, anything is possible.

Esther serves as an example for us to follow, especially when facing extraordinary odds. She reminds us that when we fearlessly obey God and put our trust in Him, our prayers will be answered. As we commemorate her courage and faith, we can be reminded of the miracle of deliverance and the power of obedience.

Esther’s story is a reminder of the strength and courage that is within us all to make a difference in the world. Through her story, we are bolstered and encouraged to continue to stand up for what we believe and to keep our faith in God and His plans.

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