What Does Disciple Mean In The Bible

What does disciple mean in the Bible? Discipleship is a core concept throughout the Bible, with its essential meaning echoing all the way to the New Testament, and it carries a unique significance within the context of faith. The term ‘disciple’ is particularly prominent in the New Testament and alludes to a special kind of commitment to Jesus Christ, a commitment so profound that it comes from placing ourselves within the sphere of his teachings and fully accepting his authority.

A disciple is, therefore, a follower of a teacher, leader, or culture, someone who holds their mentor’s teachings in high esteem and adopts them as the foundation of their own life and faith. As the gospel of Matthew tells us, the original disciples responded to Jesus call, forsaking everything and truly embracing the new and revolutionary life he promised. Their apprenticeship, or discipleship, was characterized by their extensive time spent with Jesus, in order to learn from his way of life and precepts.

The purpose of discipleship is to cause a deep transformation in the disciple, work which is still ongoing today. To be a disciple of Jesus Christ means to allow the Holy Spirit to transform our hearts, souls and characters with that of Jesus. We can say that a disciple of Jesus is a person trying to become like Him, taking the original teachings and living them out within their own unique context, under the guidance of the Spirit.

At the same time, there is something more beautiful in all of this: a promise of eternal life and a call to share this truth with everyone. That is why St. Paul said that he wanted “to know nothing among men except Jesus Christ and him crucified”.(1 Corinthians 2:2) We will find our true purpose and reach a real sense of fulfilment only by devoting our lives to Jesus, becoming his true disciples and living the ultimate truth of his words for the greatest reward and eternal glory.

The Practice

As true disciples of Christ, we need to make sure that we are practicing the teachings of Jesus in our lives. Discipleship is a matter of continual growth, it involves embracing the bigger picture as we seek to live what Jesus taught. It is not enough to just profess with our mouths that we are disciples of Jesus, we must also strive to live according to his ways, to show forth the love of Christ in our own unique context.

True disciples of Christ need to be proactive in their faith. There is nothing passive or dutiful about being a disciple, we must actively listen to the Word of God and make sure that it is reaching its destination in our lives and guiding our decisions. Discipleship consists in understanding the deeper meanings in the teachings of Jesus and living them out in an appropriate way, in full dialogue with the teachings of the Church and the voice of the Spirit.

In practical terms, this means that we need to turn to the Word of God as our guide, making sure we meditate and study it daily. It means maintaining our moral compass and standing up for what is right and just in a world of temptations, no matter the cost. It means learning from Jesus and living his words for our own benefit and the benefit of the Church and society.

The Purpose

We can then say that being a disciple of Jesus is a lifelong journey with the ultimate purpose of being more like Him. To develop into true disciples of Jesus Christ is to obtain a spiritual communion which makes possible a deep intimacy with Him. This process is not easy as it requires constant effort and contemplation, but it is ultimately rewarding, as it brings us closer to Jesus and helps us to understand His ways better.

The ultimate outcome of every Christian’s discipleship journey is to reach a true relationship of adoration and love for Jesus. This is the ultimate reward of being a disciple: that our hearts become enchanted with the Lord and we are able to recognize His presence in our lives. It is not only a product of commitment and hard work, but above all, it indicates that we are loved deeply by the Lord.

The Results of Discipleship

The results of discipleship are visible in the Christian’s commitment to the gospel, his/her service to God, and his/her mission to share the gospel with the world. As a disciple of Jesus, our true focus should on living out His teachings and becoming one with Him. There is no greater purpose we can have than this. Discipleship is our responsibility, it is an honour and a privilege to accept Jesus as our Lord, and we should never pass up this incredible opportunity to become true disciples of the Lord.

At the same time, it is important to remember that true discipleship involves perseverance, faith, and obedience. We must put our trust in Jesus, even if everything seems to be against us or if our lives seem too far from what He has commanded. Staying true to our commitment and relying on Jesus’ mercy will allow us to persevere in our faith journey and remain true to the teachings of Jesus Christ.


Discipleship is the process of becoming a committed follower of Jesus Christ. To be his true disciple means allowing the Holy Spirit to transform our hearts, souls and characters with that of Jesus and working hard to live out his teachings in every aspect of our lives. The results of discipleship are evident in how we employ the gospel in our everyday lives and how that reflects out into the world in terms of evangelism and leading a biblically based life of service. Above all, by obeying the will of Jesus and putting our faith in Him we can expect the ultimate reward of becoming one with Him.

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