Do Angels In The Bible Have Wings


The Bible is a widely celebrated book because it contains many stories of miraculous events, speaking of God’s righteous power and mighty hand. In the Bible, angels appear in various forms such as humans, animals, and other creatures, as they are meant to represent God’s divine messengers. One of the unique features of angels is that they are described as having wings, setting them apart from mortals. There are various stories in the Bible which mention angels to have wings. This article seeks to examine this phenomenon and answer the question of whether angels in the Bible have wings.

Appearance of Angels in the Bible

The Bible mentions angels numerous times and angels are often described as having wings. For instance, in Isaiah 6:2, angels are seen ‘each one with six wings.’ This implies that angels in the Bible did indeed have wings. In Revelation 4:8, the four living creatures around God’s throne were described as having ‘human-like forms on their four sides and each one had four wings.’ These examples show that wings were depicted often as a feature of Angels in the Bible.

Reason behind the Angels’ Wings

The appearance of wings in an angel’s image has been attributed to signifying the role they play in their mission. Angels are divine messengers and they need wings to aid their ability to move swiftly and travel faster around the world. In Zechariah 5:9-11, a figure of an angel appears to have wings and is referred to as ‘the stork in the sky’. This implies that the wings of angels are meant to depict the speed at which they go. In Genesis 19:1-22, Lot’s visitor is described in 3 stages, before the arrival of angels, during their stay and after their departure. In the first stage, he is described as a ‘man’, in the second stage he is referred to as angels and in the third stage he is depicted as having wings. This could mean that wings signify their divine nature.

God’s Voice and Angels’ Wings

The Bible describes how God’s voice can be heard in the air through the fluttering of wings. Thus, some experts believe that the wings of angels serves to signify the presence of God by representing His voice. Romans 8:19-22 explains various creatures and occurrences in the heavens and Earth, it mentions in particular the roaring of wings which signifies God’s power. This implies that the wings of angels represent God’s power and authority.

Symbolic Depiction of God’s Holiness

The presence of wings adds to the whole picture of an angel and serves to signifiy their holiness and divinity, which sets them apart from mortals. Psalm 91:4 is an example of a passage which speaks of an angel shadowing an individual with their wings, explaining how wings are seen as a symbol of God’s protection and grace. This further supports the argument that wings in angels represent their holiness.

Modern Perception of Angels in the Bible and Their Wings

In modern times, the image of angels with wings has been widely accepted, but is seen as a symbolic representation. Popular depictions of angels emphasize their wings and disregard other passages which may explain their identity. Angels are often incorrectly seen as a type of spirit with wings, but in the Bible, they are not depicted in such a manner. This can be attributed to how the symbolic representation of angels has been ingrained in our culture through art and literature.


In conclusion, angels in the Bible have wings and these wings serve to signify their holiness, divine nature, and the presence of God. The presence of wings in angels shows that they serve as God’s messengers who will always hear God’s voice and carry out His orders quickly and faithfully. The fact that this symbolic representation of angels has been misinterpreted by many, shows the need for people to understand the biblical context of angels and appreciate the exclusive features of such creatures.

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