What Was Joseph’s Gift In The Bible

Joseph’s Coat of Many Colours

Joseph was the second son of Jacob and Rachel, and was gifted by Jacob a long and bright coat of many colours. This “coat of many colours” was likely a tunic, made of expensive linen, as Joseph was a favored son in the family. Jacob had intended this gift to signify his preference for Joseph and that he was held in high regard.

The coat of many colours was the sign of royalty for the ancient world. Tearing the multi-coloured garment conveyed anger and betrayal, as he was a child of special importance to his father and brothers.

The coat was also an emblem of divine favor as, in Jacob’s gift, he was proclaiming Joseph to be his chosen inheritor. The coat of many colours was not only an impressive show of favouritism, but also a display of wealth, so Jacob was using it as a sign of his devotion to Joseph.

The older brothers felt excluded by their father’s choice and wrongfully accused Joseph, which caused them to sell the beautiful coat of many colours. The money received for Joseph’s coat was used to buy the brothers new clothes and food, as they had backed themselves into a corner and no longer had any money of their own.

Joseph’s Gift of Forgiveness

Joseph was another example of a biblical figure understanding the importance of forgiveness. Love is a human emotion that can be fueled by both feelings and actions. While Joseph was not obligated to forgive his brothers, he shared his gift of forgiveness with them. He had experience the wrongs done to him, but instead of seeking revenge, he patiently worked on a more peaceful solution.

The brothers in their fear had a distorted view of the world and thought Joseph would do what was best for him at their expense. But later, after encountering Joseph in Egypt, not only were the brothers forgiven but Joseph also gave them a place to stay that protected them from further harm.

This was also a sign of hope as, even when faced with adversity, Joseph had a forgiving heart and offered a future of good deeds and peace rather than one of anger and malice. He proved that forgiveness is much sweeter than bitterness!

Joseph’s Gift of Guidance

Joseph was a godly man and demonstrated a positive lifestyle. He provided the brothers with wise advice and guidance as they became desperate due to their poor circumstances.

Joseph guided them by giving them counsel in preparation for the harsh conditions they would face in Egypt. He taught them to embrace the different culture and language in order to best serve their new master.

Joseph also gifted the brothers with vital management skills which would later benefit them in the court of Pharaoh. By sharing his advice and resources, Joseph was able to bless his brothers when they needed it most.

Joseph’s Gift of Healing

Joseph gave his brothers a chance when no one else would. He provided them with a place to live and a way to make a living. Joseph’s gift of healing extended to the whole family when he offered them a safe home for them to stay in and an opportunity for a better life.

Joseph’s kindness made his brothers aware of their own failings and reminded them of the importance of family and reconciliation. Through Joseph’s healing presence, they were no longer estranged and full of animosity, but they instead grew to understand and accept one another, accepting their differences and learning to forgive.

Joseph’s loving nature and healthy relationships have inspired countless generations, teaching that understanding and redemption are often possible even in difficult family situations.

Joseph’s Gift of Hopefulness

Joseph was gifted with the divine purpose to bring hope to the world. His spiritual guidance, wisdom and patience in tough times reminded the brothers of their duty to act responsibly and to use their gifts for the betterment of all.

Joseph is remembered for his unwavering faith in the Lord and his overall commitment to God’s higher plan. His hopefulness reminds us to always strive to embody the values of our faith, showing that following a spiritual path offers the greatest gifts of all.

Joseph is also a reminder that with hope and faith, we can overcome any obstacle that comes our way. Although his life was filled with challenges, Joseph’s hopefulness never ceased and he used his gifts to renew and restore his brothers trusting in the Lord.

Joseph’s Gift of Foresight

Joseph’s gift of foresight helped protect his brothers and the entire family from famine. He had a keen sense of discerning the future, allowing him to understand the importance of saving their resources for the times when food was scarce.

Joseph’s wisdom and insight allowed him to recognize the many potential challenges that the family would face and prepare them in advance. Joseph’s gift of foresight proved to be a key factor in their survival, as it revealed to them the best long-term solution to their problems.

Joseph’s gift of foresight ultimately provided a sense of security and prepared the brothers for the harsh winters, allowing them to have enough food to last throughout the season.

Joseph’s Gift of Wisdom

Joseph’s gift of wisdom gave him the strength to remain calm and patient in the worst of times. It enabled him to not only stay focused and faithful to God in the face of adversity, but also to offer insight to his brothers when they needed direction.

Joseph’s wisdom extended to how he handled his role in Pharaoh’s court; he used this power for the betterment of others, putting far more emphasis on the service he could provide than any recognition he might receive.

Joseph’s wisdom was key to his success in all that he did, from his duties as an adviser, to his role as a faithful servant of God in difficult times, to his incredibly moving act of forgiveness.

Joseph’s Gift of Loyalty

Joseph was loyal to his family, no matter what. He never forgot his brothers despite their wrongdoings, and once they returned, he welcomed them and provided them with his help and protection.

Joseph’s loyalty to his family extends beyond his actions. He was a symbol of hope, unconditional love, and understanding, even in times of extreme trial.He showed that loyalty and fidelity are bonds that even separation, hardship, and time cannot break.

Joseph gave back to his family with a devoted loyalty that inspired generations to come. His ability to remain steadfast in his convictions and to put family first, despite any difficulties, proved that loyalty and steadfastness are more important than material gifts.

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