What Does The Bible Say About Guns

Guns, just the mere mention of them has been a cause of contention for countless of years due to the feeling of security and peace of mind they provide but at the same time they can be used to cause chaos and destruction. The Bible has a lot to say about guns and these passages can help us to understand the main questions and controversies related to them: What does the Bible say about guns? Can guns be used for defence? Are guns acceptable to God?

‘Let him who has no sword sell his garment and buy one’ Jesus said this in Luke 22:36, Some Bible scholars say these were Jesus words sanctioning the use of weapons. Jesus himself defended his disciples with a whip when they were threatened by money changers in the Temple. While this verse is sometimes cited to conclude that God supports the use of guns for defence.

The Bible does not explicitly endorse guns, but neither does it reject them. According to Christian beliefs, God has given people a decision-making power, and the power of responsibility for the consequences of their decisions, therefore the decision to use guns must be evaluated in light of biblical principles.

The Bible talks a lot about war which means that guns have always been presents everywhere in humans life and events. Jesus himself says in ‘Do Not Be anxious, consider birds of the air God feeds them,’ shows how God cares even for the smallest creatures, if God loves them this much it is, by consequence, our duty to protect all lives.

war and violence

The Bible insists that in war and violence the lives of innocent people, defenders and attackers the must be protected at all costs. Jesus teaches this in ‘Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.’ which means that to be believers of Jesus’ teachings, we must protect human life as much as we can.

In Exodus we can find a passage that can be interpreted a bit in different ways saying that people can defend themselves with weapons. The passage does not encourage violence or wars but recognizes the need for self-defence and protection from harm.

The military employment of guns is seen in Old Testament too, where soldiers of David´s armies used to use swords, archers and spears to fight against their enemies.

In the end, the bible does not seem to forbid the use of guns. The most important part is to use guns responsibly, and to take into account that biblical moral principles should always be used to evaluate any decision to use guns.

raising an army

In the Old Testament, some Bible passages refer to raising an army in which the kings of ancient Israel were responsible for gathering the soldiers, arming them and choosing their commanders. This included providing them with firearms and other modern weapons.

In I Samuel 8:11 it says: ‘And he said, This will be the manner of the king that shall reign over you: He will take your sons, and appoint them for himself, for his chariots, and to be his horsemen; and some shall run before his chariots’.

This verse shows that the kings of ancient Israel were expected to provide their soldiers with weapons, including guns, to fight their battles. It is important to note that these passages were written at a time when the technology to make modern guns was not present, and thus we must remember that the use of guns was more limited.

It is also clear that the weapons used in these wars were not used for recreation or for personal protection. They were used to fight battles against other nations, which is a different situation than personal self-defence.

gun ownership

Guns are not forbidden by the Bible but Christians must be aware that the Bible does not endorse them either. Because of this, gun ownership and the use of firearms must be evaluated according to biblical principles.

For example, a Christian should evaluate his/her reasons for owning a gun. Is it for self-defence, to hunt or to use recreationally? Each of these reasons could be evaluated in terms of biblical principles, such as responsibility and love.

Also, the decision to own a gun should be made with prayer and wisdom. Christians should use scripture to evaluate if they are being responsible with their decisions and if they are showing love and respect for their neighbours.

Since the Bible provides guidance on matters of gun ownership, and the use of firearms, it is important to understand that the Bible does not provide an explicit endorsement of guns. Nevertheless, it provides Christians with the guidance that they need to make wise decisions on gun ownership

the use of guns

In the Bible we find very few verses about the use of guns, but there are a few that provide us with guidance. One of those is Proverbs 25:18 which talks about the responsibility of gun owners, and states: ‘Like a club or a sword or a sharp arrow is a man who gives false testimony against his neighbor’.

This proverb can be interpreted as a warning to potential gun owners to be careful with how they use the weapon and how they handle it. As Christians, we should seek to use guns responsibly, and to protect our neighbourhoods, not to cause damage and destruction.

The Bible also warns us of the dangers of misusing guns and the repercussions it can have. In the Book of Deuteronomy, the Lord says: ‘If anyone takes the life of a human being, he must be put to death.” This shows us that violence and the taking of human life is abhorrent to God and should not be taken lightly.

Similarly, in Romans, Paul warned Christians against seeking revenge, stating that vengeance was the prerogative of God. This implies that guns should not be used to seek revenge or to lash out, but should rather be used responsibly in defence and love.

gun legislation

Finally, the Bible provides guidance on gun legislation. Romans 13 states that the government has the authority to wield the sword in protection of its citizens, and this includes the right to regulate guns.

This passage supports the authority of the government to enact laws regarding gun controls and ownership. It emphasizes the importance of the government to protect its citizens and maintain peace and order.

The Bible also emphasizes the importance of being a moral and responsible citizen by being subject to the law and refraining from crime and disorder. In 1 Peter 2, it states that Christians are to live in peace and mutual respect, and it further states that we should respect the law and be obedient. This implies that Christians should obey gun laws and not use guns for criminal activities.

Furthermore, Proverbs 8:15 states that those who walk in wisdom should stay away from danger and violence. This implies that those who are wise should exercise caution and be responsible with the way they handle guns and the use they make of them.

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