Who Is Obed In The Bible

The Bible is a profound spiritual source of guidance and comfort filled with stories of people and their relationship to God. One of the more interesting figures featured in the story of the Bible is Obed, who is the son of Ruth and Boaz from the book of Ruth. Obed was part of an ancient Israelite family whose experiences are chronicled in the pages of Scripture.

Obed is an important figure in the story of Ruth as he is the direct ancestor of David, who was anointed King of Israel by God. Obed was born within the context of a foreign culture and was responsible for helping to restore his mother’s name after she had been disinherited. Obed was also instrumental in facilitating the marriage of Ruth and Boaz that allowed the family to stay intact and regain their inheritance.

As the son of Ruth and Boaz, Obed was part of a lineage of people whose faith was tested as they encountered many obstacles. The Bible speaks highly of Obed’s faithfulness, courage, and patience as he weathered many personal and national trials. Obed’s faith was strong enough to endure a famine, a false accusation of idol worship, and an exile.

The overall story of Obed and his family can be seen as exemplary for any reader of the Bible who is looking for guidance and direction from a God who is faithful and loving. Obed’s story of hope and faith in God inspires readers to strive to develop and exemplify similar qualities in their own lives.

Obed and the Principles of the Messianic Hope

Obed’s story is important in the context of the Messianic hope. Obed was the direct ancestor of one of the greatest kings of Israel – King David. In recognition of Obed’s faith and heritage, God sent the promise of a Redeemer, the Messiah, who would reign as King in David’s house forever. Because of Obed’s faith and his role in securing the future of his family, God honored his name and establishes him at the beginning of the line of the long-awaited Messiah who was prophesied to come.

The story of Obed, who became the father of Jesse and later the grandfather of King David, is an example of how faith and obedience can lead to great things. Obed’s relationship with God was incredibly strong, even when faced with adversity. God rewarded Obed for his faith and obedience and blessed him with a legacy that would be remembered for generations.

From Obed’s story, readers can learn to trust in God’s promises and seek to faithfully abide in His love. Though the path of faith may not be easy, if individuals remain faithful, they will not be disappointed.

Faith and Obedience in Ruth’s Choice

Along with Obed, Ruth’s faith and obedience were an integral part of the story of how she ultimately became the family’s provider. Ruth’s story is highlighted by her firm faith and loyalty to her foreign mother-in-law, Naomi. Ruth’s decision to stay with Naomi and to follow her back to her homeland displayed her faith and loyalty to God and to her family. This decision ultimately led to the birth of Obed, the eventual son of Ruth and Boaz.

Ruth’s story is especially relevant in providing readers with a model of faith and obedience. Despite the financial and social risks of following Naomi, Ruth chose to stay with her, understanding that in return, God would bless her. Ruth’s story is an example of obedience to God’s will and enduring faithfulness amidst life’s challenges. Similarly, as Obed’s faith endured various challenges in his life, readers can also look to Ruth’s example in order to learn practical ways to be obedient and faithful to God.

Obed and Ruth’s Example of Love and Faithfulness

Obed and Ruth’s story is one that is of great significance to the biblical narrative because it emphasizes love and faithfulness towards God. Obed and Ruth provided a model of faithfulness to God, even in the face of difficult situations. Through their examples in Scripture, readers can learn to trust God in every situation and give their lives to Him completely.

The story of Obed and Ruth is a testament to the power of faith and love that can energize and bind individuals together. Obed’s life was marked with many trials, but he kept his faith despite all that he faced. Ruth’s unconditional love and faith faced a baptism by fire, but she persevered, trusting that God had a plan and a purpose for her life. As readers, we can take away the inspiring example of Ruth and Obed’s powerful faith in God, no matter the circumstance.

Obed’s Legacy

Obed was part of a legacy of faith, love and trust in God. As the son of Ruth and the grandfather of David, Obed’s life was a testament to the power of faith and obedience to God. His story has a lasting impact on all readers of the Bible and is especially significant for any reader of the book of Ruth looking for comfort and guidance. Obed’s story is one of hope and faith in God, an example of courage and loyalty, and a model for trusting in God despite difficult situations.

Obed and the Law of Kindness

Obed’s story also provides an inspiring example of how the law of kindness applies in the Bible. Kindness involves not only understanding and empathizing with those who are going through a tough situation, but also considering how to use kindness to bring a positive outcome to the situation. The story of Obed displays his kindness, love and patience as he interacted with his father, Boaz, and his mother, Ruth. Ruth’s faith in God, kindheartedness and courage in the face of adversity is a perfect example of the application of the law of kindness.

Obed’s display of kindness was even more impressive given the social and cultural expectations of the time. Obed was able to rise above the norms and expectations of his society and choose to act with kindness in order to create a better outcome for his family. By doing so, he set an example for all readers of the Bible and acted as a reminder of the power of kindness in difficult situations.


Obed and his story in the Bible provide readers with an inspiring example of faithfulness, love, and obedience to God. His faith enabled him to weather many obstacles and ultimately to become the ancestor of King David. Ruth’s courage and faithfulness in the face of adversity, along with her application of the law of kindness, serve as a model for all readers who seek to develop these same qualities in their own lives. Obed and Ruth’s examples of faithfulness remain relevant for all readers who are looking for guidance and direction from a God who is faithful and loving.

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