How Many Archangels Are There In The Bible

Archangels are spiritual beings of immense power and influence mentioned in ancient religious texts, including the Bible. These powerful messengers from God symbolize strength, courage, and protection, and interact with humans to send divine messages. Have you ever wondered how many archangels are in the Bible? Well, it depends on who you ask. Some biblical texts say that there are three archangels, while other texts say that there are four or seven.

The number of archangels in the Bible can be confusing because there are multiple translations of the text. Some of the oldest translations indicate there are three archangels while the modern translations of the Bible suggest there are four or seven. Generally speaking, the four or seven most prominently featured archangels in the Bible are Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, Uriel, Jophiel, Chamuel and Zadkiel.

Saint Michael is probably the most famous archangel. He is the leader of the army of God and is associated with courage, protection, and assurance of victory. He is often seen as a protector and guard against evil. He is associated with the month of September and is known to be the angel of mercy.

Gabriel is another well-known archangel who is associated with communication, strength, and revelations. He is the angel of annunciation, meaning he brings messages from God to mankind. He is known to be the angel of justice and revelation and is associated with the month of October.

Raphael is the archangel of healing and is associated with love, health, recovery, and protection. Technically, Raphael is not an archangel, but a “cherub”, but he is often included in discussions on archangels due to his powerful role in helping people heal from physical, mental and emotional wounds.

Uriel is less commonly known, but is a powerful archangel who is associated with transformation, enlightenment, and intuition. In the Bible, Uriel is credited with delivering messages to prophet Ezekiel and finding a home for Mary and Joseph. He is associated with the month of November.

Jophiel, the archangel of wisdom, is associated with beauty and meditation. He is the angel of illumination and enlightenment and is associated with the month of December.

Chamuel is the archangel of mercy and is associated with comfort, inner peace, and serenity. He is also thought to be the angel who guides prayers to their intended target. He is associated with the month of January.

The last archangel mentioned in the Bible is Zadkiel, who is known as the angel of benevolence and mercy. He is associated with absolution, faith, and forgiveness. He is associated with the month of February.

Attributes of the Archangels

The seven archangels mentioned in the Bible all have unique attributes that reflect their power and influence. Michael is associated with leadership, strength, and courage. Gabriel is associated with communication, strength, and revelations. Raphael is associated with healing and protection. Uriel is associated with transformation, enlightenment, and intuition. Jophiel is associated with wisdom, beauty, and meditation. Chamuel is associated with mercy and comfort. And Zadkiel is associated with faith and forgiveness.

Archangelic Prayers and Invocations

Throughout the centuries, prayers and invocations to the archangels have played an important role in many spiritual paths. Most archangelic prayers involve invoking the archangels’ energy, guidance, and protection. Different types of archangelic prayers might include prayers for specific spiritual tasks such as healing, strength, comfort, or guidance. Some people might also use archangelic invocations in preparation for rituals, meditations or any ceremonial occasion.

Archangelic Symbols

Archangel symbols are also used to invoke the power and grace of the different archangels to bring healing and guidance into one’s life. Each archangel has a unique symbol that reflects his particular attributes and influence. Michael’s symbol is the sword, Gabriel’s symbol is a heralds trumpet, Raphael’s symbol is the cup, Uriel’s symbol is a flame, Jophiel’s symbol is a flower, Chamuel’s symbol is a heart, and Zadkiel’s symbol is a dove.

Meditations and Rituals

Meditation is a powerful way to connect with the archangels to channel their energy and strength. Different archangel meditations might involve asking for protection, guidance, and courage, or simply connecting to the archangel’s energy and power. Alternatively, some people might use rituals such as prayer or burning candles and incense to invoke the archangels’ energy and channel their power into their spiritual practice.


In conclusion, the Bible mentions four or seven archangels, depending on the translation. These archangels have unique attributes, and are associated with the months of September to February. Archangelic prayers and invocations are also powerful tools to invoke their energy, and archangel symbols are used to channel their power. Finally, meditation and rituals are also powerful tools to connect with their divine energy and strength.

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