What Does The Bible Say About Investing

Types of Investing

The Bible provides us with a guide to understanding how to invest wisely and on what kinds are the best for us to pursue. In the Old Testament, it tells us not to put all our eggs in one basket, suggesting that diversification is at the heart of a successful investment strategy. This means investing in different kinds of stocks, bonds and other investments. There are also examples of investing in real estate, land, jewelry and other physical objects, as well as advice on investing in everything from sheep and goat herds to agricultural products and services. Other investments mentioned in the Bible contain information about investing in commodities markets such as oil and gas and in precious metals that were being traded during the period in which it was written.

Benefits of Investing

The Bible mentions how investing can benefit us in the long term. It speaks of savings, prudent investments and hard work as a way of accumulating wealth and security. It also encourages us to save regularly and invest in the long term, all of which can help to build a secure financial future. Investing also allows us to gain from the interests earned from our investments. This means when we invest, our money can be used to purchase stocks and other investments which increase in value over time, giving us the potential to turn a profit.

Guidance from the Bible

The Bible offers guidance on taking a careful approach to investing and cautions against taking risks which could bring about losses. It talks about lending money securely and not letting greed get in the way of prudent decisions. It encourages us to invest in start-up businesses in order to get a return on our investment and supports investing in other people’s businesses in order to generate a profit.

Simple Investment Strategies

The Bible also speaks of simple investment strategies such as investing in a diversified portfolio of investments and avoiding speculation. It suggests we pay careful attention to our long-term goals and believes that patience is the key to successful investing. As the Bible says: “He who is slow to anger is better than the mighty, and he who rules his spirit than he who takes a city” (Proverbs 16:32).

Financial Wisdom

The Bible contains a wealth of financial wisdom which we can use when investing. It encourages us to save money and invest wisely in order to build a secure financial future. This guidance can be seen in the words of Jesus: “Do not store up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moth and rust destroy, and where thieves break in and steal” (Matthew 6:19).

Investment Planning

The Bible also contains advice for the wise investor, such as planning for the long term. This means setting goals that take into account the current and future markets, our personal circumstances, and our resources. It also advises us to be patient, save and invest regularly, and diversify our investments as a way of making our money grow.

The World of Finance

The Bible also speaks of the world of finance and its ups and downs. It warns us not to put all of our eggs in one basket, but to diversify our investments and take a sensible approach to the risks we take. Through this kind of prudent investing, we can gain financial security and prepare for rainy days.

Smart Investment Strategies

The Bible encourages us to take a smart approach to investment strategies. This means taking into consideration the current and future markets, understanding the importance of diversification and making sure we invest in different types of stock, bonds and other investments. In doing so, we can minimize potential losses and maximize potential gains.

Long-Term Returns

The Bible also speaks of reaping rewards from investments in the long-term. By taking a calculated approach to investing, we can maximize our returns on investments over time and create a secure financial future. This includes setting realistic long-term goals and investing in low-risk stocks and bonds as well as investing in higher risk investments with the potential to yield higher returns over the long-term.

Considerations before Investing

The Bible speaks of consideration and wisdom when it comes to investing. This means ensuring we understand the various markets, the potential risks and rewards, and the kinds of investments that are right for us before we commit to investing. We can also seek support and advice from trusted financial professionals to ensure we make the most of our investments.

Avoiding Unwise Investments

The Bible also speaks to us about avoiding investments that are too speculative or carry an excessive level of risk. This means being mindful of potential losses and avoiding investments that are too good to be true or have an uncertain future. We should be wary of investments that prey on inexperience and take a long-term approach to our investments to ensure we gain the most out of them.

Research and Infomation

The Bible encourages us to do our research and information-gathering when it comes to investing. This means taking the time to understand the markets, doing our due diligence and seeking advice from a trusted financial advisor or professional. We should also pay close attention to our investments and stay up to date on potential threats or opportunities that may arise.

Saving for Emergencies

The Bible also speaks about saving for potential emergencies. This means making sure we have money in an emergency fund that we can access if needed. We should either keep money in a savings account or invest it in safe, low-risk investments that can be liquidated quickly if need be. This will give us peace of mind and provide a secure financial future.

The Impact of Tax

The Bible contains numerous references to the impact of tax on investment income. It speaks of how taxes can affect our returns and recommends we pay attention to what taxes are applicable to our investments and how they should be managed. It also suggests ways in which we can make sure our taxes are managed in the most efficient manner.


Overall, the Bible contains an abundance of financial advice which can be used to help us be smart when it comes to investing. It encourages us to do our research, assess potential risks and rewards, seek advice from financial professionals, and be patient so that we can reap rewards from our investments in the long-term. By following the advice from the Bible, we can invest confidently and wisely in order to secure a more secure financial future.

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