What Does Confounded Mean In The Bible

What Confounded Means In The Bible?

Confounded is a word mentioned often in the Bible, and it means to “overwhelm with confusion” or “to confuse beyond recognition”. It is a word used to describe the feeling of being overwhelmed or confused, often to the point of feeling not understanding and being at a loss. In the Bible, the concept of confounded is associated with adversity, afflictions, and setbacks, as it is a powerful emotion that can be conflicting and stressful.
When looking at the use of confounded in the Bible, it is important to note that it is used in both a positive and a negative context. In some cases, it can be used to refer to a feeling of confusion and defeat that is ultimately a part of the greater plan of God. In other cases, it can be used to describe a feeling of confusion which is the result of sin.
When discussing confounded in the Bible, it is important to analyze the original Hebrew and Greek words that were used to describe it. The Hebrew word for confounded is “amad”, which has a connotation of being humiliated, ashamed, or appalled. The Greek word for confounded is “katastrophy”, which implies an immense and sudden disaster. This hints at the notion that confounded in the Bible is a concept associated with suffering, calamity, and a feeling of being overwhelmed by life’s trials and tribulations.
The use of confounded in the Bible is often used to juxtapose the feeling of being overwhelmed with a feeling of hope and restoration. In some cases, the Bible speaks of God’s power being so mighty and unstoppable that it is impossible to comprehend, thus confusing its readers. This is seen in the story of the Tower of Babel, where God made the people so confused that it was impossible for them to understand each others languages. In other cases, confounded is used to imply a feeling of defeat, as seen in the story of the Israelites trying to escape from the Egyptians during the Exodus.
The concept of confounded is also closely related to the idea of faith. In many parts of the Bible, God is described as the One who will conquer any obstacle or fear that one may face, and is ultimately the One who will grant one the ultimate victory. This is seen in the book of Romans, where the apostle Paul says that faith is the foundation of life and will never be confounded. This speaks to the fact that even though life can bring its hardships and confusion, if one holds onto their faith, it will not be confounded.

Different Biblical Examples of Confounded

When looking at the Bible, there are many examples of confounded that shine light on the concept of being overwhelmed with confusion. One of these is seen in the book of Psalms, when King David reflects on his own sin and confusion. He says, “My heart is in anguish within me, the terrors of death have fallen upon me. Fear and trembling come upon me, and horror has overwhelmed me.” Here, King David is expressing his feeling of total confusion and being overwhelmed as he reflects on his sinful decisions.
Another example of confounded is seen in the book of Deuteronomy, when the Lord God is encouraging the people of Israel to remain faithful to Him. The Lord says, “Do not be dismayed and do not be afraid, do not be terrified or be confounded”. Here, the Lord is encouraging his people to have faith in Him, even in the most confusing and daunting of times.
Finally, in the book of Isaiah, there is a verse talking about God’s power and authority being so great and mighty that it is confuses the minds of humans. The verse reads, “Who has been able to comprehend the thoughts of the Lord? Who has ever been his counselor and can advise him? For his vast understanding, no one can fathom. He confounds the minds of the wise.” This verse speaks to the notion that God’s power is beyond human understanding and will never be completely comprehended.

Confounded In Modern Society

As seen in the Bible, the concept of confounded can be examined in modern society too. In our current times, the feeling of being overwhelmed is often felt due to the multitude of possibilities and events happening in the world. We can also feel confused and disoriented when faced with a situation that we cannot understand.
In terms of faith and spirituality, confounded can still be understood in a positive and meaningful way. In some cases, it can be an expression of hope and guidance in times of trial, as it can be a sign of God’s power, mercy, and love. Additionally, it can also be a reminder of our faith and the need to trust in Him, even when we cannot grasp the situation or understand its deeper meaning.
As we continue to live in a world that is filled with uncertainty and confusion, it is important to acknowledge the feeling of being overwhelmed and accept it as a natural part of life. Furthermore, we should attempt to draw strength and courage from the Bible, and use it as a source of solace and reassurance.

How To Deal With Confounded

When one is feeling overwhelmed and confused due to the different events and obstacles of life, it is important to recognize the feeling of confounded as a sign of love and protection from God. It can also be a reminder for individuals to strive for a deeper understanding of faith and His greater plan for their lives.
There are many ways for people to deal with the feeling of confounded in a healthy and constructive manner. One strategy is to focus on activities that bring us peace and clarity. These activities could include meditating, journaling, or simply taking a moment to focus on the positive aspects of life. Additionally, praying and reading scripture can also help to ground us and provide us with a feeling of calm.
Another strategy is to remind oneself of the greater purpose and plan of God. When one undertakes this approach, they can find inner strength that will enable them to confront adversity and confusion. Furthermore, one can find comfort in the knowledge that God will never forsake them, even when they feel the most lost and confused.


Overall, the Bible expresses a complex and diverse concept of confounded. It is a feeling that is closely associated with trials, confusion, and adversity. It is also closely connected to the idea of hope and faith, as it can be a reminder to trust in God and seek solace in Him. Furthermore, it is important to engage in activities that can help to lessen the feeling of being overwhelmed and confused, and to remember the promise of God’s ultimate protection in any situation.

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