Who Was Reuel In The Bible

The Bible is full of stories and characters, many of which are quite memorable. One of the more mysterious figures in the Bible is Reuel, an obscure character who is mentioned in only a handful of passages. Who was Reuel and what did he do in the Bible? In this article, we will take a look at Reuel’s life and explore his significance in Scripture.

The Bible tells us that Reuel was the son of Esau and Bashemath, and the grandson of the ancestor figure Isaac. Reuel is first mentioned in the book of Genesis as one of Esau’s five children by his two wives. Very little is said about Reuel in the Bible aside from his familial relationships, but some scholars have argued that he was a priest or religious leader.

Reuel appears again in the book of Numbers, when Moses sends messengers to seek passage through the land of Edom. Reuel is identified as the king of Edom, and he allows them to pass through on the condition that they pay for any water they need. This is an important historical event in the Bible, as it shows Reuel’s importance in the area.

There is very little mention of Reuel outside of the book of Genesis and the book of Numbers. He is not mentioned in any of the other books of the Bible, though some scholars have suggested that he may have had ties to other figures in the Bible such as Moses or Eliphaz.

Reuel’s later life is left somewhat mysterious. It is unclear what happened to him or what kind of impact he made on the world. What is clear, however, is that Reuel was an important figure in the biblical narrative and in the history of the ancient world. His role in the story of Moses, in particular, continues to be an important point in religious discourse.

Connection To The Line Of Abraham

Reuel is an important character in the Bible because he is part of the genealogy of Abraham. Reuel was the great-grandson of Abraham’s father Isaac, as well as the great-great-grandson of Abraham himself. This means that Reuel and Abraham were distant relatives.

Though Reuel was only a side character in the Bible, his lineage is extremely important. It is through the line of Abraham that Jesus Christ is said to have descended, so the fate of the world (both past, present, and future) can be tied to Reuel in some way.

Reuel is unique in the Bible for his familial connections and for being one of the few characters whose lineage can be tied directly to Abraham. In a way, Reuel serves as a bridge between the figures of the Old and New Testament, as his descendants on down the line would go on to becoming important figures in the life of Jesus Christ.

Reuel’s existence in the Bible serves as a reminder that even the most obscure of characters can have an effect on the broader narrative. His presence in the Bible shows us that even though Reuel may not have had a major part to play in the narrative, his life was still significant and had a purpose in the larger story of the Bible.

Reuel’s Significance In Bible Study

Reuel’s importance in the Bible can be seen in his role as a bridge between the Old and New Testament. As a descendent of Abraham, Reuel was an important figure in the family tree of Jesus Christ and a reminder of the lineage between the two Testaments. This is an important lesson for anyone studying the Bible. It shows us that every character and event mentioned in Scripture, no matter how small, still has a meaning and can still contribute to the overall story.

Reuel is also an important figure in the biblical story because he proves that God has control over even the smallest of details. Despite being such a minor character in Scripture, his presence and his lineage are both vital to keeping the biblical story intact. This shows us just how powerful and all-encompassing God’s plan is.

Reuel is an interesting character in the Bible, and his story can be used to illustrate how even the most seemingly insignificant characters can have a significant impact. By studying Reuel and his role in the biblical narrative, we can gain a better understanding of our own place in this grand story.

Reuel’s Fate

The fate of Reuel is somewhat unknown in the Bible. It is not stated what happened to him or where he went after his brief appearance in the story. Some scholars have suggested that he may have migrated to Egypt or some other region, but it is difficult to know for sure.

Given the context of his story, however, it is safe to assume that Reuel lived a long and prosperous life. His importance in the biblical narrative shows that he was likely an important figure in his time and that he was respected and well-loved by his people. Reuel may no longer be remembered in the Bible, but he will always be an important part of the biblical story.

The Meaning Of Reuel’s Name

Though the precise meaning of Reuel’s name is uncertain, it is most likely derived from the Hebrew word “reah” which means “friend.” This is significant, as it speaks to Reuel’s role in the Bible. Though he is a minor character and not much is known about him, he is still an important figure in the Bible and he is remembered for his kind friendship and hospitality towards Moses.

His name is also significant in terms of its association with God. The Biblical character Jethro is also sometimes referred to as “Reuel,” which could mean that Reuel may have some relationship to God or divine power. This is notable, as it speaks to Reuel’s spiritual influence in the Bible.

Reuel’s name is also significant because it is often interpreted as “friend of God.” This is significant, because it shows that despite his minor role in Scripture, Reuel still had a powerful and intimate relationship with God.


Reuel is an intriguing and often overlooked figure in the Bible. Though he only appears a few times in Scripture, his story is important and speaks to a larger narrative. Reuel’s story is one of friendship and hospitality, and his name serves as a reminder of the power of God and the importance of relationships. Though Reuel may have been a minor character in the Bible, his story still holds significant meaning.

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