Who Was Luke In The Bible

Early Life

Luke is best known for being the author of the gospel of Luke in the Bible. He was a travelling companion to St. Paul and is believed to be one of the original followers of Jesus Christ. Not much is known about his early life, but it is presumed that he was a Jewish convert to Christianity when he wrote his gospel. He is also thought to have been a physician, which is why he wrote some of the most detailed analysis of Jesus’ healing methods and other medical information.

Author of The Gospel of Luke

The majority of what is known about Luke comes from the Bible and his gospel. His gospel is one of the four that form the basis of the New Testament and is the third book of the Bible. It is believed that he wrote it from his own first-hand experience of following Jesus and his teachings. Luke’s gospel is full of stories that highlight Jesus’s teachings and focuses heavily on the way in which Jesus welcomed and showed love to those who were on the margins of society, such as the poor, the outcast and the unwell.

Emphasis on Women

One of the unique aspects of the gospel of Luke is its emphasis on women. Luke was one of the few New Testament authors to include the stories of women and their acts of faith. Luke featured women in prominent places of the gospel – from a Samaritan woman who became one of the earliest witnesses to Jesus’s divinity to the stories of Mary, Martha and Elizabeth. These stories showed the importance of women to the early church and must have had a great influence on the development of the Christian faith.

Confirmed in Acts

The gospel of Luke is unique as much of it is confirmed in the book of Acts. Acts is a book written by Luke which follows on from the gospel of Luke and describes Paul’s missionary journeys. In its pages, Luke gives detailed accounts of St. Paul’s battles against paganism and other teachings and the picture of early Christianity which Luke paints in his account of Paul’s journeys helps to highlight the importance of the Christian faith even further.

Influencex on Christianity

The gospel of Luke and the book of Acts have had a great influence on Christianity and have been used to shape the beliefs and teachings of the church. In fact, the gospel of Luke has been called the ‘fountainhead of early Christian worship’. It is from Luke’s gospel, for example, that the Lord’s Prayer comes from, and many of the parables and stories which form the basis of Christianity can be found within its pages.

Luke’s Legacy

The legacy of Luke lives on to this day in the Christian faith. His gospel has informed and shaped Christianity since its writing, and his accounts of Jesus’s life and teachings are still revered by many people today. Luke has given us an insight into the life and teachings of Jesus, and his writings are still used to this day to inform and shape the faith.

Paul’s Aide

Luke was an aide to Paul on his missionary journeys. He is known to have assisted him in many of his journeys and accompanied him on his mission to spread the Gospel. He is credited with helping to establish churches in many towns and cities, as well as writing about and recording the events of Paul’s missionary journeys.

Important Character in Christianity

Overall, Luke is an important and influential character in the early Christian church. His writings have informed and shaped Christian teachings for centuries and are still relevant today. He wrote from his own first-hand experience of following Jesus and his teachings, and his gospel and the book of Acts offer an insight into the beginnings of Christianity and the importance of the faith for many people.

Influence on Theology

Luke has had a lasting influence on theology and helped to shape the modern Christian faith. His gospel and the book of Acts provide us with a unique insight into the life and teachings of Jesus, and his writings still inform many Christian teachings to this day. In addition, his stories of women and their acts of faith highlight the importance and invaluable role of women in the early church.

Relationship With Paul

The relationship between Paul and Luke has been well documented. Not only did Luke assist Paul on his travels, acting as an aide and scribe, but the writings of Luke and Paul often complement each other. Paul’s writings often refer to the teachings and events recorded in Luke’s gospel, and it is believed that the two had a close relationship.

Expert on Pauline Epistles

Luke was also an expert on Paul’s letters and is thought to have assisted in the writing and editing of them. These epistles have become some of the most important documents in the Christian faith and form much of the basis of our understanding of Jesus and his teachings. As such, Luke’s influence on Christianity was not just through his own writings, but also through his assistance in the writing of the epistles.


Luke was a key figure in the early Church and had a significant influence on Christian teachings. He not only wrote his own gospel, but he was also a key figure in the writing and editing of Paul’s letters. His gospel is still an important document in Christian teaching and his writings offer an insight into the life and teachings of Jesus. Luke’s legacy lives on to this day.

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