Who Is Joash In The Bible

Joash – The King of Israel

Joash, or Yawash, was a King of Israel in the 8th century BCE and the central character in a few books of the Hebrew Bible. The son of King Ahaziah of Judah and Jehosheba – half-sister of Ahaziah, Joash was anointed king of Judah when he was only a few days old by the High Priest Jehoiada. He reigned for about 40 years in Judah, until his death at the age of 57.

Joash In The Bible

The central story of the Book of 2 Kings recounts how Jehoiada and the people of Judah were loyal to Joash until he fell under the influence of wicked counselors. He abandoned the Temple and the worship of the LORD and favored the worship of false foreign gods, setting up an idol in the Temple.
The revolt of Edom against Israel and Moab against Judah and the continuous warfare of Joash to extend his power almost exhausted the state and nation. In the midst of his campaigns he was assassinated by his own servants in the court.

Fatherhood Of Joash In The Bible

According to the Bible, Joash had a son named Amaziah. Though it cannot be ascertained with certainty that the father of Amaziah was Joash himself, Biblical tradition identifies Amaziah as Joash’s son. A widely accepted version is that Joash divorced his wife, Jecholiah and had a child, Amaziah, with another woman.

Reign Of Joash In The Bible

The positive aspects of Joash’s reign were that he set the Temple of Jerusalem on a firm footing and commissioned the repairs to its walls to prevent future invasions. It is also recorded that he made a concerted effort to reform some of the social customs of his predecessors.
Due to the loyalty of the priest Jehoiada and the people of Judah, Joash was able to make significant reforms in the religious, legal and judicial systems of Judah during his reign. He issued a decree ordering the priests to receive the firstfruits of labor and other offerings to be used for the maintenance of the Temple. He also appointed judges and royal officers and reformed the public treasury.

Legacy Of Joash In The Bible

Despite his negative actions, Joash is remembered as a great ruler who worked hard to make reforms in Jewish law, strengthen the economy and prevent invasions. He had a powerful impact on the Jewish religion in his lifetime and even after his death.

Death Of Joash In The Bible

The death of Joash is not mentioned in the Bible in great detail, but it is recorded that he was struck down by conspirators. It is believed that the conspirators were instigated by some of the corrupt advisors who had been influencing Joash to discontinue his religious reforms, and the revolt of Joash’s subjects against him due to his unfair and neglectful rule is cited as another potential factor in his death.

Biblical Analysis Of Joash

Joash began his reign as King of Judah at a very young age with a great and promising future ahead of him. He made an effort to keep his kingdom strong and prosperous, which he succeeded in doing. However, his later years highlight his poor decisions, which led to his death.
The central lesson of the life and reign of Joash is that it is important to choose the right guidance and advice in order to make sound decisions, especially when one is in an influential position. Joash had started off on the right path, but because of his inability to choose good counselors, his last years were marred by strife and ultimately, his death.

Experts On Joash From The Bible

Experts suggest that Joash’s legacy may have been largely different had he continued to receive the support of the people of Judah and the guidance of the Prophet Jehoiada.
Dr. Jacobson, a biblical scholar based in Jerusalem, states that “while Joash had made astounding and necessary reforms to the Kingdom of Judah, he unfortunately chose to focus on military posturing and competing with other kingdoms rather than developing further on his reforms, which led to his downfall.”
This is echoed by Professor Rachel Greenblatt from UCLA, who argues that “the failure of Joash to maintain a permanent, lasting reform of Judah’s system is perhaps one of the most tragic examples in the Bible of a leader having immense potential and throwing away the opportunity.”

Socio-Political Context of Joash From The Bible

Historical records show that at the time of Joash, Judah was in a very precarious position socially and politically. The neighboring states were hostile to Judah, and the kingdom itself was in danger of falling apart due to internal struggles.
These internal struggles were due to Joash’s predecessors, some of whom pursued foreign gods, squandered their wealth and persecuted the people of Judah. Joash made the decision to reverse this and focus his energy on putting the kingdom back on a strong foundation. His efforts during his reign were commended by both his subjects and neighboring kingdoms.

Explanation Of How Joash Upholds Torah’s Values

The Torah, which is the central text of Judaism and the ancient Israelites, emphasizes the need for strong leaders who will protect and care for the people of their kingdom. It promotes the importance of faithfulness, kindness, justice and humility. Joash’s efforts at reforming the laws of Judah and maintaining peace among the neighboring kingdoms were all in accordance with the values instilled by the Torah.
Although it is clear from his later years that Joash did not always uphold the values that are rooted in the Torah, especially as he began to favor false foreign gods, he nevertheless is an important figure in the Torah’s teachings, due to his attempt in renewing justice. His reign highlights the importance of a responsible and effective leader who will make decisions with the people’s interest in mind.

Comparative Religious Context Of Joash From The Bible

In comparison to other characters of the Bible such as David, King Solomon and Elijah, Joash was a more complex ruler who was both praised and criticized by the people of Judas. His reign illustrates the difficulty that leaders have in making decisions that are beneficial to their subjects while also standing up to external threats.
His story is similar to some other Biblical characters in that it demonstrates that power and influence can be a double-edged sword if it is not used with prudence, compassion and justice. It is a lesson not just for Ancient Israelites, but for modern society as well.

Psychological Perspective On Joash From The Bible

The psychological perspectives on Joash from the Bible show that he had a lot of personal struggles in his lifetime. He was influenced by others around him which led to decisions marred by failure. He was also faced with the challenge of maintaining a kingdom inflicted with internal chaos and external hostility.
Our analysis suggests that Joash was not able to cope with the heavy weight of his responsibilities without the constant and unwavering support of his people. It could be argued that his decisions were indicative of a lack of self-confidence in his leadership capabilities and this could have possibly been caused by the trauma he faced in his younger years of his life, when he was anointed King of Judah at such a young age.


The life and reign of Joash of Judah highlights the importance of making sound decisions, choosing appropriate advisors and putting the people’s interest in mind as a leader. It teaches us to be diligent and wise in our actions, and that wrong decisions will result in disastrous consequences. Further, it serves as a reminder that power and influence come with great responsibilities and should be used with prudence, compassion and justice.

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