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Who Is Joanna In The Bible

Joanna is a woman mentioned several times in the New Testament of the Bible. In the Gospel of Luke alone, she is mentioned nine times. Joanna is often considered to be the same person as Susanna and Salome, who are also featured in the Bible.

Joanna is mentioned as a disciple of Jesus and is often reported to have been the wife of Chuza. Chuza was the manager of Herod’s household, meaning Joanna may have been associated with the royal family. It is also believed that Joanna was the wife of the tax collector Zacchaeus.

Joanna has a significant role in the interaction between Jesus and Mary Magdalene. She is one of the first to discover that Jesus’ body had disappeared from the tomb, and is reported to have rushed to inform Peter and John. Also, when Mary and the other women approached the tomb, it is reported that Joanna and the other women were “filled with awe” and afraid. Joanna helped collect Jesus’ possessions from the cross, providing his burial garments. It is believed that Joanna followed Jesus on his journey and served him with her resources. She is also reported to have been repentant for her sins.

The Matthew, Mark and Luke all mention Joanna as a witness to Jesus’ resurrection, although she is not present in the biblical accounts of Jesus’ ascension. Despite this, Joanna remained a faithful messenger of the Lord, spreading his message and testifying of the great love of God. This is why historical records refer to her as a “disciple” or even a “true believer.”

The Bible does not say much about Joanna’s life after Jesus’ ascension, although it is assumed she remained devoted to Christianity and served the Lord. There are records of her performing miracles in her hometown and elsewhere, leading to her prominence in the Church. By the fourth or fifth century, there were churches celebrating Joanna’s life and works, although some of the accounts of Joanna’s miracles were eventually discredited.

For centuries, Joanna has been a source of hope and inspiration for many. She symbolizes the power of faith and having the courage to remain firm in her convictions in the face of external scrutiny. Even when the Earth is shaking, the one who remains rooted in faith, like Joanna, can face the storm head on. Joanna exemplified the virtue of obedience, refusing to forgo her faith even when it caused her personal loss or suffering. This makes her an example for all believers who are devoutly committed to the path of righteousness.


Joanna is a perfect example of Christian morality. Her life was steeped in the teachings of Jesus, and she saw following his teachings as essential to finding salvation. Her chastity and devotion to her husband, Chuza, further illustrate her faith and morality. She was also known for her kindness to others, showing kindness to those who did not have the same social status as her. Joanna also demonstrated unwavering loyalty to Jesus and his cause, even when it put her at risk.

Joanna’s selflessness was remarkable, as she gave her resources to provide assistance to Jesus and his disciples. Despite the danger it presented, she remained faithful to Jesus, never wavering in her love and support of his cause. Her willingness to serve the Lord’s mission is a testament to the power of true faith and belief.

Modern day Christianity has much to learn from Joanna’s morality. The world today is divided by differences of belief and faith, making it difficult to maintain one’s moral compass. Joanna’s example reminds us that it is possible to rise above temptation and be an instrument for good, just as she was. It is a reminder that by leading a virtuous life, one can overcome worldly divisions and embody the principles of the Kingdom of God.


Joanna is a symbol of faith, courage and devotion. She serves as an inspiration to individuals and society as a whole, providing a source of spiritual strength and sustenance. Joanna’s unwavering commitment to Jesus and his cause even in the face of obstacles is an example of true conviction. To this day she serves as an example of courage and faith, inspiring many to remain steadfast in their faith despite the trials and tribulations of life.

Joanna’s role in the Bible illustrates the true power of faith. Despite being a woman, she was able to make a difference in a world that was largely dominated by men. Her unwavering commitment and allegiance to Jesus, even when faced with danger, demonstrate her profound courage and commitment.

Her story also reinforces the importance of compassion, kindness, and service to others as core virtues of the Christian faith. She was known for her kindness and generosity to those who didn’t have the same social standing as she did. Her example of giving is a perfect example of living out the teachings of Jesus.

In addition, her willingness to stay by Jesus’ side, even when it was dangerous to do so emphasizes the importance of responding to the call of God, even if it requires boldness and self-sacrifice. A significant aspect of the Christian life is being willing to leave behind one’s comfort and security in order to faithfully serve the Lord. Joanna’s example is a reminder of the power of faith and devotion, inspiring individuals to stay true to their beliefs in the face of opposition.


The story of Joanna’s life can be found in early Christian records, including in the writings of Eusebius. Various churches were built in her honor, and her role in Jesus’ ministry is highlighted in Church liturgies and prayers. Despite centuries of debate and speculation about her identity, Joanna’s legacy continues to inspire millions of individuals around the world.

Joanna’s legacy continues to live on through her many admirers, believers, and followers. She serves as an inspiration for all Christians who strive to live out the virtue of submission to God and to remain faithful to the teachings of Jesus. Her devotion to Jesus, despite the risks it posed, is an enduring example of true faith in action.

Furthermore, her kind and generous nature towards those less fortunate also serves as a reminder of the power of love and compassion in action. Joanna is a reminder to all believers that love, kindness, and charity towards others can be an expression of living in the spirit of Christ.


The story of Joanna comes with challenges, as with any example from the Bible. Some might argue that her devotion to Jesus is admirable, but may view her submission to her husband, Chuza, as outdated. The Bible’s language in describing women’s roles can cause individuals to struggle to accept its stories and teachings as applicable today.

It is also true that some may view her story as contradictory, noting that while she was devoted to Jesus and was praised by Him, she was still married to a man in a position of power and wealth. This can put a strain on those who wish to link modern day morality with the stories of the Bible.

For those who view her story as a contradiction, it is important to remember that, in Joanna’s time and context, marriage to someone of a higher social standing was a form of protection and safety, something that was not a given in first century Jerusalem. Given the social framework of her society, marriage was an inevitable step for women in her time.

Despite challenges, the importance of the example of Joanna’s faith, courage and charity should not be overlooked. Joanna’s legacy of faith continues to be relevant to individuals today, who can draw strength from her story of unwavering loyalty and service to the Lord.


The impact of Joanna’s story continues to be relevant and meaningful to many Christians today. Her faithfulness, courage and kindness in the face of difficulty continues to inspire and promote true Christian virtue. Joanna’s commitment to the Lord’s cause and her unwavering loyalty to Jesus and His teachings remain a powerful symbol of the unshakeable character of faith.

Joanna’s example also continues to emphasize the importance of charity and generosity towards others. Her life is a reminder that by doing good onto others, we embody the love of God and practice his teachings. Her legacy of being a follower of Jesus rather than a follower of earthly comforts and possessions is an inspiring example of the power of faith.

Joanna’s story is an inspiration to all who seek to live a life of true faith and devotion. Her story continues to encourage individuals to remain rooted in faith, to be bold and courageous in the face of opposition, and to live a life that embodies the teachings of Jesus.

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