Who Are The Archangels In The Bible


The Bible mentions angels frequently, and specifically identifies seven particular angels as archangels. An archangel is a higher rank of angel, typically mentioned in association with a particular virtue or function. These seven are described as the most important, most powerful, and most influential angelic beings in the spiritual hierarchy.

The major archangels identified in the Bible are Gabriel, Michael, Raphael, and Uriel, while other mentions include Jeremiel and Raguel. Each of these archangels is traditionally understood as possessing an array of active powers and responsibilities.


Gabriel is mentioned in both the Old and New Testaments. He is typically portrayed in the New Testament as a messenger of God, delivering divine revelations. In Jewish traditions, Gabriel is credited with the task of protecting the souls of mankind and the dead in their journey to their final destination.

Gabriel is famously recognized as the angel who appeared to Mary, mother of Jesus. He is also credited with delivering the news of John the Baptist’s conception, as well as announcing the impending birth of Christ to the shepherds of Bethlehem.


The angel Michael is mentioned in the book of Daniel in the Old Testament and in the book of Revelation in the New Testament. The phrase “Michael and his angels” is found in Revelation 12:7. Michael is typically seen as a protector of the faithful, an enemy of evil, and an advocate of justice.

The archangel Michael is generally associated with the concept of heavenly warfare, vanquishing evil spirits and opposing demons. In some traditions, he is depicted as a champion of the humble, protector of the weak, and defender of children.


Raphael is portrayed in the book of Tobit as a messenger of God and healer of the afflicted. He is a friend to the suffering and is committed to protecting them from harm. The archangel Raphael is a symbol of healing and divine providence.

He is credited with saving the life of Tobit’s son, Tobias. It is said that Raphael gave Tobias an herbal remedy which enabled him to cure a deadly illness. In addition, Raphael is traditionally associated with miracles, protection, and guidance.


Uriel, one of the seven archangels, is oftentimes identified as the angel of judgment and wisdom. He is regarded as a messenger of divine revelation and a keeper of secrets, responsible for ensuring that God’s will is known and understood by mankind. Furthermore, Uriel is described as a guardian of sin and a defender of those who judge fairly.

Uriel is often seen as a source of light for the righteous and an inspiration for those seeking God’s will. He is also attributed with the task of unveiling the mysteries of God’s laws and providing advice and guidance to those on earth.


The archangel Jeremiel is mentioned in The Book of Enoch, an ancient Judaic text. In this text, Jeremiel is described as the angel of visions, dreams, and meditation. He is credited with the task of recording the deeds of the dead, helping them to make peace with their past and ensuring that they are faced with the consequences of their choices.

Moreover, Jeremiel is believed to assist people who are struggling with self-growth and personal transformation. He is associated with providing advice and guidance in times of difficulty and helping those who are lost to find their true purpose in life.


Raguel is another archangel mentioned in The Book of Enoch. He is seen as a messenger of justice, responsible for executing God’s will and bringing balance to the world. Raguel is believed to punish injustices, provide guidance, and protect those in need.

Raguel is also credited with ensuring fairness in court proceedings and punishing those who wrong others. He is described as a source of strength for those in distress and a champion of justice for the oppressed.

Significance Of The Archangels

In both Jewish and Christian religion, the archangels are held in great reverence and are recognized as powerful spiritual figures. It is thought that they have great influence on both the physical and spiritual realms. Many hold that the archangels can protect against evil, deliver messages, and even influence events.

The archangels are also seen as symbols of comfort and hope in times of trial and conflict. It is believed that they provide comfort, inspiration, and guidance in times of need. In addition, many believe that the archangels can intervene on behalf of those who are facing difficult challenges.

Archangel Traits

The Bible depicts the archangels as having physical characteristics, such as wings and the ability to fly. Furthermore, they are described as wise, compassionate, and strong. Many scholars believe that they possess supernatural powers, such as the ability to control elements of nature and the power to heal.

The archangels are also believed to be associated with particular virtues and functions. For example, Gabriel is associated with mercy, Raphael is associated with healing, Michael is associated with protection, Uriel is associated with wisdom, Jeremiel is associated with visions, and Raguel is associated with justice.

Archangel Worship

Although the archangels are not worshiped in either the Jewish or Christian religions, many people view them with great reverence and see the archangels as powerful spiritual figures. Some individuals even identify with the characteristics of particular archangels, believing that the particular archangel’s characteristics can be embraced as a personal virtue or strength.

Many individuals also believe that the archangels can be invoked for assistance or guidance, and that they can be called upon to intercede on behalf of individuals in times of need. Some people make special prayers or intentions dedicated to particular archangels, while others petition the archangels to ask their prayers be heard.

Modern Day Perception

In the modern world, the archangels continue to play an important role in the spiritual realm. Many people still recognize the archangels as symbols of protection, healing, and justice. In addition, some modern-day spiritualists believe that the archangels can be called upon for assistance, or even as companions or guides in one’s spiritual journey.

Moreover, the archangels are seen as powerful spiritual figures who can be called upon for advice, guidance, and protection. While the concept of invoking the archangels for supernatural assistance may not be recognized in all religious traditions, many people continue to look to the archangels for spiritual support and guidance.


Overall, the archangels of the Bible are seen as powerful spiritual figures, credited with a variety of responsibilities and tasks. Many religious traditions recognize the archangels as protectors and messengers of divine will. Additionally, modern-day spiritualists and individuals often call upon the archangels as sources of spiritual guidance and support.

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