What Does The Bible Say About Ww3

What Does The Bible Say About WW3

The Bible is an ancient manuscript of faith with numerous prophecies that have come to fruition. It is believed to convey the truth about the future, raising the question about what does it say about the Third or Worldwide War? Before delving into the scriptures, it is essential to understand how the Bible was constructed.

Experts consider that the Bible is an anthology composed between 850 BC and the first century AD, with major portions crafted during the 6th century BC. Its periods, symbolism and genres feature in the Tanakh and the Greek-language New Testament. Consequently, it’s considered an inspired collection of writings that convey God’s message to humans. If this is true, then what it tells us about WW3 must be taken seriously.

When it comes to WW3, many scriptures allegedly foretell its coming. Isaiah 17 in particular, is believed by some to possibly describe a nuclear apocalypse as it uses references to Damascus being turned into a ruinous heap. Similarly, scholars interpret that Matthew 24 may offer evidence of people experiencing a time of tribulation prophesied in the words of Jesus.

Rabbi Jonathan Cahn, an expert in biblical prophecy, reinforces this through his interpretative work. He believes that there are evocative scenarios in the Old Testament which reference a three-stage conflict. According to him, the Gog-Magog War of Ezekiel 38-39 describes WW3 in detail. He remarks that this improbable battle involves nations from the north, east and south conquering inland cities like Jerusalem.

Daniel 12 may also provide clues about WW3. It is thought that at the end of days, the great prince Michael, a celestial being, will stand up for Israel. This is interpreted by some to represent a supernatural intervention to save humanity.

Kings Of The Earth Coming Together

Revelation 16 may suggest the coming together of kings of the Earth in a final battle against the ultimate dissenters. It goes on to state that a divinely appointed plague will come upon them, a horror they will not survive. This religious treaty is often associated with WW3, due to its intimations of destruction and warfare.

Indeed, some verses allude to the potential use of nuclear weapons, as foretold in Zechariah 14. It purports that Jerusalem will be trodden down by the nations and that living creatures will flee from the heat. This could indicate a catastrophic scenario with high temperatures released from radioactive destruction.

In reference to the two main players in a global war, Isaiah 17 mentions Syria and Egypt. These two countries have been in conflict for centuries, and some bible scholars assume that WW3 could see them joining forces as allies. This would also include Israel, a country that has been in multiple wars since its creation. With an alliance between such powerful nations, the course of WW3 could depend on this ancient book of truth.

Biblical Judgement On Earth

At the end of the war, and in the wake of devastation, biblical judgement will supposedly befall the world. This involves the deceptive antichrist being identified, the resurrection of the dead and a rapture of chosen believers. It also includes a 1000-year peace period, or the Millennial Reign, where the devil is bound by chains and thrown into an abyss.

Whilst the details cannot be corroborated with absolute certainty, different sources confirm various interpretations of WW3. For example, some view that the war is mentioned in Psalm 83 in a geographical sense, whilst others speculate that the four horses in Zechariah 6 relate to WW3 through their describable colours.

At the same time, it’s important to note that WW3 has not been labelled a divinely sealed event in the Bible. Consequently, the commitment and preparedness of religious authorities could be instrumental in influencing outcomes, and reducing possible tragedy. For example, offering spiritual solace, assistance to vulnerable people, and taking global steps to promote justice, opportunity and lasting peace on Earth.

Divine Intervention

Divine intervention is also believed to be a possible factor, as the Bible speaks of angels being sent to Earth as Gods messengers. This could imply that any WW3 could be interrupted by a celestial interjection. The same premise is thought to apply to the 200 million warriors that surround the bird of prey in Revelation 9.

Supposedly, this is a superhuman army envisioned as protecting the world from war. The precise identity of this squadron is unclear, however some consider them to be heavenly or extraterrestrial beings. This inferable evidence could suggest that a Third World War could take an entirely unprecedented form, even leading to a historical breakthrough.

Divine Judgement

Revelation 6 allegedly foretells judgments that are to fall on a variety of nations at the end of times, according to certain interpretations. These calamities can be applied to WW3 as they are largely portrayed as destructively caused devastation, signifying divine power.

In addition, other scriptures like the Gog Magog War in Ezekiel, the horsemen in Zechariah and the plague of Revelation 16 are accepted to have many different meanings. Whilst usually interpreted as apocalyptic, WW3 could be a metaphor for something altogether distinct, enabling peace to break out across the world.

Reign Of Satan

The Book of Revelation may also be interpreted to suggest that war events are directed from the bottomless pit, an otherworldly place recognized as the abode of Satan. This war leader is believed to be supported by a demon-human alliance, with their main intent to dominate the world. This could signify an advanced evil system, where the destructive ambitions of evil forces impact global populations.

Nevertheless, some theologians place utmost trust in God’s ability to preserve righteousness and prevent atrocities. They posit that divine intelligence is above the machinations of man, a strength that will ultimately undo WW3, as is prophesied in the Bible.

Conclusion of Prophecy

WW3 is a controversial concept which averse to tackling. However, it is important to acknowledge that this concept potentially has biblical authority, and many aspects of prophetic scripture appear to offer insight into a worldwide war. From YHWH’s supernatural army to divine judgement, the Bible’s descriptions of such a scenario are compelling yet terrifying.

It is clear that WW3 would distinguish itself from other wars in both its enormity and precursory signs. It is believed to incorporate both natural catastrophes, with possibly a few supernatural ones, leading some to postulate that the Third World War could prophetically usher in the end times. Despite the contentious subject matter, the Bible does seem to be a valuable source of information about WW3, and seekers of truth should consider it protectively.

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