What Goes Against The Bible

What goes against the Bible? This is an important question that Christians should ask themselves regularly. Understanding the implications of our actions can help us stay true to our faith and make sure that we are living in accordance with the Word of God. It’s also important to be aware of the things society might find acceptable, but go against the Bible.

However, many don’t fully grasp of the dangers of behaviors that oppose the Bible. To help clear up the confusion and make sure you know the facts, here is a list of behaviors that go against the Bible and the consequences that might come from engaging in them.

Rejection of Faith

First and foremost, any kind of rejection of faith goes against the Bible. Whether it’s disbelief in Jesus or disbelief in the Holy Spirit, choosing to reject the faith or simply stay on the outskirts is one of the most serious offenses.

The bible says that without belief in both Jesus and the Holy Spirit, there is no forgiveness or eternal life. Rejecting faith and choosing not to pursue a relationship with God can have serious spiritual consequences and it’s important to remember that, even unbelievers, need to submit the ultimate authority of God.


Lying is another behavior that goes against the Bible. In Proverbs 6:16-19, it is written that God hates falsehood and lying. In addition, lying is completely antithetical to the character of God, who is “Truth”.

When engaging in conversations or everyday life, Christians should take extra care to make sure they are not lying or deceiving people. Even if telling the truth might create some discomfort or drama, it’s always important to be truthful and honest with those around you.


Engaging in sexual relationships outside of marriage is a sin according to the Bible. Adultery is the breaking of the seventh commandment and can often cause hurt, distrust and trauma to those involved and those around them.

Engaging in premarital sex, extra-marital affairs and any other forms of betrayal can increasingly lead to abandonment of the marriage covenant, unfaithfulness, and even divorce. Violating the sexual codes of the Bible require repentance and ongoing dedication to pursue God’s perfect provisions for our lives.


Greed, or the excessive desire for material gain, goes against the Bible. Despite what the world might tell us, true contentment and satisfaction doesn’t come from accumulating wealth or material possessions. It comes from living within the parameters of God’s instructions and relying on Him for our needs.

The Bible shows us that our values should be focused on finding joy in what God has given us and being content with it instead of striving to meet our own desires. Greed robs us of gratitude and can be dangerous to us and those around us.


Pride, or the attitude of superiority over others, is also something that goes against the Bible. Pride strips community and prevents us from doing God’s work in the world. It’s also an unsurmountable obstacle in our relationship with God.

In the Bible, pride is repeatedly denounced as an abomination in God’s sight. Instead, Christians should strive to practice humility and recognize the importance of being on an even playing field alongside our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ.

Drinking Alcohol

Many Christians are unaware that drinking alcohol goes against the Bible. While there is nothing wrong with drinking in moderation and for pleasure, over consumption can lead to drunkeness, which is consistently referenced as a sin in the Bible.

Being drunk can lead to many dangerous and sinful behaviors and it is written in the Bible that drunkenness should be avoided. Instead, Christians are urged to practice temperance, humility and sobriety in order to be closer to God.

Hoarding Wealth

Another behavior that goes against the Bible is the hoarding of wealth. While it’s appropriate to make an effort to provide for our families and each other, it’s more important to make sure that the basic human needs are met for everyone regardless of financial standing.

Proverbs 28:25 states that those who “gather it little by little” (grudgingly give charity) will get much, while those who hoard it will end up losing it. Hoarding wealth and doing nothing to help the less fortunate goes against the spirit of the Bible.

Abusing the Gifts We Have

Sometimes we abuse the human and spiritual gifts that God has granted us. Whether it’s using our position in society for power and control, or using our spiritual gifts for gain and glory – abusing the gifts God has given us goes against the Bible.

The Bible is clear that our gifts should only be used to honor God and bring glory to Him. We should never use them to achieve a sense of pride or superiority, because God’s gifts were given to us to enable us to share God’s love with others and be a blessing to those around us.

Comparing and Judging Others

Another of the behaviors that go against the Bible is comparing and judging others. Comparing and passing judgment on others can lead to envy and resentment. Our life should not be about comparing ourselves to others or striving for perfection, but rather about pursuing a relationship with God and glorifying Him through our actions.

In Matthew 5:22, Jesus warns us not to be quick to judge or else we will be judged in the same way. One of the most important things we can do is simply love one another, and strive to refrain from passing too quick a judgment.

Being Selfish

Selfishness is also a behavior that goes against the Bible. In Philippians 2:3-4, it is written that we should “Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit.” Selfishness can prevent us from giving and receiving true love.

The Bible reminds us to be humble, generous and kind. Adopting a selflessness attitude and looking outward instead of inward can help us view the world and those around us with eyes of grace and mercy, and ultimately glorify God through our actions.

Marcos Reyna is a Christian author and speaker. He is dedicated to helping create disciples of Christ through spreading the power of the gospel to others. He has written several books and articles on a variety of theological topics, including matters of faith, worship, biblical studies, practical ethics, and social justice. A trained theologian and devotee of spiritual writing, Marcos has a mission to spread Christian love everywhere. He lives with his family in Nashville, TN where he spends his days encouraging others to seek Christ's grace in all things.

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