What Does The Bible Say Heaven Is Like


The Bible mentions that Heaven is a place of immense beauty. In Revelation 21:18-21, the Bible goes into detail about the gateways of Heaven, which John sees as being made of one single pearl. He also mentions the streets of Heaven being made of gold, transparent as glass.Not only this, but “the light of a lamp shall not shine in thee;” meaning that there will be permanent daylight in Heaven (Revelation 22: 5).

The general description imparted in the Bible is that Heaven is a very pleasant-looking place. The sun will never go down and there will be no need for artificial light sources. The streets will be made of transparent gold and the atmospheric condition will be comfortable and pleasant.


The Bible does not say what activities will occupy our time in Heaven, but it does provide a few clues that give us an idea of what to expect. One of the Bible’s most obvious messages about Heaven is that it will be a place of rejoicing and worship. A few different Bible verses talk about the singing of songs throughout eternity. We will be surrounded by angelic beings, who will be continually singing praises to God.

As Christians, it is also safe to assume that we will have the opportunity to study and learn in Heaven. This could involve studying the Bible, learning about God’s character, his love and his teachings. We will also have the chance to meet and interact with other saints who we have famous musicals and movies, spiritual leaders, historical people who were part of God’s plan, and a variety of other fascinating people who will enjoy learning and growing alongside us in Heaven.


Most importantly, Heaven will be a place of fellowship with God. With so much to experience and learn in Heaven, this will likely be the focal point of our eternal lives. We may spend our days singing praises to God, studying his Word, and worshipping him, all the while enjoying fellowship with other Christians.

Seeing God is something that many of us may struggle with here on Earth, but in Heaven, we will be with him every day. We will be able to see our savior in all His glory, and there we will enter into eternal relationship with him. We will have the joy of experiencing God’s presence and his endless love.


Not only will Heaven be a place of fellowship with God, but it will also be a place where we will get to know those who have chosen to accept the Lord’s invitation to Salvation. It will be a society of believers, both in faith and in morality. We will be able to share in each other’s joys and sorrows and draw strength and comfort from one another.

God has called us to unite in fellowship and so it only makes sense that in Heaven we will be united in agreement and love. We will share in each other’s experiences and grow closer to one another in a truly meaningful way.


In Heaven, there will be no shortage of amenities either. Everything we could need or want to have will be supplied by God; from the food and beverages, to the glorious rivers, trees, and mountains.

The Bible speaks about a river of living water flowing from the throne of God (Revelation 22:1). The Bible also speaks about streets being lined with valuable stones, trees bearing fruit every month (Revelation 22:2), and a gracious and just government.


The gates of Heaven are also talked about extensively in the Bible. Revelation 21: 21 says “the twelve gates were twelve pearls.” The pearl is a precious item that symbolizes strength, purity, and wisdom. It is this strength, purity and wisdom, which will guard the everlasting gates of Heaven.

In the Bible, Heaven is depicted to be a place of endless joy, peace and perfect fellowship with God. In Heaven, we will be enveloped in the beauty, surrounded by the culture and draw strength from the eternal Spirit of God.


In Revelation 22:14, the Bible says that there will be those who are blessed to enter the gates of Heaven and inherit the Kingdom of God. It clearly states that the ones who enter Heaven ‘shall have right to the tree of life, and may enter through the gates into the city.’ Heaven, then, is not a place to merely exist in eternity, but a place to enter and receive the blessing of the tree of life.

In Heaven, all of our earthly trials and tribulations will melt away, as we will have everlasting life, perfect joy and a strong sense of community. We will be part of a fellowship of believers, living and loving together, in a place of divine beauty and perfect peace. Heaven will be a place of perfect joy and true rest, where our every need will be satisfied.

Heavenly Hosts

The Bible also speaks about the multitude of heavenly hosts that will maintain the order and peace in the City of Heaven. Revelation 19:14 mentions that Heaven will be full of horses and their riders, who will protect and guard the gates of Heaven. These heavenly hosts will ensure that even while being surrounded by great beauty and eternal joy, we will be kept safe in Heaven.

The Bible also mentions that these heavenly hosts will serve to honour God and his justice. They are a representation of God’s power and wisdom, and if we are blessed to be amongst the multitude of heavenly beings, we will be surrounded by a powerful source of protection and peace.


Lastly, Heaven will also be a place of rewards. The Bible speaks about the rewards for those who have chosen to follow the Lord and accept his grace. In Luke 12: 33, Jesus says “sell that ye have, and give alms; provide yourselves bags which wax not old, a treasure in the heavens that faileth not, where no thief approacheth, neither moth corrupteth.”

This verse speaks of a great reward that is awaiting those who give their lives to the Lord. This reward is one of eternal joy, peace and contentment and it will be a great reward for those who have chosen to seek the Lord by faith.

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