What Does The Bible Say About Talking To Angels

The Bible is a source of theological, scientific and philosophical knowledge of great interest to many. A recurrent topic in the Bible is the interaction of believers with angels. While people can communicate with and be helped by the heavenly inhabitants, there are restrictions and guidelines to abide by when engaging in this dialogue.

From a theological perspective, interacting with an angel is largely contingent on an individual’s faith. Romans 10:17 states that faith comes from hearing, and hearing through the Word of God. Faith is required so that one may discern heavenly conversations and accept them. That said, an open mind is necessary for an individual to be open to angelic messages.

The Bible discusses how spiritual conversations should not be taken lightly. They should be handled with utmost respect and caution, as they should never be entered into without prayer or consideration. In Genesis 19:15-16, angels appeared to Lot and warned him of the coming disaster. Lot implored the angels to stay with him and not leave, but they denied his request.

While the Bible states that obedience should be given to angels, they should never be worshiped – that is, they should never have greater loyalty or devotion than God. Biblical texts also emphasize that people do not have the authority or power to ask angels to do anything, as only God has such authority.

It is also important to note that God does not listen to angelic conversations. It is written in Hebrews 13:2 that human conversations are not heard by God. This means that if someone communicates with an angel in the privacy of his or her own home, the conversation is not known to God. This can be both comforting and frightening at the same time.

Apart from the guidelines stated above, the Bible maintains that angelic conversation can be a source of great blessing. However, it should never be taken for granted and always conducted with great care and respect. After all, angels are divine and possess a power beyond human reckoning.

Prayer and Angelic Communication

The Bible encourages open communication with angels and encourages people to always rely on prayer. Prayer is a great way to open up the minds and hearts to angelic messages and conversations. Not only can prayer open the door to angelic communication, but it can also provide comfort, guidance, and understanding. This is why it is so important to always pray before speaking with an angel.

Prayer can also serve as a conduit for messages to be delivered to an angelic messenger. The Bible encourages people to use prayer as a form of communication with angels when they have something important to say or ask. In Judges 6:22-24, Gideon brings an offering to an angel as proof of his loyalty and faith. This is a great example of how prayer can be used to communicate with an angel.

The Bible also states that it is important to be humble when speaking to angels. This means avoiding arrogance and pride. Instead, it is better to approach an angel with a humble attitude. This could include asking for guidance, direction, and even help. To be successful, it is important to remain humble and avoid assuming that one is more knowledgeable or powerful than the angel.

The Bible also stresses the importance of listening when having a conversation with angels. It is essential that people be open to what the angels have to say and take it to heart. This means avoiding the temptation to ignore the angelic message and instead really listening, understanding, and learning from the conversation.

Understand the Nature of Angelic Communication

The Bible encourages people to understand the nature of angelic communication. This involves understanding that angels communicate in different ways depending on the situation, context, and individual. Ultimately, it is up to the individual to understand and interpret the messages of the angels in order to receive the most benefit.

In Joshua 5:14, the prelude to the victory of the Israelites over Jericho, an angel appears and tells Joshua that he is the commander of the Lord’s army. This shows how angels can communicate with individuals in different ways. For Joshua, the angel used words to communicate, but for others, it could be thoughts or feelings.

It is important to remain aware of how the nature of angelic communication can change from individual to individual. This does not mean that the angelic conversation is wrong, it simply means that one must pay closer attention and heed the messages that are being communicated in order to benefit from them.

Finally, the Bible encourages people to remain open to all the ways in which angelic communication may take place. It is important to understand that the angels may approach believers in different ways and it is up to the individual to recognize, interpret, and benefit from these conversations.

The Importance of Openness

The Bible stresses the importance of openness when engaging in angelic communication. This means avoiding assumptions and instead being open to messages and conversations. In Zechariah 6:12, the Angel of the Lord says that he was sent to speak to Zachariah and the other people. Zachariah only heard what the angel said to him, but the other people had to be open to the message in order to obtain the blessing.

The Bible also encourages believers to be open to all types of angelic communication. This could include opening up to simply listening, contemplating, or even engaging in conversation. No matter how the angel chooses to communicate, it is important to listen and learn from the conversation.

Finally, the Bible encourages people to take action when communicating with angels. Angels often provide direction and advice to those that are willing to listen and be open to their words. Therefore, it is important to follow the direction of the angels and take action. This could involve praying more often, offering more help to those in need, or any number of other positive actions.

Cherishing the Conversation

The Bible encourages people to cherish and appreciate the angelic conversations they have. This means avoiding taking the conversations lightly and instead treasuring them. It is important to be aware that angelic conversations are a blessing and should be regarded with sincerity and respect.

In Exodus 33:8-11, Moses asked the Lord to speak to him directly but the Lord refused. Instead, the Lord chose to speak to Moses through the angel. This shows the importance of treasuring and cherishing conversations with angels. Even when God does not choose to speak to us directly, we can still benefit greatly from conversations with his messengers.

The Bible also encourages people to be mindful of the words they use when speaking with angels. Angels are powerful and should be treated with respect. Therefore, it is important to use appropriate language and to phrase questions in a respectful manner.

Finally, the Bible encourages people to show gratitude when speaking with angels. Angels are messengers of God and should be treated with the utmost respect. Showing appreciation and gratitude for their words and advice is a great way to do this.

Making the Most of an Angelic Conversation

The Bible encourages people to make the most of an angelic conversation. This could involve asking questions, seeking advice, and engaging in an open dialogue. Asking questions can provide a great opportunity to gain understanding and insight into the divine messages.

In Genesis 32:24-30, Jacob wrestles with an angel and uses the conversation to gain insight into his future. He asked the angel what his name was, as this was a way for Jacob to understand the nature of the angel’s message. This is a great example of how asking questions can be beneficial when engaging in angelic conversations.

The Bible also encourages people to seek advice when conversing with angels. The angels have knowledge and insight that is above that of human beings and can provide heavenly guidance and direction when asked. In Luke 1:26-33, the angel Gabriel gives Mary advice on how to deal with her pending pregnancy and the implications of it.

Finally, the Bible encourages people to be open to the idea of angelic conversations. God has sent his messengers to speak to those He loves and it is important to be open to the messages and guidance they provide. This could include being mindful of the words and tones used when conversing with an angel.


The Bible provides great insight and encouragement into how people can interact with angels. Each individual believer must consider their faith and apply the guidelines provided in the Bible to ensure a successful celestial conversation. It is also important to remain humble, listen intently, and stay open to the messages and advice provided by the angel. By following these guidelines, believers can ensure they communicate effectively and keep the angelic conversations a blessing, not a burden.

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