What Does The Bible Say About Remarrying

When someone has gone through a divorce, their first thought may be to remarry. But, is that what the Bible has to say about remarriage? For those who are affected by divorce, or those who are considering remarriage, the Bible does have some important messages about remarriage.

Many people turn to the Bible for guidance when considering remarriage. The Bible says that because of human sin and weakness, individuals are free to end their marriages. Some of these examples from scripture are when an unbeliever abandons the marriage, adultery has occurred, a spouse has been abandoned or deserted, and when a spouse is guilty of abuse. The Bible states that when certain conditions are met, it can be permissible to end a marriage and remarry.

The Bible also emphasizes that the basic point in understanding remarriage is not just the legality of it, but rather the morality of it. This means that even if a divorced couple is allowed to remarry, they should consider how their actions will reflect upon God. Both parties should be mindful that remarriage involves more than just the legality of it, but an understanding of how it will affect their lives and their relationship with God.

It is important for couples to consider the implications and duties of marriage. The biblical definition of marriage declares that it is a covenant of love. Couples should remember that remarriage should be based on love and commitment and that love should include the love between God and the couple. A couple should be committed to honoring God, as well as to lawfully remaining together in marriage.

When considering remarriage, couples should be open and honest with each other about their past and present spiritual lives. It is important for couples to have a clear understanding of who God is and how He wants them to live their lives. A couple should be willing to seek godly counsel and discernment when necessary. This includes having a trusted adviser who can help provide guidance and support.

Finally, the Bible warns against marrying too quickly. Instead of a speedy remarriage, couples should take the time to weigh their decisions, take into consideration their spiritual gifts and talents, and discern their true purpose for remarriage.

What About 2nd Marriages After Death?

The Bible does allow for remarriage after death. When a spouse has died, a person is allowed to remarry. However, the Bible instructs believers to remain in mourning for a period of time and to look to God for comfort during this difficult time. It is also important to consider how remarriage after death will affect family dynamics, especially if there are children involved.

Furthermore, the Bible suggests that remarrying after death should be done within the faith. One should look to marry someone who is a follower of Christ and who shares similar beliefs. This will help ensure that both parties are committed to their faith and their relationship in the Lord.

What about 2nd Marriages After Divorce?

When it comes to remarrying after divorce, there are several considerations. One of the primary concerns is that a couple should have a clear understanding of their spiritual gifts and talents, so that they don’t fall into marital sin. The Bible explicitly states that divorce is not a sin, but that marriage must be between two people who are committed to each other in faith and love.

It is also important for couples to consider what the Bible says about relationships in general — that marriage is not just a legal agreement, but a covenant of love. Those who decide to remarry after divorce should make sure they are fully committed to each other and to their faith, and that they are honoring God in their decision.

When remarrying after divorce, couples should also be open and honest with each other about their individual pasts and present spiritual lives. This will provide couples with a better understanding of where they stand in their faith and ensure that both parties are on the same page when it comes to how they will honor God in their marriage.

Reasons For Not Remarrying After Divorce

Finally, the Bible cautions believers against remarrying too quickly. Remarriage is a serious matter and should not be taken lightly. Couples must make sure that their decision is based upon love, commitment, and faith. The Bible provides several reasons for not remarrying after divorce, such as idolatry and immorality.

The Bible states that it is not wise to remarry after divorce if the decision is based upon a false sense of security or a selfish desire for companionship. It is important for couples to take the time to consider how their decision will affect their relationship with God, their family, and their friends.

Furthermore, the Bible warns against marrying too quickly after divorce because of the potential for more pain and suffering. Couples should be careful not to remarry too quickly as this could lead to more heartache and regret. It is important to remember that remarriage is a serious matter and should only be considered when the couple is sure that their decision is rooted in faith, love, and commitment.

Can We Remarry If We’ve Divorced For Unbiblical reasons?

The Bible does not provide a blanket answer to the question of remarriage after divorce for unbiblical reasons. Each situation is unique and complex, and it is up to the individual to seek spiritual guidance from a trusted adviser before making a decision. The Bible does encourage believers to strive for reconciliation and to seek forgiveness from God if one has made an unbiblical decision.

At the same time, the Bible does not admonish divorced individuals for remarrying if the divorce was for unbiblical reasons. If a couple feels that God is calling them to remarry, they should seek guidance and discernment from a trusted spiritual adviser. Ultimately, any decision to remarry should be rooted in faith, commitment, and love.


The Bible does provide guidance and instruction when it comes to remarriage after death or divorce. Couples should always consider how their decision to remarry will affect their relationship with God and their families. Those who are considering remarriage should seek guidance and discernment, and should remember that remarriage is a serious decision that should only be considered once a couple is committed to each other and their faith.

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