What Does The Bible Say About Marriage In Heaven

For many, marriage is a sacred union between two partners that should last forever. But when imagining what marriage might look like in heaven, one might find themselves wondering: What does the Bible say about marriage in heaven?

The answer to this question can be found in the verses of the Bible. In Matthew 22:30, Jesus speaks of marriage in the Kingdom of Heaven, stating that “in the resurrection they neither marry nor are given in marriage, but are like angels in heaven.” This verse is often interpreted to mean that marriage does not exist in heaven. However, some verse, such as Mark 12:25, suggest that there are marriages in heaven. In this verse, Jesus states that the dead are “like the angels in heaven, who neither marry nor are given in marriage.”

The word of God can be interpreted in many ways, and thus, different scholars across different religious backgrounds have developed their own interpretations of these scriptures. Many believe that marriage is not necessary in heaven, as believers are complete with God and receive fulfillment from Him alone. Some believe that marriage still exists, but in a much different form than what we know here on earth. This could be interpreted to mean that couples are not bound to one another and are free to be with whomever they choose.

In addition to looking towards scripture to answer this question, one can look to established religious scholars for further insight into this topic. For example, the French philosopher, Blaise Pascal, suggested that there is a form of marriage that exists in the afterlife, with couples sharing a higher level of unity than what is typically seen on earth. This viewpoint is echoed by numerous religious scholars throughout the ages who have proposed that marriage exists in heaven, but in a more spiritual sense.

No matter what your religious background may be, it is likely that you have wondered at some point what marriage would be like in heaven. Based on the scriptures and teachings of religious scholars, it is clear that marriage is not a part of heaven. That said, there are still other forms of unity – such as soulmates – that can exist between two people in the afterlife.

The Significance of Marriage in Heaven

Marriage is an important part of life for many people, providing an opportunity to show commitment, love and devotion between two individuals. Though marriage may not exist in the same form in heaven, it is still important to consider the significance of marriage in heaven. Whether it be in the form of soulmates or otherwise, marriage offers a lasting relationship that is meaningful and important.

Other scholars have argued that marriage is the closest thing that humans have to the eternal relationship that we strive for in our spiritual life. In this sense, marriage represents a union between two partners which transcends life and continues even in death. In this way, marriage is a powerful expression of love that can transcend even death itself.

Despite the fact that marriage may not exist in a physical sense in heaven, it is still an important symbol of love and unity. It is a reminder of the power of human relationships, and of the ways that love can transcend even death. Many religions celebrate the sacredness of marriage, and even if it does not exist in heaven, it has its own importance in the afterlife.

Divine Covenants in the Bible

The divine covenant of marriage discussed in the Bible serves as an important foundation for many religions as well. In addition to teaching us about the importance of love and commitment, divine covenants from the Bible can provide us with a blueprint for how to approach our own marriages here on earth.

For example, God’s covenant with his people in the Bible serves as a reminder of his unconditional love for us. In this covenant, God promised to be faithful and loyal to his people and promised to always love them – no matter what. This same kind of unconditional love and loyalty is something that should be reflected in all marriage relationships. By looking to the divine covenant of marriage in the Bible, one can be reminded of the importance of true love, commitment, and faithfulness in marriage.

The examples found in the Bible serve as an excellent reminder of the importance of marriage here on earth, and that even if marriage does not exist in heaven, the ideals of this beloved and sacred institution should still be upheld.

The Catholic Church and Marriage in Heaven

The Catholic Church has had a long history of advocating for marriage in Heaven. The Church also professes a belief in the resurrection of the body and that there is a spiritual marriage between Christ and the Church. This belief is based on the Epistle to the Ephesians and the Apostle Paul’s declaration that “This is a great mystery, but I speak in reference to Christ and the Church.” Thus, according to Catholic teaching, marriage is held in high regard and is seen to exist in Heaven, in the form of a spiritual union between Christ and the Church.

The Catholic Church also professes a belief that the souls of married couples will join together in Heaven. This belief is based on the idea that a true and lasting union is created on earth between two marriage partners, and that this union will continue even into the afterlife. This belief has been held by the Church for centuries and is evidence of the importance marriage holds in the eyes of the Church.

In addition to the Catholic Church, many other Christian denominations have similar beliefs about marriage in Heaven. The Bible teaches that “where two or more are gathered in My name, there I am with them.” This is generally interpreted to mean that any believers who join together in Heaven will be united in the name of Christ and that they will share in His blessings.


The question of what the Bible says about marriage in Heaven is a complex one that has been debated by religious scholars across all denominations for centuries. Ultimately, the scriptures do not provide a definitive answer as to what marriage might be like in Heaven. Whether it exists in some form or not, the Bible is clear that marriage is a sacred union and should be treated as such. No matter what our beliefs may be on this matter, it is important to remember that marriage is an important part of life and should be celebrated and honored.

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