What Does Holy Mean In The Bible

What is the Definition of ‘Holy’ in the Bible?

The Bible is one of the most important books in the Christian faith and provides believers with guidance and teachings about how to live their lives. The concept of holiness is a recurring theme in the Bible, as it is central to understanding the relationship between God and humanity. The Bible speaks of holiness being an essential characteristic of God and being essential for appropriate relationship with Him. In the Old Testament, God often calls His people to be holy, as it is the desire of God that His people will be set apart to Him and serve Him out of love and obedience. Holiness is also seen as a virtue that should be attainable by God’s people, who perform right actions and practice righteous living. This article explores what it means to be holy according to the Bible, and how it is manifested in everyday life.

Understanding the Concept of Holiness in the Bible

The English word “holy” is derived from the Greek word “hagios” which means “to separate or set apart”. This concept is foundational to the understanding of holiness in the Bible. It is the practice of separating something from ordinary use, and setting it apart for a special use. The concept of holiness is intertwined with that of the sacredness of God, as the concept of holiness implies a sense of reverence or respect for the divine.
When the Bible speaks of holiness, it has both vertical (God) and horizontal (man) components. In the vertical sense, God is seen as holy, because He is completely separate from anything that is not God, and His holiness reflects His perfect moral character. In the horizontal sense, God calls us to be holy, to separate ourselves from the unrighteous ways of the world, and to strive to be like Him.

Manifestation of Holiness in Everyday Life

The Bible explains that we are to be holy as God is holy (Leviticus 11:44-45, 1 Peter 1:15). We are to strive to be morally upright and honest in our lives, and to respect the sacredness of God. Part of a life of holiness is dedicating our lives to the purposes of God. Holiness is about more than just outward behavior; it is about inward values and thoughts as well. It is about seeking to become more conformed to the character of God, to become kind, loving and forgiving.
The Bible also speaks of the holiness of the church, or the spiritual community of believers. It is a religious body that functions as a body of believers who have devoted themselves to God and live a life of holiness.

Practices for Pursuing Holiness

The Bible commands us to pursue holiness, as it is an essential part of the Christian life. To do this, believers must first understand and acknowledge their need for holiness. This means understanding that we are sinners and in need of a Savior. We must also seek out the resources that God has provided to aid in holiness, such as Scripture, prayer, and the guidance of godly mentors. Studying and applying the Bible is a powerful and effective way to pursue holiness and live a life that reflects that holiness.
Another important practice for pursuing holiness is cultivating a relationship with God. This requires intentional focus and effort to get to know God and to cultivate an intimate relationship with Him. Believers can do this through reading the Bible, praying, and engaging in acts of worship. As believers draw closer to God and seek to know Him more, they will find that their desire for holiness grows.

Why Holiness is Important

Holiness is ultimately about knowing God and understanding that He is completely holy and perfect. It is about respecting and honoring God by recognizing His holiness and striving to follow Him. Holiness is essential for our relationship with God, as it enables us to be in closer communion with Him. But it is also beneficial for our relationships with others, as it helps us to become more loving and kind.
When we seek holiness in our lives, we are actively showing the world and the church that we are devoted to God, and that we are honor Him with our lives. As a result, we can receive the joy and peace that come with striving to live a life that shows our love and reverence for God.

Freedoms in Holiness

The Bible states that true freedom comes from having a relationship with God through the practice of holiness (John 8:31-34). In other words, when we strive to be holy, we will experience true freedom from all that holds us to a life of sin. As we remain devoted to God, we will experience a closer relationship with Him and a stronger sense of joy and peace.
We can also find freedom in holiness by understanding that holiness is not about perfection, but about a life of growth and transformation. Holiness is a journey of lifelong discipleship, and God is present with us in that journey to help us grow and mature.

Empowered by Holiness

The practice of holiness gives us the opportunity to be empowered by God. Holiness gives us the strength to stand firm in our faith and to live our lives according to God’s plan. It also gives us courage to stand up for what is right and for the truth. As we become more and more devoted to God, His presence and power become more evident in our lives and we are empowered to glorify His name with our words and deeds.

Experiencing Holiness in Everyday Life

Holiness is something that we can and should experience in our daily lives. It does not have to be an overwhelming or intimidating concept. Rather, holiness is a beautiful way of life that brings joy, peace, and true freedom to those who practice it. We can experience holiness by living our lives with a focus on honoring God in everything we do, as well as by cultivating a relationship with Him through prayer and study of the Bible.

The Benefits of Living a Life of Holiness

Living a life of holiness can bring countless benefits to our lives. It can bring peace, joy, strength, and courage. It can give us a more intimate relationship with God and the assurance of His presence in our lives. We can also experience true freedom from the sin and weakness of the world, and empowered by the strength of the spirit to live with courage and righteousness.

Preparing to Live a Life of Holiness

Preparing to live a life of holiness takes readiness and intentionality. It is important to understand what holiness is and why it is important, as well as to be aware of the resources that God has provided to pursue holiness and to cultivate a relationship with Him. We must also have the determination to keep striving and to make the necessary changes in our lives so that we may reflect holiness in all of our actions, words, and thoughts.

What Holiness is Not

It is also important to recognize that holiness is not about achieving perfection. We are all imperfect, and there will be times when we make mistakes and fail. Holiness is simply about striving to become more like Christ, and understanding that God’s grace is sufficient. We should not strive for perfection, but rather work towards holiness while understanding that God is always beside us, ready to forgive and provide guidance when we stumble.

Living a Life of Fulfillment

Living a life of holiness can bring fulfillment and satisfaction to our lives. Knowing that we are devoted to pleasing and honoring God can bring us joy and peace. We can experience the benefit of true freedom from sin and a greater understanding of God’s love and grace. We can also find fulfillment in the knowledge that we are actively pursuing holiness and that we are growing closer to God with each passing day. As we strive for holiness and seek the guidance of God, we will come to understand that holiness is a beautiful way of life.

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