What Does A Crow Symbolize In The Bible

What is the symbolism of a crow in The Bible?

In the Bible, crows are often used to symbolize dark elements, such as death, evil, and sorrow. It is believed that crows were used to represent these negative aspects due to their black color, the noise they can make, and their scavenging nature. Crows are usually seen as messengers of death in the Bible, and this is reinforced by their frequent appearances when people die. Legends say that crows also have a close connection to the spiritual world, and this is why they are seen as spirit guides to some.

The Biblical context

The symbolic meanings of crows in the Bible are found in many places. For example, the prophet Isaiah mentions crows in the sixth chapter of his book: ”The sin of the house of Israel and Judah is very great. The land is full of crows, and there is no end to their cries.” In this case, the crows symbolize the unhappiness and suffering of the people, as the crows’ cries create a feeling of sadness and despair.
There are also stories of crows being sent by God to punish sinners. In one of the stories, God destroyed the city of Sodom with a hail of burning crows. This could be taken as a sign that God had no mercy for the people of Sodom, as he inflicted them with a punishment they would never forget.

Animist and shamanistic interpretation

Animists and shamans view crows as sacred creatures, as they are thought to have strong connections to the spiritual world. This connection is manifested in the way the crow is able to sense danger and to ascend to the heavens. Ancient peoples associated crows with wisdom and knowledge, and believed that crows could deliver important messages from the spirit world. They also believed that crows could bring people closer to the gods and goddesses.
In some cultures crows are thought to be sacred messengers from the gods, as they are seen as messengers of death and fertility. Shamans believe that crows can use the power of flight to transport us to the afterlife, to the realm of the gods and goddesses, and to our ancestors.

Crow symbolism in literature

In literature, the symbolism of crows has changed over time. Early literature, such as in the Bible, typically used crows as spiritual, or as an omen of death. Later literature, as seen in works of Shakespeare, began to present crows as a symbol of intelligence, and with some wisdom.
The same can be seen in more recent literature, such as in the works of C. S. Lewis, where the crow is a symbol of growth and transformation. In the book, The Inkpots, the crow is a symbol of wisdom, and it is said to show how one can grow in their understanding of the world.

Psychological understanding

According to some psychologists, crow symbolism can have a deep meaning for some people. For example, a crow symbolizes the inner darkness we experience in life and the struggle to find inner peace and enlightenment. In some cases, a crow can symbolize the inner struggle between the light and the dark.
Crow symbolism can also represent our fear and grief, as crows are often seen as messengers of death. This can be an important reminder that death is a part of life, and that it is something we must all face, no matter how hard it may be.

Modern understanding

In modern times, the symbolism of crows has changed yet again. While crows still represent darkness and the struggle to find inner peace, more often than not, it is used as a symbol of resilience and strength.
In our current age, where everything can feel chaotic and uncertain, the crow can serve as a sign of hope and strength, reminding us that we are resilient, and that we can move through life’s dark moments with wisdom and courage.

Crow in mythology and folklore

Crows have been used as a symbol in myths and folklore for centuries. Many cultures view crows as a symbol of death, but they can also be seen as a symbol of luck and fortune. In some of the world’s oldest myths, crows represent wisdom and insight, and they often help guide us through life’s challenges.
In some cultures, crows are thought to be a sign of protection, while in others they are seen as a sign of change and transformation. Crows are also seen as a symbol of life, as they represent the cycle of death and rebirth.

Crow symbolism in dreams

Dreaming of a crow has different meanings for different people. A crow in a dream can represent our own inner darkness, and it can also represent something scary or unknown from the outside world. It can be a warning of incoming danger, or an indication of sorrow.
Some people view dreaming of a crow as an indication of change, often a sign that difficult times are ahead. Others view a crow in a dream as a reminder of our awareness and intuition, as if the crow is urging us to tap into it.

Symbolism in pop culture

Crows have been used in pop culture as a symbol of darkness and mystery. They can be seen in films, such as The Crow, and in television shows like Game of Thrones.
Crows can also be found in literature, including books such as The Talon of the Hawk and The Raven. In music, crows can be found in songs such as Blackbird by The Beatles, and Redbone by Childish Gambino. It is clear that crows have a deep symbolism in popular culture, one that speaks to our fear of the unknown, and our strength to confront it.

Crows as totems

Crows have been used as totems for centuries, as they are seen as protectors and guides. According to some Native American cultures, the crow is a symbol of creation, as it helps create balance in the world.
For some people, crows can also serve as a reminder of our connection to the spiritual world, and to our ancestors. They can be a reminder of our mortality, and to cherish and appreciate life as it is.


Crows have been used as a symbol in the Bible for centuries, and these symbolic meanings can be seen in various cultures and contexts. Crows symbolize a variety of things, including death, wisdom, protection, and transformation. In literature, art, and music, crows are often used to represent the dark and unknown, or as a sign of hope and resilience. Crows can also be seen as totems, reminding us of our connection to nature and the spiritual world. No matter the context, crows remain an important symbol with a significant meaning.

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