What Did Joseph Do In The Bible

Childhood of Joseph

Joseph was born in Bethlehem in the land of Judea. He was the eleventh son of Jacob, born to Jacob’s second wife Rachel. Joseph was Jacob’s favorite son, and his brothers were jealous of him and plotted against him. When he was seventeen years old, Joseph had a dream in which he saw his brothers bowing down to him. This further increased the animosity between Joseph and his brothers.

He then was sold by them as a slave to an Ishmaelite caravan. In Egypt, the caravan traders sold Joseph to Potiphar, the captain of Pharaoh’s guard. Potiphar fell in love with Joseph’s intelligence and integrity, and he put him in charge of his estate. Joseph prospered in this role, and Potiphar gave Joseph great authority, appointing him to oversee all his affairs. Joseph was promoted to a senior position in the court of Pharaoh.

Interpreting Dreams

The leader of Egypt at the time was Pharaoh, and he had two dreams which Joseph interpreted successfully. This miraculous accomplishment earned him great favor from Pharaoh, who then made him second-in-command of all Egypt. Through Joseph’s wise management, the country had seven prosperous years. He also instructed the people to store food for the years of famine, which saved the people from starvation.

Joseph also helped unify the Hebrew and Egyptian people, encouraging the Egyptians to provide for the Hebrews during the famine. This act of kindness earned him love from the Hebrews and, when Jacob later passed away, the Hebrews asked Pharaoh for permission to bury their master in the Promised Land of Canaan. Pharaoh granted their request.

Family Reconciliation

Joseph was reunited with his old brothers while they were seeking food in Egypt during the famine. At first, Joseph refused to recognize them and made them appear to be spies. However, after discovering that Benjamin, his younger brother, was among them, he revealed his true identity and wept in joy. His brothers were terrified and believed they would be punished, but Joseph did not reproach them and instead, he promised to provide for them and their families.

Joseph reassured his brothers that he had forgiven them and forbade them from retribution for the past wrongs. Joseph had now become the interceder between his brothers and their reunion with his father once again. This reunion showed Joseph’s deep spirit of love and forgiveness which to this day serves as an example of kindness and mercy that has been passed down in the Bible throughout the generations.


Joseph has been an important figure in the Bible, and his story is an important example of faith, love, perseverance and hope for generations to come. He followed God’s plan for him and used his gifts wisely. He trusted that no matter what happened, God would use it for good. Joseph eventually became a hero by saving the people in Egypt during the famine and by forgiving his brothers for the wrong they did to him.

Joseph’s story is an example of how good can triumph over evil and also how a strong, forgiving spirit can conquer all. His lessons teach us to never lose faith, no matter how impossible a situation may appear. Joseph’s story shows us how to strive for greatness even in difficult times and how to be victorious over all odds.

Relationship with God

Joseph had a strong relationship with God, who was with him every step of his journey. He trusted that God would bring a good ending even in the face of his sufferings. God was the source of all the good that happened in himself and he kept his hope in God throughout the difficult times. Joseph showed this in his famous lyrics “God has made me forget all my troubles.” He relied on belief and faith, and ultimately, God rewarded him with greatness and success.

Joseph was also able to accept the will of God and of His divine plan, however difficult it was at the time. This is a great lesson that we can learn from Joseph’s story. No matter how difficult our own circumstances and tribulations may be, we too can trust in God and remain patient and faithful in trying times.

Lessons from Joseph

Joseph’s story demonstrates the power of prayer and how God can use us in ways we cannot begin to comprehend. In addition, it is an inspiring reminder of the importance of forgiveness and reflects the need to move forward despite being burdened by past mistakes. Joseph understood the importance of mercy, especially when dealing with adversaries, and he addressed the need for those who had wronged him to be forgiven.

It is important to remember that Joseph’s story was not a fairy tale. It was an example of real life, imperfect yet triumphant. Joseph’s story teaches us that no matter how long it takes, every ending can have a silver lining when we exercise patience, perseverance, faith and forgiveness.


Joseph was a capable leader, great administrator, and humanitarian. He was chosen by God to be the leader of his family, taking the role of the patriarch of a great nation. He understood human relationships and was able to manage his emotions and those of his brothers, integrating them and creating a cohesive unit.

Joseph was a visionary. He saw the effects of the relationship between humans and nature, understanding fluctuations in market prices and the need to stockpile food resources. He was a model of what a leader should be, a sovereign and a savior who used wisdom and fairness to help those in need.


In the end, Joseph chose to forgive his brothers, even though they had wronged him. This reflects a higher spiritual understanding and that is why it is pointed to in the Bible as an example to be followed by humans. He knew that to forgive is more important than to seek retribution. The only way to break the chains of evil and hate is to find empathy, understanding, and mercy towards others. This philosophy has been passed down in the Bible and has been used throughout human history as a lesson.

Joseph demonstrates that we are capable of overcoming pain and suffering through forgiveness and that we should be mindful of how we treat those who have wronged us. It also shows us that life should not be lived with vengeance in our hearts, but rather with acceptance and love.


Joseph had an unwavering faith in God and in His promises. He trusted that God had a bigger purpose for him despite his sufferings and disappointments. He was sure of His faith and kept his hope alive by continuously trusting God and doing the right thing. This is one of the lessons we can learn from Joseph; that we should never lose faith and trust in God, no matter how difficult the circumstances may be.

Joseph also knew that it is during our darkest times that our faith is tested the most. He trusted in God’s plans and never gave up, eventually leading to his success. Joseph was a model of faith, resilience and courage and his story is an example of how faith, trust and perseverance can lead us to success.

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