How To Begin Studying The Bible

Analyze Your Motivation

When you choose to study the Bible, it’s important to consider why. Are you doing it for knowledge and enlightenment, seeking a deeper spiritual understanding, or because it is something someone else expects you to do? Having clear motivation will help you stay focused and enthusiastic throughout your studies. Moreover, be mindful and aware if feelings of guilt or pressure arise. Studying should be a joy, not a burden.

Make the Time

It’s essential to carve out the time in your busy schedule to study and reflect on the Bible. Even if it’s just 15 minutes a day, carving out a space in your day is beneficial. Don’t be disheartened if you feel like you can’t find the time. You may surprise yourself with how much progress you make in small increments, and how much inner peace you gain when you take the time to meditate and reflect on the Bible’s teachings.

Select a Bible

When you begin to read the Bible, it’s important that you find the right one for you. While some will gravitate towards the traditional Catholic Bible or King James Version, there are a variety of translations that one can draw from. It’s important to consider the language of the translation, as well as other features, such as headings, introductions, and study notes. Whatever translation you choose, it should be one that speaks to you and provides guidance as you study.

Understand the Bible’s Structure

Another important step when beginning to study the Bible is to understand its structure. The Bible is organized into two main sections. The Old Testament contains 39 books and the New Testament contains 27 books. Depending on your religion and preference, you may focus on one or explore both. It’s also important to know that within the Bible there are four major genres of literature: poetry, wisdom literature, gospels, and epistles. Becoming familiar with each of these genres will help you better understand the Bible’s structure and its teachings.

Develop a System

Once you have an understanding of the Bible’s structure, develop a system to ensure you are gaining the most from your studies. Many find it helpful to focus on a specific book rather than trying to read through the Bible from start to finish. This method allows one to put greater focus into their studies, as well as ask better questions for deeper analysis and understanding.

Use Bible Study Resources

Bible study resources can be an invaluable way to gain greater insights into the Bible’s teachings. Aside from exploring literature such as Theology and Christianity, there are a variety of online Bible study tools you can take advantage of. By utilizing online resources and engaging with communities of others who are also on a journey of study, you will be able to gain a deeper level of understanding of the Bible.


Finally, it’s important to remember to pray. Prayer provides a direct connection to God, and it is through prayer that you will be able to deepen your knowledge and understanding of the Bible. Make sure you take time to pray before, during, and after your study sessions as this will allow you to gain deeper insights into the Bible’s teachings.

Grow In Your Living Relationship With God

When studying the Bible, focus on growing your relationship with God. This requires dedication and commitment, but it is worth the effort. As you study, allow yourself to be guided by the Bible’s teachings, and use it as a tool to help you make decisions in your daily life. As you persist in your studies, your understanding of the Bible and your relationship with God will deepen, and you will gain greater wisdom and direction for your life.

Find A Christian Mentor

In your studies, consider finding an experienced Christian mentor to guide you and help interpret Biblical scripture in the right context. Having a mentor is invaluable, especially when you are feeling lost or when you are at a tricky crossroads in life. Investing in mentorship is a big step that can help you interpret the scriptures correctly and hold you accountable to take action when necessary.

Immerse Yourself In The Bible’s Teachings

Immersing yourself in the Bible’s teachings and understanding its meaning is a journey that many embark on. Whether you are an experienced Christian or a newbie to Bible studies, it is essential that you approach your studies in the right way. Use the tips outlined above to ensure you make the most of your journey, and remember to take your time and pray. As your journey progresses, you will build a strong base of understanding and wisdom that will allow you to live life more beautifully and consciously.

Engage In Spiritual Practices

Engaging in spiritual practices such as meditation, worship and reading scripture can be hugely beneficial when studying the Bible. These activities provide an opportunity to connect to the divine, reflect on scripture and find direction. Moreover, we live in a fast-paced world and taking time for spiritual practices can also provide a much-needed break from our hectic lives whilst simultaneously deepening our understanding of the Bible.

Join A Bible Study Group

Joining a Bible study group is a great way to gain insights from others that may have been reading the Bible for many years. By engaging with a group of like-minded people, you can gain greater understanding of scriptural passages, as well as ask questions and learn about the experiences of others. Group discussion always has the potential to create greater understanding and insight than we could ever achieve on our own.

Read Devotionals

Reading devotionals is another great way to gain further insights when studying the Bible. This is a great practice to self-reflect. By engaging with devotional material, you can challenge yourself to explore new ideas and think in new ways, as well as gain guidance when questions arise in your studies. Devotionals are a great way to discover deeper understandings of scripture and how to best apply them to our lives.

Use Bible Study Apps

Bible study apps are a great way to engage with the Bible on the go. They can provide an array of features including daily devotionals, audio recordings and scripture, social media integration and even study notes. Not all apps are created equally so make sure to research which features and tools best suit your needs before downloading an app.

Make Bible Study A Habit

Finally, making studying the Bible a habit is key to success. Dedicate yourself to reading scripture regularly and use the resources outlined above to aid in your studies. Establish a routine to ensure you are taking time for Bible study regularly, that way you can maintain focus, understanding and wisdom. Doing so will help you gain greater clarity, guidance and insights into your life, allowing you to live with greater awareness.

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