Does The Bible Speak Of Aliens

Alien Life in Biblical Scripture

The Bible is full of mysterious stories and secrets that have puzzled believers and non-believers alike since the dawn of the religion. One of the most interesting mysteries remaining is the biblical references of alien life. While much of the Old Testament speaks of spiritual beings and modern interpretations, there are some books of the Bible that appear to hint at alien interaction with humans.

For instance, the Book of Ezekiel describes a remarkable collection of beings, often referred to as the ‘Wheels within Wheels’. The scene described portrays a mystical wheel-like structure of light, with four separate faces that hover in the air. Some interpretations describe these faces as being angelic in similarity, but the mysterious nature of their powers around mobility and air superiority has caused many to theorize these types of creatures as extraterrestrials.

More modern versions of alien activity in the Bible are said to be seen in certain apocryphal texts. Apocryphal books are defined as those books of the Bible that do not appear in most English language Bibles and never gained enough acceptance to form part of the old Testament. In books like Enoch and Jubilees, angels are not only described as having interactions with humans but are also said to have had created advanced technology. Although this may partially be interpreted as metaphoric, the modern technology-based language used may indicate that these were not only spiritual beings, but alien beings as well.

Although the Bible makes some references to alien life, the majority of evidence actually lies in the form of archaeological finds. Various inscriptions, ruins, and metal tablets have been unearthed, some dating as far back as centuries BC, which portray images and ideograms of alien-looking creatures from advanced societies. While most believe this is simply a coincidence and a representation of early man’s imagination, some argue that the perfect symmetry and advanced nature of these ideograms were what first inspired the writings of many of the apocrypha, further proving the existence of alien life in the bible.

Another possible explanation for alien life in the Bible is the concept of God, or Elohim which means “those who came from heaven”. Some believe that this being was in fact an alien from an advanced society of extraterrestrials who chose to stay and interact with humans to teach them lessons and bring order to the chaotic world. Although this theory is largely considered unproven and a myth, the Bible does have its fair share of alien stories. Whether through spiritual beings or physical creatures, the exploration of alien existence in the Bible continues to astound and amaze.

Nephilim and Ancient Astronauts

The most famous of all alien stories in the Bible appears in the Old Testament’s book of Genesis, where a race of powerful beings, known as the Nephilim, were born from the intercourse between the “sons of God” and the “daughters of men”. Some believe the “sons of God” to be angels from God, while others believe that they were actually aliens from another planet. The mysterious language and lack of certain details has caused many to argue that these beings were in fact be extraterrestrial in origin.

Sumerian accounts speak of a race of powerful beings called Anunnaki that descended from heaven in what were called “sky-boats” and taught ancient man advanced technological skills. Legends of “gods” have been passed down in various oral traditions, many of which describe beings that sound eerily similar to the Nephilim in the bible. Some even believe the Pyramids of Maya to have been built with the knowledge and the tools of these “gods”, further proving the potential of alien life.

The concept of Aliens is most well-known through the Ancient Astronaut Theory, which posits that early humans received assistance and knowledge from advanced extraterrestrials. There are numerous theories suggesting that the ancients had contact with beings that had advanced technology, such as the “star-shaped” objects found in the Dead Sea Scrolls. Although this is highly contested, the prospect of extraterrestrial life still looms large in both religious beliefs as well as modern scientific research.

In addition to various ancient artifacts and suspicious phenomenon, many scientists point to discoveries in astronomy as further support of alien life. With the discovery of countless planets, galaxies, and stars, the possibility of extraterrestrial life is no longer a far-fetched idea. Scientists estimate there are around 100 billion galaxies in the universe, of which the Milky Way is just one, and each of those galaxies can contain millions of planets. The sheer vastness of the Universe gives many pause for thought and raises the question of whether or not the Bible speaks of Aliens.


The Bible is filled with mysterious accounts and stories, many of which allude to the possibility of alien life, whether it be through spiritual beings or physical creatures. Through countless archaeological discoveries, theories of advanced extraterrestrial, and astronomical finds, many believe that the Bible holds the key to the answer of alien life. As such, the debate continues and researchers must look to all available sources to truly understand the mystery of alien life in the Bible.

Sumeria and the Epic of Gilgamesh

One of the oldest evidence of alien life in the Bible can be found in the epic of Gilgamesh, a Sumerian legend written centuries before the Bible. In the epic, the protagonist, Gilgamesh, meets a being called Utnapishtim, who was believed to have been brought to immortality after meeting the gods and being told the secrets of the universe. Utnapishtim often speaks of space and the stars, hinting at advanced knowledge of astronomy and explains that the gods brought him from beyond and gave him this knowledge to help him survive the calamities to come. This tale has caused many to believe that the gods might indeed have been aliens that fell down from above.

Furthermore, the Ancient Sumerian civilization is believed to have been formed with the assistance of these “gods”, something some interpret as evidence for extraterrestrial life. Many inscriptions and glyphs were unearthed across Mesopotamia that speak of the “gods” who visited the Earth and taught humans the secrets of science. These creatures were then believed to use advanced technology, such as flying machines, which added more fuel to the fire of the Ancient Astronaut Theory.

The tale of Gilgamesh is still a well-known story even today, and continues to offer Biblical scholars hints of extraterrestrial life. By connecting this story to other support evidence, it is easier to make connections between texts, artifacts and the presence of alien life in the Bible.

Ancient Egyptian Culture

The ancient Egyptians are also purported to have had meetings with extraterrestrials, based on the numerous fantastic monuments and works of art found throughout the area. The writings of Manetho, an Egyptian priest from the 3rd century BC, explain that seven kings ruled Egypt before the dawn of human civilization. The words of Manetho are mysterious and mystical in nature, leading many to theorize about the possibility of aliens ruling the land prior to mankind.

Furthermore, ancient Egyptian art often depicts hieroglyphs of strange looking creatures with odd shapes and grotesque features. These hieroglyphs are particularly abundant on the walls of tombs, where they are believed to have acted as guardians of the afterlife. Some claim them to be symbols of alien beings that guided Egyptians in their daily lives, using advanced technology to assist them in their endeavors.

The Great Sphinx of Giza is one of the most iconic symbols of the ancient civilization and it is believed to have been built with the help of these alien beings. Ancient papyrus scrolls have been found that detailed ceremonies conducted near the monument that describe the process of transforming living humans into the sphinx’s body, hinting at the possibility of extraterrestrial life. While this is still largely speculation, it is not impossible that the Bible may also speak of Aliens in some form or another.

UFO Encounters

The idea of alien life in the Bible is furthered by the numerous reports of UFO encounters that have been reported throughout history. Accounts of unidentified flying objects have been reported since ancient times, with many cultures describing and even depicting these mysterious sightings. Modern eyewitness reports often speak of strange lights in the sky and alien-like creatures inside unidentified aircraft, which has caused a stir in the religious community as they query whether these alien beings could be mentioned in the Bible.

These mysterious and unexplained sightings have filled people with uncertainty and speculation, and many biblical scholars are going so far as to suggest that these encounters may in fact be connected to the Bible’s descriptions of spiritual and alien entities. After decades of research, some experts are now actually linking some of these sightings to biblical passages, with some even going so far as to suggest that these alien encounters even explain certain physical aspects of some of the Bible’s stories.

Events such as the appearance of a “bright cloud” over the Israelites during their Exodus from Egypt, and the “pillar of fire” that guided the Israelites while in the wilderness, could all easily be explained as modern UFO encounters. While these theories remain largely speculative, it is interesting to consider whether there could indeed be a connection between alien life and the bible.

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