What Does Light Mean In The Bible

Historical Context

Light has been associated with the bible since pre-Christian times. Light was a major symbolic element in ancient cultures, and was used to represent the power of divinity, or in some cases the absence of it. In the bible, light is frequently used to represent life, heroism and justice. It appears in almost every book of the bible and is often seen as a representation of God’s presence. Theophany, which is a concept based on an appearance of a deity in an earthly form, is a recurring concept in the bible and is often presented in the form of light.

Light of Creation

One of the earliest occasions of light being referenced in the bible is in Genesis 1:3, which states “Let there be light”. This phrase is a reference to God’s act of creation, where after six days of darkness, He parted the darkness and created light and separated the day from night. Light is further referenced in Genesis 3:20 when Adam and Eve part from the Garden of Eden and God banished them from the presence of the tree of life and the garden. This is the moment of the original sin and an instance of darkness rising and taking over.

Representation of Life

Light is frequently used in the bible to represent life, hope, faith and justice. Isaiah 8:22 uses the metaphor of “total darkness” to signify sin and transgression. Light also appears in John 8:12, representing Jesus as being the “light of the world” and signifying his role as the savior of mankind. Jesus promises in Matthew 5:14 that God is with the righteous, just and humble and they “will be like a light shining on top of a hill” and embodying divine glory.

Messengers and Prophets

Light is also commonly used as a representation of divine messengers and prophets. In Isaiah 42:6, God promises that all mankind will be gathered up underneath “God’s banner of light” and represented by messengers of truth. Matthew 3:2 states that God’s messengers will be “like a burning light” to show mankind the way and bring them the words of God.

Symbolic Purpose

Light is often used in the bible as a symbol for spiritual guidance, or what religious scholars term, theophany. This can be seen in Exodus 12:12-14, in which God calls Moses and his people to “strike down every firstborn son in Egypt” which is preceded by “the Lord’s light shining through the darkness” and represented with a “mighty hand”. In other verses, light is represented as a sign of divine protection. The burning bush in Exodus 3:2 is an example of this, in which God reveals his presence in the form of a “light” in order to protect Moses and his people.

Redemptive Properties

Light is a major symbol of redemption and restoration in the bible. This is best seen in Isaiah 60:1-2, in which the Prophet speaks of a “light” that will come and enlighten the darkness and save humanity from the claws of evil. This is also seen in Ephesians 5:14, in which God reveals His mercy and grace to humanity in “the form of light”. In this way, the light of God can restore humanity to a state of perfect righteousness.

Impact on Human Life

Light brings hope, peace and joy to the lives of those who believe in God’s promises. Psalm 30:5 states that “the joy of living comes from being illuminated by the Lord’s light” which signifies that God’s light will bring joy and peace to humanity. Furthermore, James Tissot’s painting “The Annunciation” (1898) depicts a moment in time when the angel Gabriel appeared to the Virgin Mary to deliver a message of tidings and joy in the form of a “radiant light”. This painting serves as a reminder that God’s presence will always bring light into the lives of those who believe in Him.

Light as a Symbol of Holiness

Light is also seen as a symbol of holiness in the bible. In 1 Thessalonians 5:5, Paul asks the believers to “not put out the spirit’s fire,” referencing the light given to humanity by the spirit. Being obedient to God and His Word is seen to bring “light”, while living in darkness is seen to be sinful. According to the bible, living in the light signifies living in obedience to God, while living in darkness symbolizes living in disobedience.

Confronting Challenges

Light is a representation of compassion and resilience in the face of challenges and struggles. In John 9:25, Jesus said that “those born blind should have the right to have their eyes opened by the powerful light of God”. This implies that no matter how challenged and oppressed one might be, his or her faith in God can bring about a new sense of hope and light into their life.

Light and Judgment Day

Light is closely associated with Judgment Day, when all sinners will be judged for their wrongs and the righteous will inherit the Kingdom of Heaven (Matthew 25:31-34). Isaiah 59:9 mentions the “figures of judgment” that will rise from the “heavenly light” and act as messengers of justice to all sinners. This is God’s assurance to mankind that after death, He will be the ultimate judge and bring justice to the world.

Light in Other Faiths

Light is a universal symbol of faith and is found in many different religions and spiritual practices. Refuge, a cornerstone practice in Buddhism, teaches followers to use meditation to find solace within “your own transforming light”. Hinduism sees the Universe as a circle of light, while Jewish faith believes that the Sabbath is a “Day of Light” that serves as a reminder of God’s unconditional love.

Light in Popular Culture

Light is commonly used in popular culture today to represent hope, redemption and divinity. Television shows such as Supernatural, The X-Files and Stranger Things often refer to light as a metaphor for universal justice and spiritual guidance. In music, numerous artists such as Bob Marley, John Lennon and Eric Clapton have often written songs that refer to the power of light to bring hope and healing.

Light as a Creator

Light is recognized as a font of creativity and knowledge in the spiritual and philosophical world. In Genesis 1:3, God speaks the words “Let there be light” and creates the world in the form of “divine, creative light”. Similarly, the book of Proverbs 4:18 tells us to “run in the path of God’s commands, for then you will be illuminated by the light of understanding”. Here, the light of knowledge and wisdom is a sign from God and serves as a reminder that He is the ultimate creator and possessor of knowledge.

Light as an Illumination

Light is seen as an important symbol of mental and spiritual growth within the bible. It is often used to represent divine knowledge and prophecy. In Parables 5:1-3, Jesus speaks of a man “lighting his lamp” and going out into the world in search of truth and knowledge. The image of the light is a metaphor for enlightenment, as searchers of truth are illuminated by the knowledge and wisdom that comes from God.

Light and Spiritual Growth

Light is also seen as an essential part of spiritual growth and individual transformation. Isaiah 2:5 mentions that God’s “light will shine on our hearts”, signifying that the presence of God will bring about spiritual rejuvenation and personal growth. In Proverbs 4:18, the author encourages readers to “gain the knowledge and understanding” by running “in the path of God’s commands for then you will be illuminated by the light of understanding”. Through this light, readers will be able to grow spiritually and mature in their faith.

Light as a Symbol of Heaven

Light is often used in the bible to symbolize the Kingdom of Heaven. In Matthew 13:43, Jesus states that “the righteous will shine like the sun in the kingdom of their Father”, insinuating that those who follow the commandments of God will be rewarded with eternal life. Similarly, in 1 Corinthians 15:41-42, Paul speaks of those who have “embraced the light of the resurrection” and will live in the kingdom of Heaven, where “God will be with them in glory”. Here, the light of the resurrection symbolizes the eternal life that awaits believers in the Kingdom of Heaven.

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