Who Was Zacharias In The Bible

Introduction To Zacharias In The Bible

Zacharias was a priest in the Old Testament, who along with his wife Elizabeth, were visited by an angel. In the Bible, angels typically come to bring news and messages. For Zacharias and Elizabeth, they had been married and waited to have a child for many years, when they were childless their hope and faith began to fade away. Zacharias was also known for being one of the last prophets of God, many people associated him with the coming of Jesus to save them from a life of slavery.
Zacharias is first mentioned in Luke 1:5-24 when the angel Gabriel visits him and Elizabeth to bring them glad tidings of a son whose name he will later name. Zacharias is found to doubt the words of the angel and is then struck dumb by God. God wanted to ensure the message would be fulfilled and Zacharias would have faith. In Luke 1:57, Elizabeth then gives birth to their son, John the Baptist and in Luke 1:67-79 Zacharias, who has now regained his speech, praises God with a prophetic hymn and affirmation of who his son will be.

Biblical Significance Of Zacharias

Zacharias was an important biblical figure, as he was the father of John the Baptist, who in turn was responsible for baptizing Jesus and preparing Him for ministry. By being a prophet who lived in a time when there were so few others, Zacharias was an important figure who was showing his people that God had plans for them and for their future.
Zacharias was part of the line of David, which was known as a lineage of prophets and other divine figures. As Zacharias was living in a time of religious struggle, he had all of the odds against him when it came to raising a child. He had to trust that God had bigger plans for his son, as they were unable to bear any child. In the end, Zacharias fulfilled his duty as a father with faith and trust and was blessed with the son that God had chosen for them.

So What Can We Learn From Zacharias?

Zacharias’ story emphasizes the importance of faith and trust in God. He was given an assurance of a son when all hope for a family seemed lost and he fulfils this assurance with unwavering faith. His faith in God was rewarded and he was granted the son that he and Elizabeth had longed for.
Another lesson to learn from Zacharias is that he followed through with the command of the angel and did not question him. While some may choose to doubt or even ignore the words of a heavenly messenger, Zacharias followed through with the instructions and was faithful to the commands. He teaches us when God works in mysterious ways to fulfil his plans, we should trust in Him and accept the changes that he brings into our lives.

Major Events In Zacharias’ Life :

1) Zacharias and Elizabeth heard the news of the impending birth of their son, John the Baptist, through the angel Gabriel in Luke 1:5-24.
2) Zacharias was visited by the angel and made dumb until the baby was born in Luke 1:20.
3) John the Baptist was born in Luke 1:57-60.
4) Zacharias finally regained his speech and praised God in a prophetic hymn in Luke 1:67-79.
5) John the Baptist preached the coming of Jesus and baptized Him in the Jordan River in Matthew 3:1-5.

Zacharias’ Influence On Jesus:

Zacharias had an immense influence on Jesus through his son, John the Baptist. John was not just a teacher, but also a prophet and a forerunner of the Messiah. He was the first to recognize Jesus as the Messiah and was the one responsible for baptizing Him in the Jordan River. It was through John’s testimony that many believed in Jesus and followed Him as He began His ministry.
John was a symbol of hope and faith for the people around him and Zacharias was instrumental in raising him. Through Zacharias, Jesus was able to receive the news of His mission and God’s will for Him. The people around them were able to believe in the Word of God and their faith was strengthened. Zacharias’ influence on God’s Word was significant and his name will forever remain in the annals of history.

Analysis on The Significance Of Zacharias

Zacharias symbolizes faith and trust in God even in times of adversity and despair. He trusted in the words of an angel even when all hope seemed lost and was blessed with the son that he and Elizabeth had been longing for. He was also part of a line of prophets which speaks of God’s plan for the coming of the Messiah and how this was important in the journey of Jesus.
Despite being in a time when there were so few prophets, Zacharias was able to look past this and accept the will of God. He also serves as an example of understanding the mystery of God’s power and trusting in it to bring about the best results. Through his faith and obedience, he was able to spread the Word of God and bring about the coming of Jesus for the people.

What Zacharias Teaches Us Today

The story of Zacharias can act as guide for us today as we face difficulty in our own lives. It is an example that faith and hope can still exist in the darkest of times. It also teaches us that an angel carries news of hope even when all hope seems lost. We must remember to remain faithful and accept the will of God when He sends out His messengers, so that even in times of worry and despair, faith will remain and our lives can be renewed.
Zacharias also teaches us to trust in God’s plans and accept his mysterious ways. In our own lives, we can take comfort in knowing that He is always with us and that our faith will be rewarded if we are patient. Zacharias and Elizabeth were able to accept the Word of God and look past their doubts, and in the end were blessed with a son. In the same way, we can trust and obey the Word of God and find peace and joy in His plans.

Conclusion Of Zacharias and His Significance To Jesus

Zacharias is an important figure in the Bible who was able to have faith even in the face of adversity. He carried out the will of God and spread the Word to people who did not understand it. By being a father to John the Baptist, he allowed for the coming of Jesus and the beginning of his ministry. He is an inspirational figure who teaches us the importance of faith and trust in God’s plan. His story proves that even in the most difficult of times, God is always with us and His plan for us will always prevail.

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