Who Was Simon In The Bible


Simon was one of the twelve apostles in the Bible. He was Simon Peter, also known as Saint Peter. The Bible describes him as an enthusiastic, outspoken, and loyal follower of Jesus. Simon was probably one of the first to join Jesus’ inner circle of disciples and was an influential leader among them.

A Disciple For Jesus

Simon was an eager listener of Jesus’ teachings on mission and had a deep conviction in what his teacher was trying to do. He got emotional when Jesus was close by and was not afraid to speak his mind. In the gospel of John, we find occasions where Simon speaks on behalf of Jesus and was ready to defend his teacher even when the other disciples were not.
Simon was considered a great fisher and was proud of his ability to catch fish on the Sea of Galilee. He was weary of the rules of religion and was easily drawn to following Jesus’ lifestyle. This is well illustrated in the story of the miraculous catch of fish in Luke 5:4-7 where Simon and his friends cast out a net full of fish and caught so many fish that their net was about to break.

A Leader Among Disciples

Apart from being an eager listener, Simon had a natural leadership quality that made him stand out among the other disciples. Jesus chose him to be the leader and he served faithfully. He was chosen as the rock upon which Jesus would build his Church (Matthew 16:18). In his teachings Jesus entrusted him with the mission and mission field to preach the Gospel of repentance, showing that Simon was of great importance to Jesus.


Despite his distinguished leadership and faith, Simon betrayed Jesus three times. First, when Jesus was arrested, Simon drew a sword and cut off the ear of the high priest’s servant (John 18:10). He then followed Jesus to the high priest’s court, but denied that he was one of Jesus’ disciples (Matthew 26:69-75). Finally, he denied Jesus again, when the other disciples appeared to question his identity (John 18:25-27).


Despite the betrayal, Jesus forgave him after his resurrection and reinstated him to his role as the leader of the apostles. He reinstated Simon’s qualification to assist him in his mission and gave him the responsibility to lead the Church (John 21:15-19). In Acts 1:15-26, we find the story of how Simon was chosen to succeed Judas as one of the twelve apostles.


After the ascension of Jesus, Simon dedicated his life to spreading the Gospel and working for Christian unity. He had a great impact in the early Church and in many ways shaped the Church as we know it today. He was eventually martyred in Rome under Pontius Pilate, in around 64 AD (John 21:18-19).


Today, Simon Peter is one of the most important figures in the Bible and his story serves as an inspiration to Christians all over the world. His courage and faith in Jesus is an example for us to follow. He is remembered as the leader of the apostles and his teachings have had a lasting impact on Christian faith.

Influence On Christian Beliefs

Simon is remembered as one of the greatest Christian leaders of all time. His legacy and teachings have had an immense influence on Christian beliefs. The First Epistle of Peter is in the New Testament, and his teachings and guidance have helped to shape the theology and criticism of the Christian faith.

Daily Influence

Simon’s faith and loyalty to Jesus has had a significant influence on Christian believers. In our daily lives, many of us can learn from Simon’s example on how to be a faithful follower of Jesus and how to remain loyal despite our shortcomings.


In conclusion, Simon was one of Jesus’ twelve apostles and his story provides an example of loyalty, faithfulness, and courage. His teachings are still influential today, and his legacy lives on in Christian churches around the world.

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