Who Was Sarah’s Husband In The Bible

Known to followers of the Bible, Sarah was the wife of Abraham, the first man known to be in covenant relationship with God. She is one of Bible’s most popular women and is seen as the ideal representation of God’s faithfulness in a woman.

Sarah and Abraham were part of a Polytheistic society. Abraham was married to Sarah when they left their native land boundary, out of obedience to God’s command. Their relationship is often looked upon as a model of obedience, love and trust. Throughout the course of their relationship, they faced numerous trials and tests; proving their loyalty to one another and to God.

In Genesis 17:15-17, “God said to Abraham, ‘As for Sarai your wife, you shall not call her name Sarai, but Sarah shall be her name. And I will bless her and give you a son from her womb. Yes, I will bless her, and she will become nations, kings of peoples will come from her.’” This passage shows the profound love and trust God had for Abraham and Sarah. God promised them a son, and it came to pass.

In the Bible, Sarah began to age and fear that she and Abraham would not have an heir. She therefore took matters into her own hands and gave her maidservant Hagar to Abraham, who then became pregnant with their son Ishmael. Abraham was then promised a son who is known biblically as Isaac, conceived in the ordinary way between Abraham and Sarah later in life. Isaac became the promised heir and thus continuing the covenant.

Scholars have studied the relationship between Abraham and Sarah and drawn various conclusions. According to Dorothy Fikkert, Professor of Old Testament at Trinty Western University, “The love of Abraham and Sarah went beyond merely being companions and partners, they were role models of faith, trust, and commitment.” Through their relationship, they learned the importance of obedience. Despite Sarah and Abraham being surrounded by a Polytheistic society, they followed God’s command and sacrificed what was normal for their time and culture to trust in God’s promises.

The covenant between God, Abraham and Sarah is still seen today as God’s terms of covenant to bring love and security to the relationship between God and his people. Professor Fikkert explains, “Even today, God’s promises to us are just as powerful and trustworthy as they were to Abraham and Sarah.”

The Calling of Abraham and Sarah

The biblical story of Abraham and Sarah is special because it is a story of a promise or calling from God. Abraham is called out of his father’s household to become a great nation. “The LORD had said to Abram, ‘Go from your country, your people and your father’s household to the land I will show you’” (Genesis 12:1). God follows this call with a promise of blessing, land, descendants, and a great name. The Bible implies that Sarah accompanies Abraham on this journey of faith and blessing.

The call and promise of Abraham and Sarah demonstrate God’s faithfulness and trustworthiness. Long before Abraham and Sarah, God had established a covenant with Noah and then also with Moses. God was also familiar with the practice of Polytheism so He knew the kind of culture that Abraham and Sarah would be living in. However, they decided to follow Him, trusting in His promises.

Sarah agreed to follow God even when she did not understand everything. Knowing that she was barren and likely past childbearing years, Sarah still trusted that God would do as he had promised. She was willing to sacrifice her understanding of the normal way of life for the promise of God. She could not have known what the ultimate outcome would be, but still chose to obey.

The Message

The story of Abraham and Sarah is the quintessential story of faith, sacrifice and promise. Their story proclaims God’s faithfulness and power. It serves as a reminder for anyone who has doubts about God’s will for them and their lives. The message is there is no need to worry because God is faithful to keep His promises.

The story of Abraham and Sarah also teaches us about how important covenant relationships are. It is not enough to just say the words ‘I love you’. Covenant relationships involve sacrifice and trust. God wants relationships to be based on love and commitment and that is what Abraham and Sarah demonstrated. They had hope for a better future even though their present-day circumstances seemed impossible.

Abraham and Sarah show us the power of God’s faithfulness. Despite all of the changes, struggles, and uncertainty in the world, God is still faithful. Even when we don’t understand, He is faithful. He held true to his word and blessed Abraham and Sarah with a son even when it seemed impossible.

The Legacy of Abraham and Sarah

Today, Abraham and Sarah are remembered for their unwavering faith in God. God assigned a special blessing to Sarah – that she will be a blessing to many nations. This shows how important it is to continue to have faith in God and His promises, even when the situation seems challenging. As a result of Abraham and Sarah’s trust and belief, we can see the effect of the blessing God gave them.

One of the main legacies of Abraham and Sarah is that they demonstrate a model for family life. Abraham and Sarah formed the basis for the Jewish faith and their descendants are the focal point for the people of Israel. For us today, the legacy of Abraham and Sarah lives on in both faith and object lessons.

The Bible speaks volumes about the faithful and exemplary marriage between Abraham and Sarah. It is clear that their relationship was founded upon faith, trust and love. Abraham and Sarah believed in each other and in the power of God and His promises. They were obedient and willing to follow, even if it meant going against the regional customs at the time. By trusting in God, they were able to create a legacy that is still alive, centuries later.

Relationship with Isaac

The relationship of Abraham and Sarah with Isaac is evidence of the importance of relationships in God’s sight. After many years of barrenness, God finally answered their prayers and Isaac was born to them, fulfilling the promise and covenant God repeatedly declared to them in their journey.

Sarah had been promised a son by God for many years, though it seemed impossible that she should become pregnant in her old age. Nevertheless, Sarah bore Isaac through divine intervention, and the couple’s trust in God was justified. As a result, Isaac is an example in the Bible of an inherited blessing through the power of divine promise and faith.

The relationship between Abraham and Sarah shows the importance of trusting in God and entrusting one’s life to Him. What appeared to be an impossibility before, was made possible by their faith in God and obedience to His command. Abraham and Sarah have left a legacy of faith and trust for us to uphold. God has already fulfilled His promises to us, so we should never forget to continuously put our trust and faith in Him.

The Test of Abraham’s Faith

One of the highlights of the Old Testament is the test of faith by which Abraham is tested in Genesis 22. Abraham is tested when God commands him to sacrifice his son, Isaac. Abraham refused to become angry and complain, instead trusting in the faithfulness of God. This episode is seen as the ultimate test of faith which Abraham passed and of which know that all believers can rely on.

Though an extreme test of faith, Abraham’s trust in God was strong. He never wavered, was obedient and was not afraid stand up against the culture and beliefs of his day. His loyalty to the covenant, despite his age and the promises of God, was unparalleled. He was willing to be at odds with the culture to seek the will of God.

Abraham was humbled by the grace of God that he saw in the provision of his ministry to others. In response, he made an offering of everything he owned to God through his faith in Him. It is this kind of faith that we need in our own lives, that we may have the determination to follow God.

God Has Not Forgotten Us

The story of Abraham and Sarah is one of devotion, sacrificial love, obedience and faith. It is a reminder that God has not forgotten us and that He is still faithful and that His promises will be fulfilled. During difficult times, we can take heart from the story of Abraham and Sarah. They faced so many challenges and struggles in their journey of obedience but they chose to remain faithful and trust in God’s promises.

Not only do Abraham and Sarah provide us with an example of how to trust in God, but they also demonstrate the power of relationship. Abraham and Sarah were determined to remain in God’s covenant, even when faced with the challenges of life. They were willing to accept God’s promises, regardless of the obstacles they faced. Abraham and Sarah’s unwavering faith in God is an example of how powerful love and commitment are in a marriage.

The lives of Abraham and Sarah demonstrate the power of following God’s plan. As hard as it may be, we should remain faithful and trust in God’s promises. Abraham and Sarah faced many challenges in life, but chose to focus on God’s faithfulness. This decision earned them God’s blessing and example for generations to come.

Hilda Scott is an avid explorer of the Bible and inteprator of its gospel. She is passionate about researching and uncovering the mysteries that lie in this sacred book. She hopes to use her knowledge and expertise to bring faith and God closer to people all around the world.

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