Who Was Salmon In The Bible

Early Lives

Salmon was an early biblical figure and progenitor of David. He is mentioned briefly in the Old Testament and is seen as the ancestor of King David. His life can be traced back to the city of Bethlehem and he is first mentioned in the Genealogy of the Bible. He is believed to have been born in the mid-15th century BC, around the time of Moses. He is mentioned in Genesis and his genealogy is listed in the Book of Chronicles. He lived in the region of Israel, near the coastal city of Jaffa and was married to Rahab of Jericho.

The Battle of Jericho

Salmon was a Roman citizen of the tribe of Judah, likely residing in what modern day is known as the West Bank. He was present and participated in the Battle of Jericho and is believed to be a commander of the local troops. After the battle and the destruction of Jericho, the spoils were divided and Salmon took the city’s walls and tower for himself. In the Bible, Salmon is described as a person of great strength and courage during the battle.

Relationship with Rahab

Salmon married Rahab of Jericho, who had been spared in the destruction of the city. Rahab is described in the Bible as a harlot and a woman of reputation and wisdom. The marriage of Salmon and Rahab is of significant importance, as the union of their offspring Boaz and Ruth was the lineage of King David, who was said to descend from Jesse.


Salmon and Rahab had a son named Boaz who married Ruth and their descendants included Obed, Jesse, and then King David. As such, Salmon is the progenitor of the House of David, which was the house of the kings of Israel during the reigns of David and Solomon. As a result, Salmon has had an immense effect on the nation of Israel and its history.


Salmon’s legacy is seen in both the Jewish and Christian religions today, as his descendants are traced through to the founder of the faith, Jesus Christ. As such, Salmon is an important figure in the Bible and is seen as a very brave and courageous ancestor to the House of Israel. He is still honored by people of faith today, to remind them of his courage and strength he showed during the Battle of Jericho.

Meager Representation

Despite his importance, Salmon’s story is mostly forgotten or neglected. His character’s biography is described in only a few verses, amounting to less than two handfuls of words in the Bible. With his wife’s backstory also described in only a few verses, and with his descendants occupying some of the most important places in Biblical and Jewish history, Salmon remains a mysterious added figure in the Bible.

Moses’ Inspiration

It is possible that Salmon was given to Moses as a model for courage and strength. This is because, although his story is short and not reflected in much of the Bible, he showed great resilience during the Battle of Jericho and the other wars of that time. By taking the walls and tower of Jericho after the battle, Salmon captured the symbolism of victory, which could have been seen by Moses as an act of courage, strength and tenacity.

Historical Context

In its cultural milieu, Salmon’s story was likely once told orally and commemorated in songs. Historical archaeological artifacts have not been uncovered that directly reference him, but historians theorize that Salmon’s influence may have partly inspired the construction of the Tower of David. Additionally, Salmon’s vestige of bravery and courage may have been seen as a protector of Israel during times of war and strife.


Though his story is short, Salmon is an influential figure in the Bible, his legacy reaching from the warriors of Jericho to Jesus. His courage, strength and tenacity is honored to this day as a reminder that even small acts of bravery can reach through the ages.

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