Who Was Joab In The Bible

The Biblical Story of Joab

The name ‘Joab’ has its roots in the word ‘Yehovah’ and is sometimes combined with the name ‘Abner’ and is known as ‘Joabab’ which means ‘Yehovah is my father’. Joab is a significant figure in the Old Testament and is described as the commander of King David’s army and a companion of King David himself. He appears several times in the Bible, starting in the Book of Judges, continuing on through the Book of Samuel and ending in the Book of Chronicles.

It is believed that Joab was the son of King David’s youngest brother, Abishai. He was considered to be a mighty soldier and commanded a large army which was used to great effect against the enemies of David. He was also a well-respected advisor, being consulted by David on multiple occasions and entrusted with leadership of his armies on multiple occasions.

Joab was involved in many of the events of the Old Testament, including the killing of King Saul and the destruction of the Amalekites. He was also responsible for killing Abner, the son of King Saul’s chief advisor, and later killing Shimei, who had hurled insults against David. These events are recounted in the books of 1 and 2 Samuel and 1 and 2 Chronicles.

In general, Joab is viewed as an important figure in the Bible and a faithful companion of King David. He is portrayed as a courageous and loyal warrior, as well as a wise and prudent leader. He is also depicted as a trusted friend and advisor to David, who helped him to make important decisions that often had significant effects on the kingdom. “Joab” was also a common name in ancient times and has somewhat of a legendary status among Bible scholars today.

Joab as a Role Model

Joab can serve as a role model for many of us. He was an example of a strong and loyal servant, someone who was devoted to the people and the kingdom that he served. He was also a loyal friend to David, who was willing to stand by him in times of need and provide wise counsel when it was called for. He also showed great courage in battle, and was willing to risk his life in service of David’s cause.

In addition, Joab was an example of humility and obedience. He was willing to obey the commands of his king, even when they were unpopular or dangerous. He also was willing to follow the laws of God, regardless of the potential consequences for himself or his people. Joab was a leader who demonstrated strength and courage, but also mercy and compassion.

Finally, Joab was an example of godliness. He was faithful in his service to God, and sought to do His will in all that he did. He is a reminder for us to stay focused on God, even in times of adversity, and to remain steady in our faith in Him.

Legacy of Joab

The legacy of Joab is an important one that still resonates today. He was a powerful figure in the Old Testament, and is often referenced by modern-day Christian leaders when they want to emphasize a message of faith and commitment. His legacy has also been celebrated by Jewish historians, who recognize his importance in their own religion’s history.

Joab’s legacy can also be seen in popular culture today. He is referenced in many historical books, as well as television shows and movies. He is often used as an example of faithfulness and obedience, and his story still inspires many people to this day.

In conclusion, the legacy of Joab is an important one that has had a lasting impact on many people throughout the years. He was an example of unwavering faith, courage and loyalty to God and his people, and these qualities are still relevant today.

Opinion of Scholars about Joab

Biblical scholars have mixed opinions about the character of Joab and his actions. Some view him as a loyal soldier and advisor, and emphasize his devotion to King David and the nation of Israel. Others see him as a ruthless soldier and believe his actions, including the murder of King Saul, are unforgivable.

Modern religious scholars argue that, while Joab could be seen as an effective leader, he was also flawed and capable of making mistakes. They draw attention to his loyalty and bravery in battle, but also recognize that he could be overly ruthless and could be driven by a desire for power.

This suggests that Joab is a complex character and must be seen as a multi-faceted leader. He was an important part of the story of the Old Testament and must be judged on a case-by-case basis. His legacy is still important today, and his example can still be valuable to us.

How Joab Can Inspire Us

Joab’s legacy is one that can still inspire us today. He was an example of a leader who was willing to take risks and sacrifice for his people. He was also a loyal friend and advisor to King David, and showed respect and humility in his service to God. These are all qualities that we can strive for in our own lives.

In addition, we can also learn from Joab’s example that no matter how powerful we may become, we must never become arrogant or forget God’s law. He was a powerful figure in the Old Testament, but he still showed reverence and obedience to God. This should remind us to always put our faith in God, no matter the temptation.

Finally, Joab’s example can remind us to remain true to our commitments and stay loyal to those closest to us. He was a loyal friend to King David and was willing to follow him even in difficult circumstances. This is a reminder that our loyalty should always be to God first, and to those closest to us second.


Joab is remembered as a figure from the Old Testament who showed courage, loyalty and strength. He was an important part of the story of the Bible and is an example of faith in God, obedience and loyalty. His legacy is still relevant today, and we can still learn from his example.

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