Who Was Jacobs Wife In The Bible

Who Was Jacobs Wife In The Bible

Jacob was a key figure in the Old Testament, and his story was a fascinating one. He was a son of the Patriarch Isaac, and he was blessed by God. He was also the son of his mother’s handmaiden, Rebecca. Jacob lived in the Land of Canaan, and he had two wives: Leah, who was his first wife, and Rachel, who was his second wife, and considered to be his true love. In this article, we will discuss who exactly was Jacobs wife in the Bible and what was their relationship like.

Jacob’s first wife, Leah, was the eldest daughter of Laban. Laban was Rebecca’s brother and Jacob’s uncle. Leah was initially taken as the bride of Jacob, but it was clear that Jacob’s preference was actually Rachel. Despite this, Leah remained Jacob’s wife and bore him four sons: Reuben, Simeon, Levi and Judah.

Rachel was Jacob’s second wife, and his true love. Rachel and Leah were both sisters, but Rachel was confirmed as Jacob’s true love. Rachel’s father, Laban, accepted Jacob’s marriage proposal for Rachel, but not without a hefty price being paid. Jacob agreed to work seven years for Laban in addition to giving him seven sheep and seven goats as dowry. Jacob did the work, and eventually got his bride when the seven years were up. Rachel and Jacob had two children, Joseph and Benjamin.

Jacob and Leah’s relationship did not get off on a good start due to his obvious preference for Rachel. Despite this, Leah still held a special place in Jacob’s heart, because she was his initial bride. Jacob also appreciated her faithfulness to him and thus he felt affectionate towards her.

Jacob’s relationship with Rachel was different. Jacob had deep love and tenderness for Rachel that did not exist in his relationship with Leah. Jacob both valued and appreciated Rachel, despite the difficult circumstances of the arrangements made by Laban. Despite Rachel being younger and less experienced than Leah, it was her that Jacob really loved. According to the scripture, it was Rachel that Jacob loved most of all.

The Arrangement Leah and Rachel Had

Leah and Rachel were both sisters, but there were certain dynamics in their relationship. Leah was already married to Jacob before Rachel. This meant that there was a sense of competition between the two sisters, but they chose to maintain it as a friendly one. They supported each other and did not disturb the other one’s marriage.

The Bible says that Jacob loved Rachel more than Leah. This was probably natural, considering their circumstances. Rachel was relatively younger in comparison to Leah and she was Jacob’s true love. Leah, meanwhile, was the eldest sister, and the responsibility of taking care of her household was mainly placed on her shoulders.

Despite the fact that Rachel was Jacob’s true love, she struggled to bear children. Rachel was initially jealous of Leah’s children, and felt a sense of inferiority due to her barrenness. This caused tension between them, but as time went by Rachel accepted that God had a plan for her.

For the most part, Leah and Rachel formed a strong bond. Leah calmed her sister’s troubled heart, and Rachel helped her sister care for her four sons. This interdependent relationship proved to be very beneficial for both Leah and Rachel, and enabled them to keep their strong bond throughout their lives.

Rachel and Jacobs Relationship

While there was much disagreement over the lasting effect of Jacob’s marital proceedings, it was clear that the relationship between him and Rachel was one of true love. The Bible states that Jacob “smote the rock” when he heard that Rachel was coming to marry him. This is reflective of the intense emotion that Jacob had for Rachel.

In Jacob’s eyes, Rachel was his true and perfect wife. She was beautiful in his eyes, and he admired her strength and resolution. Even though Rachel was barren for several years, Jacob’s love for her remained strong and never changed.

Rachel also showed abundant love towards Jacob, eventually bearing him two sons in her lifetime. She showed great commitment to him and never betrayed him in any way. She was loyal and devoted to her husband, despite the fact that he had two wives.

Jacob and Rachel’s relationship was a beautiful one focused on understanding and patience. Despite their struggles, they managed to remain faithful to one another, and Rachel’s faith in God enabled her to stay strong and bring Jacob closer to the Lord.


As written in the Bible, it was Rachel who was Jacobs true love, and it was Leah who was his initial wife. Rachel’s faith enabled her to overcome many obstacles, including barrenness and feelings of guilt and inferiority. Jacobs relationship with Rachel was one of tenderness and care, and Leah and Rachel’s bond was one of friendship and support. Jacob and Rachel’s story is an example for us all of the blessings and faithfulness that comes with a true relationship of true love.

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