Who Was Habakkuk In The Bible

Historical background

Habakkuk is a prominent figure in Hebrew Bible, appearing several times. He was a prophet in the 7th century BCE, and his brief prophetic message speaks of faith in the face of social and political injustice. Tradition says that he was the prophet Elijah’s apprentice, and the final work attributed to him is the book of Habakkuk. He is mentioned in other parts of the bible, notably in the New Testament, where his statement about the just living by faith is quoted (Hebrews 10:38).


The book of Habakkuk is divided into three chapters, and many scholars agree that the themes in these chapters are related to justice and trust in God. In the first chapter, Habakkuk raises questions to God about the rampant injustice and oppression in Judah, and expresses his confusion about why God allows it to continue. In the second chapter, Habakkuk then speaks of God’s promise of retribution, and his instructions to wait on the Lord and live by faith. Finally, in the third chapter, Habakkuk declares his trust in God and praises his works.


In Habakkuk’s brief message, he speaks of injustice and the need for faith. He speaks of his confusion about God’s ways and his sense of uncertainty about the future. He speaks of God’s judgment and his faith in God knowing what is right. He also speaks of God’s promise of future redemption. The main message of Habakkuk is that despite all the suffering and uncertainty, despite all the injustice and evil in the world, ultimately, faith and trust in God is essential in order to find strength and justice.


Habakkuk is sometimes seen as a symbol of justice-seekers in the bible. His stance of questioning God while still expressing faith in Him is a powerful example of faith and courage. He courageously expresses his doubts and confusion, yet is ultimately rewarded with a message of hope and redemption. His story speaks to anyone who is struggling with injustice and doubt, suggesting that faith and courage often bring rewards.

Modern Interpretation

Today, many people look to Habakkuk for inspiration and courage. His story represents the idea that, despite all the suffering and confusion, ultimately we can always count on God’s work and justice. His message resonates especially with people dealing with injustice, those who are battling social and political injustices, and with anyone seeking comfort and guidance.

Expert Commentary

Religious experts, like professor Ian Burnette, have different interpretations of Habakkuk’s message. Professor Burnette believes that Habakkuk’s story warns us of the dangers of relying solely on our own devices. He suggests that in order to find solace and true justice, we must put our trust in God. This is something that we should all keep in mind, especially when times get tough.

Impact of Habakkuk

The message of Habakkuk has had a huge impact in the faith community. In many churches and bible studies, his story is often shared as an example of strength and courage, and of trusting in God despite hardships. His message has also inspired many people to continue living faithfully in difficult times and to keep trusting in the Lord and his promise of justice and redemption.

Biblical References to Habakkuk

Habakkuk is mostly known through his book in the Hebrew Bible, but he is also mentioned in other biblical texts. In the New Testament, Paul and other writers refer to Habakkuk 2:4, when he says “the just shall live by faith”and Job refers to Habakkuk in the early chapters of his book. In Psalms, Habakkuk is commemorated in Psalm 37.

Critical Analysis

Habakkuk took a courageous stance in questioning God and expressing his confusion about His ways. Yet, by living faithfully and putting his trust in God, Habakkuk was ultimately rewarded with a message of redemption. His story speaks to anyone who is struggling with injustice and doubt, and his message serves as a reminder that faith and courage can often bring rewards. This is an inspiring and empowering message, and one that we should all keep close in our hearts.

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