Who Is Joseph In The Bible

Joseph in Egypt

Joseph was one of 12 sons of Jacob — the patriarch of the Jewish people — and Rachel, the son of whom God said would become a great nation. Joseph was favored of his father, which caused the other brothers to resent and eventually plot against him. In their jealous rage, they sold Joseph into slavery in Egypt. Through the grace of God, Joseph rose to great power in Egypt. He forged a brave and troubled path, being wrongly accused of adultery, languishing in prison, and then emerging, amazingly, as second in all Egypt to the Pharaoh, who appointed him prime minister.
Joseph’s power and wisdom saved not only the lives of the Egyptians, but also of his descendants, the Israelites. Joseph interpreted Pharaoh’s dream which foreshadowed a time of great famine, which meant Joseph had to store the country’s food supply during the 7 years of plenty. His brothers are amazed at his wisdom and power, and when they come to Egypt out of fear of the famine, they reluctantly discover Joseph’s true identity.

Role of Joseph in the Bible

Joseph’s story acts as a prelude to the story of the infant Moses and Jerusalem, as Egypt became the dominant power in the region. In addition, it serves to illustrate God’s greater plan — how, even with sin and faithlessness, God remained loyal and faithful to His covenant with the Israelites. Through Joseph’s story, God is shown to be faithful and loving despite the brokenness of sinners.
Theologians have recognized the multi-layered nuances of meaning in the Joseph story. For example, there are many parallels to the life of Christ, from his rise from a humble background to becoming a powerful leader, his innocent life tried in unfair circumstances, and his family fleeing for a time to Egypt.
The message of Joseph’s story is heavy with the idea of divine providence. It demonstrates that despite the hardships and pitfalls that life when throw our way, God has a greater plan which will eventually lead to its redemption. Joseph’s story emphasizes the strong faith that is needed for us to accept our transient position in life as we journey through it.

The Character of Joseph

Joseph is portrayed in the Bible as a humble and obedient man. In the heat of his brothers’ rage and his temptation to return revenge unto them, he remained true to his faith. Despite his circumstances, Joseph’s passage in the Bible includes many instances of the good choices he made in difficult situations.
Rather than vendetta, Joseph turns to prayer, appealing to God for deliverance. Joseph is forgiving and kind to his brothers — understanding their anger, yet still accepting their change of hearts. Perhaps most importantly, we see in Joseph’s life a stronger focus on the people around him than on himself. Concern for his own fate never overwhelms his compassion for the wounded heart of his father Jacob and the need of the Egyptian people for sustenance in the coming months of famine.

Joseph in Today’s World

Joseph’s life and story continue to be a source of hope and inspiration to readers of the Bible today. His bravery, faith, and willingness to put others before himself serve as a shining example of faithfulness and redemption.
Joseph’s story can serve to remind us of the power of prayer, the need for forgiveness, and the importance of trust in God’s greater plan for our lives. In today’s world there is much division and strife, so by learning from Joseph we can begin to learn how to bridge the gaps of anger and resentment and develop a deeper understanding of one another.

Joseph’s Legacy

Joseph’s story is one of a journey from hardship and rejection to greatness. Joseph is a source of incredible strength, and even in his darkest hours he never gives up his faith. He teaches us the importance of relying on God even through suffering and difficulty, and how God will lead us out of it given enough faith and trust.
He reminds us that we never need to fear failure — with God’s help, we can overcome any obstacle. No matter how difficult it may seem, we should always stay true to ourselves and trust in God. Through Joseph’s story, we see that leaning on faith can save us from potential destruction, and can lead to a greater good that is often beyond our comprehension.

The Impact of Joseph’s Story

Joseph’s story is one which continues to touch and inspire people. It has provided a source of hope to all who are going through difficult times and is a reminder of God’s mercy and grace. It has also taught us that, despite life’s difficulties, we should always trust in the greater plan God has for us.
The story is a powerful source of validation that life’s struggles and even the most unbearable of circumstances can bring about great good, if we keep faith in God and practice patience and forgiveness. Joseph is an inspirational figure who teaches us that in the darkness of our suffering, God will bring light.

Joseph’s Life and Times

Joseph’s life in the bible appears to span four hundred years, from the time of the descendants of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob until the Exodus of the children of Israel from Egypt. He was born around 1600 BC, when the ancient city of Jericho had been destroyed and the tribe of Benjamin hadn’t yet split in two.
He grew up in Canaan living as a shepherd, but his brothers were jealous of him and sold him into slavery in Egypt. Yet God was faithful to His promises to Joseph, and he experienced a series of dramatic maneuvers that saw him become second in the Egyptian kingdom. He saved Egypt and his own family from destruction through the famine, and was an important figure in the rise of the Israelites.

Joseph’s Death

Joseph’s death is not recorded in the Bible, but it is assumed to have taken place when he was around 110 years old. This would place it around 1450 BC, at the same time as the Exodus. Tradition holds that Joseph died in Mizpah, which was an ancient city in the Jordan Valley that was known for its springs.
Joseph was buried in Shechem in a tomb that was hewn out of a rock, and during the following centuries, pilgrims would visit his tomb to remember the impact of his life on the world. As Joseph’s story serves as a reminder of God’s faithfulness and providence, his death serves to punctuate this reminder. We can learn from Joseph’s life and death that, no matter how difficult or unfair our times may be, God will be faithful to us.

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