Who Is Ariel In The Bible

Ariel The Lion-Like Angel

Ariel is an angel mentioned in the Bible. The Hebrew Bible describes Ariel as “the lion of God” and calls on him to be associated with war and divine punishment. Ariel is also mentioned in the Christian Apocrypha, where he is described as an archangel who assists and leads the souls of the righteous into the Heavenly Jerusalem. Ariel is often depicted as a lion-headed figure, and is usually associated with strength, justice and protection.
The earliest references to Ariel in the Bible are found in the books of Isaiah and Ezekiel. In Isaiah 29:1-2, the prophet Isaiah foretells that Ariel will be besieged and filled with great mourning. In Ezekiel 43:15-16, Ariel is mentioned as a great prince of Temple that will receive offerings and sacrifices. The prophet Isaiah also mentions Ariel in Isaiah 33:7 and Isaiah 33:21. In Isaiah 33:7, Ariel is described as being brave and fearless.
While the exact identity of Ariel is still a mystery, some scholars believe that Ariel may be a reference to a temple built by the living God in Jerusalem. Alternatively, others believe that Ariel may be a reference to the “the destroyer,” a heavenly being who avenges the wicked. Ariel’s relationship with Jerusalem is also mentioned in Isaiah 29:1-2 and Ezekiel 43:15-16. Whatever the identity of Ariel, his role in Scripture is clear: to bring strength, justice, and protection to God’s people.
The angel Ariel is mentioned in numerous Jewish and Christian prayers and invocations, where he takes an active role in protection and intercession. For example, the Kaddish, a traditional Jewish prayer of mourning, invokes Ariel as a protector: “May the Lord protect and deliver us; May He send us help from His holy place, and aid us from Zion, through the mighty power of Ariel, the prince of angels.” Similarly, a Jewish prayer to be recited before sunrise appeals to Ariel for protection and defense against wickedness: “May the Lord of Hosts, who is like a wall of fire about us, strengthen us, protect us; and may Ariel, the prince of the heavenly court, establish our cause.” Additionally, Christian invocations of Ariel often include petitions for help in spiritual warfare.

Ariel In Kabbalah And Gnosticism

Ariel is also a popular figure in other branches of Judeo-Christian mysticism, such as Kabbalah and Gnosticism. In Kabbalah, Ariel is seen as the “Prince of Angelic Hosts” and is associated with the sephirah Hokhmah, the second of the ten sephiroth. In this interpretation, Ariel is seen as a symbol of the divine laws of nature and the framework of the universe.
In Gnosticism, Ariel is a powerful angel in the Heavenly Hierarchy, and his main function is to help initiate human beings into the mysteries of the divine realms. Ariel is also viewed as a guardian angel, who watches over the divine realms and helps guide creatures on their spiritual journey. Further, Ariel is believed to possess the ability to tap into the powers of the seven archangels and see the infinite possibilities in the material world.
The ancient Kabbalists and Gnostics consider Ariel to be the messenger of God’s love and mercy. They believed that when the righteous invoke his name, Ariel would perform divine acts to assist those in need. The Gnostics also believed that Ariel could bring messages from the divine realms and guide human beings on their spiritual path.

Ariel In Occult Practices

Ariel also has a long association with occult practices. He is often invoked during magical workings and is believed to possess the ability to open up access to the spiritual realms. In some traditions, Ariel is summoned to create a bridge between the worlds above and the mundane world. This bridge is said to allow the person performing the ritual to access the power of the divine.
Ariel is also invoked to provide protection and insight into the occult mysteries. In some versions of the Lesser Key of Solomon, Ariel is responsible for banishing any negative spirits that might interfere with the working. Further, ancient grimoires mention a number of rituals devoted to invoking Ariel and drawing on his power.
With his vast power and knowledge of the occult, Ariel is seen as a powerful figure in the world of magic and the supernatural.

Ariel In Popular Culture

In modern times, Ariel has become a popular figure in literature, art, and popular culture. He is often portrayed as a powerful and wise angel figure or as a lion-headed figure that protects and guides the righteous. Ariel’s image has also been used in works of art and religious iconography to symbolize strength, protection, and spiritual illumination.
In literature and film, Ariel is often developed as a complex character. He is often portrayed as an avenger or a protector, but there are also portrayals of Ariel as a compassionate guide or a wise teacher. For example, the Disney film The Little Mermaid features the character of Ariel, a mermaid who is curious about the world beyond the sea and embarks on a daring journey to explore it.

Ariel In The Occult

Ariel is also a prominent figure in occult practices, such as magick, Wicca and witchcraft. He is often invoked and petitioned as a source of power and protection during magical workings. According to occult tradition, Ariel is said to possess the ability to open up access to the spiritual and ethereal realms, and to bring insight and revelation from the gods and goddesses. He is also associated with quick decision-making and the ability to create powerful and beneficial change.
In some occult practices, Ariel is seen as a messenger of the gods and goddesses who can help guide humans to a higher level of existence. Ariel is also seen as a powerful spirit who has dominion over air, wind and storms. As such, he is often invoked for assistance in matters of divination, astral work and spiritual direction. He is also believed to possess the power to heal and intercede on behalf of those in need.

Ariel In Comparative Religions

Ariel is also a popular figure in comparative religions and pantheons. In ancient Egyptian religion, the god Anpu was sometimes seen as a lion who represented the sun and had control over the realm of spirits. In Hinduism, the lion is associated with Vishnu, the god of protection and guardian of justice. In Buddhism, the lion is seen as a symbol of strength, courage and wisdom.
In Zoroastrianism, the angel Ariel is believed to be a messenger angel who travels between the physical and spiritual worlds. In many Gnostic texts, Ariel is presented as an angelic being who dwells in the region between heaven and hell. In modern Christianity, Ariel is often referenced as a powerful spiritual figure who can bring protection, insight and guidance to believers.
Ariel is a complex figure with a long history in the spiritual, religious and magical realms. He is often invoked for his powerful qualities of physical and spiritual strength, protection, guidance and insight. While the exact identity of Ariel is still the subject of debate and speculation, he is nonetheless recognized as a powerful figure whose influence extends throughout the ages and across many cultures.

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