Who Is Aquila In The Bible

Aquila is a figure in the Bible who is mentioned several times both in the Old and New Testaments. He is first introduced as a Jewish Christian, and husband of Priscilla, and a tentmaker, who had been raised in Pontus. Together they travel through Athens, Illyricum, and Rome.
Aquila and Priscilla were highly respected by the early church, and they show us a model of what it means to be a Christian couple. Aquila is a devout and pious man who tries to serve the Lord to the best of his abilities. He is, in many ways, a model of a Christian husband, putting his wife’s needs ahead of his own. He shows his commitment to his faith by working hard to provide for his family, as well as by tutoring Apollos in the ways of the Christian faith.

The Bible mentions Aquila and Priscilla in some of the chapters on the journey of the Apostle Paul in the Book of Acts. We read that Paul was staying in their home and he even offered to pay for them to stay with him for a time. Although their stay with Paul was short, it was beneficial to both the couple and the church communities in the cities they eventually settled in. Aquila and Priscilla had the unique opportunity to hear Paul’s teachings and spread the gospel to those they encountered in their travels.
Aquila and Priscilla had a great impact on the early Christian movement and even on early Christian thought. In addition to hosting Paul and offering him hospitality, they also taught Apollos in the ways of the Lord. In this way, they set a good example for other Christian couples. They taught others the true meaning of commitment and faithfulness, and they encouraged them to continue believing even in the midst of persecution.

Aquila is often used a symbol of the persecuted people of God, as he and his wife were forced to flee from Rome because of Emperor Claudius’ law that banned all Jews from the city. Aquila and Priscilla’s bravery and unyielding faith are a testament to the power of God, as Claudius’ ban did not stop them from travelling and founding new Christian communities in other parts of the Roman Empire. They faced persecution and hardship, but still held on to their faith and persevered.

Aquila’s Example of Faith

Aquila’s example of faith is an important reminder to us of God’s love and faithfulness. In the midst of persecution, Aquila and Priscilla continued to look to God and to trust Him for protection and guidance. Despite being forced to flee from Rome, Aquila did not give up his faith and still sought to serve the Lord. We can all learn from this example, especially when we too are faced with difficult and challenging circumstances. Aquila and Priscilla endured persecution and difficulty, but still held on to their faith. Their faith should be an inspiration to us, and we can take strength from their example in times of need.

Aquila’s Witness and Legacy

Aquila was also an important witness to the gospel as he and Priscilla travelled throughout the Roman Empire. Not only did they provide hospitality to Paul and help spread the gospel, but they also opened their home to others. They continued to live out the Christian faith, even in the face of opposition and persecution. Even after they settled in their new home in Ephesus they continued to work to spread the gospel among Jews and Gentiles alike. Because of their dedication to the gospel, Aquilla and Priscilla have left a lasting legacy for Christians to learn from.

Aquila’s Teaching of the Faith

In addition to sharing the gospel, Aquila and Priscilla also worked to teach others the faith. As tentmakers, they invited many to their home, which allowed them the opportunity to share the gospel with others. They also mentored Apollos, teaching him about the ways of the Lord. This is an important reminder for us that we must also be willing to share the gospel with those around us, and work to teach them about the Christian faith. Through the example of Aquila and Priscilla, we can learn the importance of sharing the gospel and teaching others about our faith.


Aquila is a powerful figure in the Bible, and one who serves as an example of faith, commitment and courage. His example of strength and perseverance in the face of adversity is an important reminder of God’s love and faithfulness. Aquila and Priscilla’s journey and witness for the gospel serves as an inspiration for us today. We can also learn from their example of how to teach others about the Christian faith. Aquila’s example of faith should be a reminder to us that we too can have the courage to stand firm in our faith, even in difficult times.

Share the Gospel with Others

Aquila and Priscilla demonstrated the importance of being willing to share the gospel. They opened their home and offered hospitality to those they encountered in their travels, which allowed them the opportunity to share the gospel with others. We can learn from their example to be willing to share the gospel not just verbally, but also through our lives. We can be an example of faith and love for those around us.

God’s Way is Not Our Own

Aquila and Priscilla’s story serves as a reminder of God’s will in our lives. They chose to obey the Lord and follow Him, even when it seemed impossible, and their faithfulness was noticed by all. We can also learn from their example that we must be willing to trust God with our future, even when it seems uncertain. We are called to trust God and His will, even when it may not make sense to us. God’s will is far greater than our own, and it is important to remember that.

Aquila’s Legacy

Aquila and Priscilla have left a legacy of faith and commitment for Christians to learn from. They were willing to set aside their own interests and serve the Lord with their lives. We can learn from their example to put aside our own wants and desires, and instead, seek to live a life that is pleasing to the Lord. In this way, Aquila and Priscilla can continue to be an example of faith and courage for us today.

Living a Life of Service and Sacrifice

Aquila and Priscilla’s lives were marked by a commitment to service and to the Lord. They were willing to put aside their own comforts and put the needs of others before their own. We can learn from their example to live a life of service and sacrifice. When we are willing to put aside our own needs and serve others, we are showing a commitment to God and to His kingdom.

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