Who Is Andrew In The Bible

Background info

The name Andrew, from Greek origin and derived from andreios, meaning ‘manly’ and ‘strong’, is found several times in the Bible. In the New Testament it is only found in a few passages but it can still be significant as it identifies people in the scriptures in a special way. The name Andrew is associated with both apostles and family members of Jesus Christ. Andrew was the first follower of Jesus put forward by his brother Peter, making Him the first disciple of Jesus. Andrew was one of the first among the apostles to preach the gospel, which makes him an important figure in Christianity.

Andrew’s family background

Andrew was born into the family of a fisherman, Zebedee, whose sons James and John were, like Andrew, followers of Jesus. Andrew is considered a very important figure in the Christian faith, being the first apostle of Jesus. He was a close friend of his brother Peter and since then, two were almost inseparable during the ministry of Jesus. He had also two other brothers: James the Lesser and John. Andrew was very close to his brother Peter. When Peter confessed Jesus as the ”Son of the living God” he could not have done it without Andrew’s influence. It would also seem that, even before Jesus called him, Andrew was a follower of John the Baptist.

Andrew’s ministry

When Jesus called Andrew, he was not immediately followed, but he was obedient and soon followed Jesus to become His closest disciple, always beside his brother Peter. Andrew appears several times in the Gospels. He, with John, was the first disciple called by Jesus to follow Him (John 1: 41) and one of the few Christ chooses to visit with Mary and Martha after Lazarus’ resurrection (John 11:1). He is also the one who announces that a boy with five loaves and two fishes had made possible the recreation of the five thousand (Mark 9:13).


Andrew’s legacy shines today even though much of his life is unknown. His example serves as an example not only to those striving to follow Jesus but also to those Christians who aim to spread the Lord’s message. By the example of Andrew, Jesus’ ministry was extended as he himself taught (John 1:40-42), through direct action and through following Jesus’ commandment. Andrew is an example of what a life devoted to Jesus should be. Andrew was one of the first to preach the gospel and he was obedient to Jesus, even when Jesus asked difficult things to do. His legacy encourages us to spread the word of Jesus, take the risk and follow Him, no matter the cost.

His example today

Today, Andrew remains a great example for believers of all ages, issuing an invitation to dedicate ourselves to the Gospel. It is often said that he was the one who brought his brother to follow Jesus, which is probably why some places call him the “patron saint of brothers.” Furthermore, St. Andrew’s feast day falls on November 30th, just weeks after Peter’s, signifying the special relationship they share. This celebration is kept alive in the form of commemorative candles, songs and badges signed with his name.. Modern-day followers of Jesus Christ remain devoted to Andrew.

His mission

Andrew was a person of simple origins, living his life in the rural, coastal communities of Israel where fishermen were held in the highest regard. He was a man who believed in Jesus and worked to follow and spread His teachings, no matter what the cost was. He was very passionate about spreading the gospel. He was so passionate about spreading the good news that he had to leave his family and loved ones. Through Andrew’s mission, we can see an intense desire to reach out to the world and preach the truth. He wanted to share the good news of Jesus with everyone he met, no matter who they were. His legacy speaks to us today to enter into mission and to bring the truth of the gospel to all of the nations.

His Influence

Andrew had a great influence on other people. If it weren’t for Andrew, his brother Peter might have never heard of Jesus, let alone been one of the first followers of the Lord. Andrew brought about conversions to Christianity by first introducing his brother to Jesus. Andrew is also credited for rekindling in Jesus’ disciples the hope of establishing the kingdom of God on Earth. Despite his seemingly small role in the Bible, Andrew’s impact can still be felt today. He inspires countless people to pursue their passion for mission work and to spread the good news.

His Influence on Church History

Andrew is an example of how the early church grew through the efforts of individuals determined to share the gospel. Although his name is not mentioned as frequently as that of his brother Peter, Andrew’s impact upon the church’s history cannot be denied. Andrew and Peter were great mission partners and when Jesus appointed them, they set out to preach throughout Palestine, attracting many new people to Christianity. Andrew was an indispensable influence behind the growth of the first churches and, in his own special way, contributed to the birth of the early Christian faith.

Effect on martyrdom and the Apostles

Andrew’s ultimate sacrifice of martyrdom speaks volumes to his faith and dedication to Jesus. The martyrdom of Andrew and other apostles during the early church sent an incredibly powerful message, ultimately resulting in the continued spread of the faith. He set a strong example of obedience for Christians in all ages. Along with this, his work was also a source of unity for the apostles, with his bond with Peter, James, and John defining the identity of the twelve.


Andrew is a significant figure in Biblical scripture and his legacy continues to have a great influence on the Church. Andrew’s faith and courage are a model to believers and he was an essential part of Jesus’ ministry. Despite his lack of fame and recognition, Andrew’s story is an important reminder to us all that we can have a tremendous impact on our world by simply following Jesus.

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