Who Is Adonijah In The Bible

Adonijah is an important figure in the Bible and is mentioned multiple times throughout Old Testament scriptures. He was the fourth son of King David and his mother was Haggith. He was the older brother of Solomon and once sought to become the King of Israel. The story of Adonijah is one of treachery and near success, with one of the Bible’s most unexpected twists.
Adonijah was not King David’s first choice for an heir, that honor was given to his third son, Absalom, whose rebellion against his father resulted in an exile from Jerusalem. After Absalom’s death, King David chose his youngest son, Solomon, as the heir to his throne. But Adonijah, still hungry for the throne, plotted in secret to take the crown for himself.
The first step in his plan was to gather a group of powerful supporters. Adonijah gathered a group of powerful warriors, priests, and influential advisers. He then declared himself king to this group and said, “Come, proclaim for me, for I am now king.” Adonijah then requested chariots and horses from King David, and servants from the priests, to help solidify his position as King. He even went as far as to have a royal feast in celebration of his coronation.
Unbeknownst to Adonijah, King David had already declared his son, Solomon as his successor and was now preparing to make the announcement to the people. He had not only blessed Solomon with the throne, but also with a military command, money, land and authority over his other brothers. When King David heard of Adonijah’s declaration, he was furious. He quickly declared the young boy’s claims false and said that Solomon was the rightful King of Israel. Adonijah immediately renounced his declaration of kingship and pled for solomon’s mercy.
Still, Solomon was not easily persuaded and had Adonijah arrested to be held until further notice. Adonijah had to plead for his own life and begged Solomon to promise not to put him to death for his attempted coup. Solomon did agree and promised that instead of taking his life, he would be given a home and a stipend of money from the royal coffers.
All of Adonijah’s plot and scheming was for naught, as Solomon held onto the throne for the remainder of his father’s life. However, Adonijah had one more trick up his sleeve and would use it to his advantage. After King David’s death, Adonijah asked Solomon’s mother Bathsheba to intercede on his behalf. He proposed that he marry King David’s nursemaid Abishag and have her as a concubine. This would solidify Adonijah’s place in the royal court and prevent any other prince from seeking the thrown after Solomon.
Solomon agreed, however he did not let Adonijah marry Abishag, instead he accused Adonijah of a plot against the throne and had him put to death instantly. This unexpected twist in the Adonijah story proved that even when a plot for success is seemingly on track, one cannot be sure what lies around the corner.

Characteristics of Adonijah

Adonijah was an ambitious character, often looking to gain power at any cost. He was a master planner and was quickly able to cultivate an impressive network of powerful supporters. Adonijah was generous, by provisioning what was requested for his coronation feast. He was also resilient, withstanding a significant amount of pressure from King David, Solomon and his supporters. Most importantly, Adonijah was clever, as he used a clever last-ditch attempt to solidify his royal status, albeit unsuccessfully.

Adonijah In Contemporary Society

Adonijah’s story is one that has been resonating in contemporary society, especially among men of power. There have many examples of those who have sought to gain control through the same tactics of Adonijah. Those who seek to acquire power through any means necessary, rich or poor, are often labeled as a “lord” which is a common allusion to Adonijah’s story.
A modern “lord” is characterized by ambition and ruthlessness. They often seek wealth, power, or positions of authority by any means, regardless of the implications or negative feedback from civil society. This constant quest for power and dominance, can often lead to tragedy as seen in Adonijah’s case.

Intended Audience

The intended audience for this story of Adonijah is anyone seeking moral guidance from the Bible. Adonijah’s tale is one of ambition and its negative results. It is an important lesson in cautionary decision making and serves as a reminder to strive for greatness, but to remember the consequences of one’s choices. Additionally, the story of Adonijah serves as a timeless reminder of the importance of humility, empathy, patience and justice.

Story’s Impact on Culture

Adonijah’s story has had an impact on society in terms of its understanding of strong, ambitious and foolish people seeking the power they desire. The moral of the story is that although ambition can be beneficial, one must be careful not to grasp for too much power too quickly or one could suffer the same fate as Adonijah. As such, Adonijah’s story serves as a valuable lesson in being wise and considerate when it comes to ambition and achievement.

Impact on Modern Politics

The story of Adonijah is especially relevant in the modern age of politics. The idea of wanting to acquire power tends to be an issue in current third-world countries, especially where corruption and power reign supreme. Additionally, Adonijah’s story serves as a vision of what could happen to those who seek to acquire power by unethical or immoral means.


Adonijah was a fascinating figure in the Bible and his story resonates with many people today. His ambition and greed for power ultimately led to his downfall and serves as a lesson for many. Adonijah is viewed as a symbol of what can happen if one becomes too focused on power and ambition, and should serve as a warning for those seeking a place of authority.

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