Who Built The Ark In The Bible

God Ordered Noah To Build The Ark

The Bible is filled with images of God’s commands to mankind; and one of his most famous instructions was to Noah – build an ark. In the Book of Genesis, God instructed Noah to build an ark with the purpose of preserving animals from a flood to come. God told Noah that the ark was to be made of wood, with a length, width, and height of 300 cubits.

From the text, it is obvious that Noah’s ark was massive. It was built in the form of a large rectangular box with three levels, built out of “gopher” wood, coated both inside and outside with pitch and sealed with bitumen.

This passage does not mention who exactly built the ark, although Noah is presumed as the one to have done so. Since Noah was the only person commanded to build it and the ark was to be built to his specifications, it is thought that he built it with the help of only his sons Shem, Ham, and Japheth.

Noah was given a specific plan to build the ark and he was the only one called to carry out this task. He was provided with detailed instructions of how and when to build the ark, so it’s conceivable that he was the one who built it.

Noah and his family were also instructed that, “You shall come into the ark, you and your sons and your wife and your sons’ wives with you”. This whole family would be saved by God’s will, no matter how Noah achieved the construction of the ark.

Noah and His Sons Used Advanced Technology to Build The Ark

Noah and his sons were expected to be technologically advanced for the time, and thus, there are suggestions that the building of the ark was not merely a task of manual labor. Instead, it is believed that it may have been constructed using advanced construction techniques, using the resources available.

It is suggested that the family had access to high-quality timber, for which the region was known at the time. Furthermore, Noah and his sons likely used a variety of tools, such as axes and saws, to work the timber, as well as other tools to seal the vessel with pitch and bitumen.

There is evidence that the family was also able to understand the basic principles of engineering and make use of them in the construction of the ark. Using these techniques, they were able to measure and cut the timber, as well as glue and fasten the wooden pieces together to form an ark 300 cubits long.

Furthermore, the fact that Noah and his sons were able to build the ark on dry ground and then have it travel across the flooded world suggests that the ark was made with great care and skill. All in all, it is quite possible that Noah and his sons used advanced technology to construct the ark.

Noah Could Have Had Help To Build The Ark

Although the text does not mention any outside help, it is possible that Noah had help in building the ark. Some experts believe that the people living in the area probably had a great respect for Noah, and thus could have offered assistance in the construction of the ark.

There is also the suggestion that Noah could have offered employment to others in the area, in exchange for help. Furthermore, as the region was known for its skilled craftsmen at the time, there is a possibility that Noah consulted them in order to better understand the basic principles of engineering and construction.

Given Noah’s advanced age at the time of the construction, it would not have been unusual for him to have assistance. Therefore, it is very likely that Noah was actually assisted by other people in the area, even though the text does not specifically mention it.

The Bible Does Not Clarify If God Helped Build The Ark

The text only mentions God commanding Noah to build the ark and providing a specific plan. It does not mention God directly assisting in the building of the ark. However, the text does hint at God’s power when Noah was warned, “for behold I will bring a flood of waters upon the earth to destroy all flesh whose breath is in the land”.

Although the Bible does not specifically state that God played a role in the building of the ark, it is possible that he did. In this respect, many believe that God could have provided assistance in an unseen manner, using miracles or divine intervention.

It is also suggested that God could have used an angel or another higher being to provide guidance, or even directly assisted in the construction. Therefore, although the text does not specify, it is possible that God helped build the ark directly or indirectly.

God Could Have Provided Protection For Noah and His Family

The Bible does not elaborate on the exact protection God provided Noah, but it is suggested that he kept Noah and his family safe in a variety of ways. During the course of the construction of the ark, God likely provided some kind of divine protection.

This could have come in the form of spiritual guidance, which would have kept Noah and his family safe, both during the building of the ark and during the voyage. Other possible forms of protection could have included God’s direct intervention in circumstances, such as providing the correct tools, materials, and knowledge to complete the ark.

God also could have provided natural protection in the form of favorable weather or, more directly, shielding Noah and his family from potential danger. Therefore, although the text does not mention any specific form of protection, it is likely that God was very involved in shielding Noah during the time of building the ark.

Does The Bible Reveal Anything About Noah’s Character?

The Bible does not reveal much about Noah’s character, however, it does provide some insight into his beliefs. For example, it states that Noah “walked with God” and was “blameless in his generation”. This implies that he was an upright man who showed faith in God.

From the text, it can be inferred that Noah was also a wise and intuitive man. He was able to interpret God’s commands and build the ark according to the plan given, even though it was a task that was outside of the scope of his understanding. Noah was also brave enough to face the challenge of building the ark and embarking on the journey of faith.

This story of Noah also suggests that he was unafraid of difficult tasks, and that he had the courage to stand by his convictions and trust in God. Overall, the Bible does not give many details about Noah’s character, but what is known is that he was a righteous and courageous man.

What Are The Implications Of Building The Ark In The Bible?

The story of Noah’s ark is an important reminder of God’s power and protection. This story serves as an example of the lengths to which God will go to preserve life and save those he loves. In this vein, the process of building the ark is a symbolic act of faith.

The story of Noah’s ark is a central part of the Judeo-Christian tradition, and is repeated in both the Old and New Testament. Therefore, it is a reminder of God’s covenant with his people, that he will always provide for them and protect them from harm.

God’s instructions to Noah to build the ark also serves as a reminder that prayers will be answered, and that God will answer humans’ needs when asked. Finally, the process of building the ark demonstrates God’s faithfulness, as he never gave up on sending a flood, even when it seemed impossible.

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