Where Is The Our Father In The Bible


Believed to be derived from ancient Jewish liturgy, the phrase ‘Our Father’ is commonly used to refer to the Creator of the universe, or in some cases, God. This phrase is found in the traditional prayer attributed to Jesus Christ, most commonly known as ‘The Lord’s Prayer.’ The phrase has been used by many different religions and faiths throughout history, being seen as a means to invoke one’s relationship with the divine.
The phrase first appears in the Bible in the books of Matthew and Luke, specifically in the gospels or written accounts of the life of Jesus. Both books recount the moments when Jesus is teaching his disciples on how to pray. The phrase ‘Our Father’ appears twice in Matthew and three times in the Book of Luke.

Jesus’ Teachings

Jesus’ teachings can be understood as being divided into three categories: love, power, and relationship. In his preaching, Jesus tells his disciples to pray in the same way that he himself prayed. In the Gospel of Matthew, Jesus tells his followers to address God as ‘Our Father’, recognizing the relationship between them and God as one of a loving father-child bond.
In the Gospel of Luke, Jesus additionally emphasises that the prayer must come from a place of love and understanding in order to be pleasing to God. He says ‘your Father knows what you need before you ask him’, showing that while the ‘Our Father’ prayer is necessary, it is also important to recognise the relationship between the creator and the created.

Purpose and Application

The purpose of the ‘Our Father’ prayer is to provide a framework for remembering who God is and how to relate to Him. It holds within it the idea of a perfect Father, who loves, cares and provides for His children unconditionally. It is designed to be easy to remember and recite, and serves as a reminder of our relationship with God.
When reciting the prayer, it is important to remember that it is not just words, but a way to establish a connection with God. The ‘Our Father’ prayer is also used in different denominations around the world, and when it is uttered, it is often seen as a sign of unity. Additionally, it is also seen as a form of protestation against evil, as it is seen as being connected to the power of God.

Use in Catholic Practice

The ‘Our Father’ prayer is a key figure in Catholic practice. It appears in the Liturgy of the Hours, which is a set of daily prayers that the Catholic Church prescribes for its members. It is also apart of the rosary, which is a meditative practice of prayer and reflection on the life of Jesus Christ, his mother Mary, and the works of divine love. The prayer is also a focal point in Catholic Masses, being said at the start of each service.


Interpretation of the meaning of the ‘Our Father’ prayer varies from person to person and faith to faith. Many different theological perspectives have been adopted by various religious denominations, including understanding the prayer as a petition to God, a way to give praise and adoration, and a prayer of thanksgiving.
According to Jewish tradition, the prayer is a reminder of God’s awesome power, reminding those that are praying that God will hear and answer them. In Christian denominations, the ‘Our Father’ prayer is seen as a way to draw close to God and receive His grace.


The ‘Our Father’ prayer is also filled with religious symbolism. Since its first uttered by Jesus, it has been connected to the idea of grace and salvation. The symbolism is particularly seen in the phrase ‘On Earth, as it is in Heaven’. This phrase is seen as a way to remind those praying that God is everywhere, and is powerful even in cases when acknowledged only in faith.
It is also seen as a metaphor for the journey to Heaven, with those that recite the prayer believing that it will bring them closer to the kingdom of God. This has been reflected in popular culture, with the ‘Our Father’ prayer being featured in movies, television shows, and music to bring a sense of spirituality and eternal love.

Usage in Worship Settings

In worship settings, the ‘Our Father’ prayer can be used as a way to symbolically connect believers to their creator. By repeating the prayer together, congregations are able to unify themselves in their beliefs and praise of God. Additionally, it is seen as a way to acknolwedge the power of God and give thanks to Him for all that He has done.
The prayer is also used in Christian worship as a way to promote repentance for sins and to ask for strength and courage in difficult times. This is usually done when a leader invokes the ‘Our Father’ prayer and the congregation joins in with a murmured answer of ‘Amen’.

Modern Usage

In modern times, the ‘Our Father’ prayer is still used in worship settings, but its usage has diversified. People have begun to use the prayer in their everyday lives as a way to create a sense of humility and respect for the divine. People have also taken to using the prayer as a mantra to gain focus and clarity in moments of doubt and uncertainty.
The prayer has also been used in literature as a way to connect characters to a higher power, or to represent the idea that God is always there, even when it seems like He might not be. This can be seen in books, plays, and movies, with the ‘Our Father’ prayer serving to remind viewers that redemption and justice always prevails in the end.

The Significance of the Our Father in Today’s Society

The ‘Our Father’ prayer remains as significant to believers today as it ever has. Whether in moments of crisis or of joy, believers have continued to use the prayer to reach out to God and acknowledge him as the ruler of all things.
In today’s society, with the rise of technology, it is easy for people to forget about the source of life and the power of faith. The ‘Our Father’ prayer can be a reminder of the things that have eternal value, and it serves as a powerful way to put faith and trust in the divine.


The ‘Our Father’ prayer has been a source of strength and guidance for believers throughout history, and continues to serve as a reminder of the relationship between human beings and their creator. It is filled with symbolism and connects people of all faiths and denominations, giving them a way to express their belief in the reigning power of God. Today, the ‘Our Father’ prayer continues to be used as a way to find strength, guidance, and peace in moments of hardship and difficulty, serving as a reminder of the unwavering power of God and the eternal love he bestows upon believers.

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