Where Is Sirach In The Bible

What Is Sirach?

Sirach, often known as the Book of Ben Sira or the Wisdom of Jesus Ben Sira, is a deuterocanonical book originally written in Hebrew. It is part of the Apocrypha, which were kept by the Jews and Christians. The book is made up of teachings and advice from Jesus Sirach, a cleric and teacher of Israel, who lived around 200 BC. Sirach is said to have written the book in Hebrew and left instructions later for it to be translated into Greek and then later from Greek into other languages.

What Is The Purpose of Sirach?

The purpose of Sirach is to provide wisdom and guidance to its readers. Jesus Sirach, the author of the book, was a man of deep faith and wisdom. He imbued it with his own knowledge and tested counsel in order to help those who read it. His teachings often address ethics, and his advice is valued because of his deep faith and wisdom.

Where Is Sirach Located in the Bible?

In the Catholic Bible, Sirach is found in between Proverbs and the Song of Songs. In the Protestant Bible, it is usually placed after the Old Testament. It takes up 44 verses and includes a total of 31 middles.

What Does Sirach Teach?

Sirach is a collection of teachings and stories from Jesus Sirach. Much of the material deals with charity, humility, and piety. It also speaks of justice and mercy, and praises those who follow them. It contains stories of the righteous, including kings and rulers of old, who did good and faced trials, tribulations, and suffering. In some cases, these stories are used to demonstrate how those who trust in divine protection will be rewarded.

What Are Experts Saying About Sirach?

Experts have long studied Sirach as part of their research into the Old Testament. Many have commented on the book’s attention to ethical principles, with one expert saying that it “gives an insight into the ethical values and religious practices of the Second Temple period.” Others have noted the book’s use of rhetorical flourish, which makes it an interesting and thought-provoking read.

What Is The Significance Of Sirach?

The significance of Sirach lies in the fact that it is an example of a deuterocanonical book that was once widely accepted but which has largely been ignored in more modern times. As such, a study of Sirach can offer insight into the worldviews and cultural values of ancient Israel. Studying Sirach can also provide a good overview of the wisdom and moral codes that were influential in the ancient world.

Temptation and Sin

One of the key issues addressed in Sirach is that of temptation and sin. The book makes a number of warnings against giving into sin and urges its readers to remain steadfast in their commitment to the divine law. For example, the book says: “Beware of sin, you hero, may you not be caught in its meshes! For sin drags down the highest and the strongest, and it burns them with fire like straw.”


In addition to warning against sin, Sirach also offers encouragement to those who live by the law and strive for righteousness. The book speaks highly of those who remain faithful and committed to the law, saying: “My child, act according to a righteous commandment, and you will find life in them. For the companions of the Lord are undefiled, and no one who follows them will stumble.”


In his writings on humility, Jesus Sirach admonishes his readers to keep their pride in check and recognize that all things come from God. The book says: “Put your pride away and do not scorn anyone. It is better to humble yourself and have peace than to suffer a great affliction.” In this way, the book emphasizes the idea that humility is essential for peace and joy.

Strength in Adversity

In the face of trials and tribulations, Sirach also offers advice and encouragement. The book speaks of how strength can be found even in the midst of affliction and death: “Even in darkness light is found, and life is hidden in affliction. Cast your burden on the Lord, and He will sustain you: He will never let the righteous fall but will guard you with His arm.”

Meaningful Suffering

Sirach also speaks of how suffering can be meaningful and even beneficial to those who endure it. It highlights how, in some cases, adversity can lead to growth: “Chastise and constrain your soul, for severe suffering has its own reward. Know what you have not known, and remember what is still unnoted. Be assured that experience is the teacher of all things, and the most patient explorer will find his reward.”


The importance of forgiveness is another theme explored in Sirach. The book says: “Show yourself quickly to be forgiving and compassionate, and ready to give, that your Creator may have mercy on you. For the wrath of the Lord is kindled by one sin, and yet He shows His love even to the thousandth generation of those who keep His covenant.”


Sirach also encourages its readers to embrace austerity and simplicity. It speaks of how overindulgence can lead to ruin and how cutting back can be a great source of satisfaction: “Put away pride from you and from all people, for a king’s anger is fierce and unstoppable. When a sinner is punished, patience consoles, and a poor man’s authority is increasing when it is curbed.”

Kindness to Others

Finally, the book emphasizes the importance of showing kindness and mercy to others. It talks about the rewards of doing good and the punishment of doing evil: “Let nothing keep you back from showing kindness and mercy, for it is twice blessed: it blesses those who give and those who receive. Show mercy to those who have wronged you, and you will find favor with the Most High.”

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