What’s The Longest Chapter In The Bible


What’s the longest chapter in the Bible? The answer might surprise you. There are actually two answers for this question, depending on which version of the Bible you are using. The longest chapter in the Bible is traditionally the longest chapter in the entire Hebrew Bible – Psalm 119. This chapter contains 176 verses and is the largest chapter in the King James Version of the Bible. There is however, a longer chapter in the Catholic Bible – The Book of Tobit – which contains 224 verses. In this article we will explore the reasons why Psalm 119 is so long and why the Catholic Bible contains the longer chapter.

The Length Of Psalm 119

Psalm 119 is the longest and most detailed chapter in the Bible. Despite its length, it is a single continuous prayer of praise and thanksgiving. It focuses on a single theme, the greatness of God, and speaks of His power, His righteousness, and His faithfulness. Scholars have suggested that this chapter was likely written as a single long prayer, rather than in smaller sections or broken into several shorter chapters.
The main reason why Psalm 119 is so long is its alphabetical structure. Each of its 22 stanzas begins with a different letter of the Hebrew alphabet. This, in conjunction with the themes of praise and thankfulness, makes a lengthy chapter. Additionally, each verse is composed of three concise lines. This gives it a poetic, repetitive quality which lends itself to the length of Psalm 119.

The Book Of Tobit

The Book of Tobit is longer than Psalm 119 and is the longest chapter in the Catholic Bible. It is found in the so-called ‘Deuterocanonical’, or the Apocrypha. The Book of Tobit is the story of a Jewish family living in Nineveh and their experience of faith, loyalty and perseverance. Themes such as love, hope, forgiveness, and faithfulness are explored in this book, making it longer and more expansive than Psalm 119.
Like Psalm 119, the Book of Tobit is also composed of repetitive language and poetry. It makes use of parables and metaphors to make its point. Additionally, the Book of Tobit speaks extensively of Tobit’s goodness and loyalty to God, and the same can be said of the protagonist in the Book of Tobit – Tobit’s son. This leads to an overall longer chapter than what can be found in Psalm 119.

Differences Between Psalm 119 and the Book Of Tobit

Though both chapters are in the Bible and are lengthy chapters, there are many differences between Psalm 119 and the Book of Tobit. Firstly, Psalm 119 is found in the Hebrew Bible and is composed primarily of words of praise and thanks to God. The Book of Tobit is in the Catholic Bible and is a much longer chapter. It focuses on the faith, loyalty and perseverance of the characters, which is why it is so much longer.
Additionally, Psalm 119 was composed as a single long prayer, and it does not contain any parables or metaphors like those that can be found in the Book of Tobit. The length of Psalm 119 is also right around the average word count of other chapters in the Bible, whereas the Book of Tobit is quite a bit longer in comparison.

Expert Perspectives

The opinions expressed by religious scholars and theologians regarding the length of both chapters have varied. Many claim that the poetic structure in Psalm 119 is what lends itself to its length, while others have argued that the themes of praise and thankfulness give the chapter a much longer feel. Likewise, experts have pointed to the never-ending theme of loyalty and perseverance in Tobit, as well as its numerous parables and metaphors, as the reason for its length.
Despite these differing opinions, there is a common agreement among experts that both chapters, in their respective Bible versions, exemplify lengthy, beautiful prayers, and that their length serves to highlight the infinite grace and greatness of God.

Implications For The Christian Faith

The length of both chapters in the Bible has implications for the Christian faith. For instance, Psalm 119 serves to remind us of God’s grace and power, as well as his love for us. Likewise, the Book of Tobit speaks to us of the importance of faith and perseverance, even in the face of adversity. This is a powerful reminder to us, particularly in difficult times, that with faith and loyalty, we can overcome whatever challenges life throws our way.
The length of these chapters also serves to remind us just how amazing our God is – that he is so worthy of praise, and so deserving of our thankfulness. The entire Bible is filled with God’s wisdom and truth, and these long chapters remind us time and time again of His infinite love and power.


In conclusion, the length of two of the longest chapters in the Bible – Psalm 119 and the Book of Tobit – are testament to the greatness of our Lord and Savior. These lengthy chapters of praise and thankfulness remind us of the importance of faith and loyalty, no matter the circumstances. Through these Bible chapters, we are reminded of the infinite love and power of God, and that we can always seek Him as our refuge during times of difficulty.

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