What Is Witchcraft In The Bible

What Is Witchcraft In The Bible?

Witchcraft is an ancient form of spiritual practice that has been around since the beginning of time, but still has a powerful influence in today’s society. In the Bible, witchcraft is mentioned several times, often in a negative light. In the past, some forms of witchcraft have been seen as dangerous, but many modern practitioners of witchcraft have embraced its power and are using it to make positive changes in their lives and in their communities. So, what is witchcraft in the Bible, and what does it mean for today’s practitioners?
In the Old Testament of the Bible, witchcraft is mentioned in various passages. The most important is found in Exodus 22:18, which declares that “Thou shalt not suffer a witch to live.” This commandment is often seen as a warning against the practice of witchcraft, but a closer look at the passages that follow reveals that this is not a blanket condemnation of all forms of witchcraft, but rather a warning against demon-worship. In other words, it is a condemnation of those who were using witchcraft to manipulate, control, and harm others.
The New Testament of the Bible makes no mention of witchcraft at all. Instead, the focus is on Jesus and His teachings. While Jesus declared that He was a King and had authority over all things, he demonstrated His love and acceptance of all people, regardless of their beliefs or practices. In fact, Jesus even ate with known witches and even had conversations with them. In this way, Jesus showed us that it is possible to accept and forgive even those who practice something as seemingly “evil” as witchcraft.
Modern-day practitioners of witchcraft also recognize the importance of Jesus’ teachings and try to practice their craft in ways that are in line with His teachings. This often includes grounding and centering, meditation and ritual, honoring the divine feminine and personal boundaries, ethical spell casting, and connecting with nature. All this is done in order to bring about healing, transformation, and improved relationships in the world.

What is Different About Modern Day Witchcraft?

In many ways, modern day witchcraft is different from the spiritual practices found in the Bible. The most obvious difference is the approach taken to understanding and practicing witchcraft. In the Bible, witchcraft is seen as a tool that can be used to manipulate and harm others. Modern day witches, on the other hand, see it as a tool for healing and transformation.
In addition, modern day witchcraft often has elements that are not found in the Bible. For example, many practitioners use crystals and stones in magical rituals. Many also draw inspiration from other spiritual traditions, such as Wicca and paganism. In this way, modern day witches are able to create their own unique paths and rituals that are in line with their own spiritual beliefs.

What is the Connection Between Witchcraft and Christianity?

At first glance, it may seem that there is little connection between modern day witchcraft and Christianity. However, many witches and practitioners of other spiritual traditions have tried to find ways to reconcile their spiritual beliefs with their Christian faith. For example, some Witches and related spiritual practitioners believe that God, as described in the Bible, was known by other names by various ancient cultures and civilizations. They also believe that some of the spiritual practices of these cultures and civilizations, such as candle magick, divination and other forms of magical ritual, are related to modern-day witchcraft.
In this way, some Witches have tried to bring together the two seemingly contradictory spiritual beliefs of Christianity and witchcraft. They view modern day witchcraft not as something to be feared and rejected, but rather as a tool for deepening their spiritual connections with God.

Is Witchcraft Safe?

The safety of witchcraft depends on the practitioner. In general, as long as the practitioner is ethical and practices wisely, there is no harm in practicing witchcraft. That said, it is important to remember that witchcraft involves ancient spiritual magick and energies, and like any spiritual practice or belief system, it should be used with respect and caution.
It is important that practitioners are fully informed about the spiritual tools they are using and the potential consequences of their actions. It is also important to respect the spiritual energy of other practitioners and always practice safely and responsibly. It is never recommended to use witchcraft for negative purposes, such as hexing or cursing.


Witchcraft is an ancient spiritual practice with a long and rich history. In the Bible, witchcraft is mentioned several times, usually in a negative light. However, Christians must remember that Jesus showed love and acceptance to those who practiced it. In modern-day witchcraft, practitioners draw upon a variety of spiritual sources in their magickal practices, while also working to make their spiritual practices safer and more ethical. Ultimately, the safety and effectiveness of witchcraft is dependent upon the skill and wisdom of the practitioner.

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