What Is Sanctification In The Bible

Sanctification is a concept that is widely discussed in the Bible and has a great deal of meaning. The term “sanctification” comes from the Latin word “sanctus” which means holy or set apart. It is through the process of being sanctified that we become set apart from the world and are made holy in the eyes of God.

There are several different aspects of sanctification that occur in the Bible. The first is justification, which is the act of being declared righteous in the eyes of God. This occurs when a person accepts Jesus as their Savior and, through faith, is declared righteous. Justification is the start of the sanctification process, and it is through the continued growth and maturing of a person’s faith that sanctification continues.

The next aspect of sanctification that is discussed in the Bible is separation. This is an ongoing process throughout a person’s Christian walk. It involves setting apart time for God and focusing on Him instead of the world. As a person grows more in their faith, they will be more and more separated from the world and more and more passionately devoted to God.

Another aspect of sanctification is holiness. This refers to being set apart from the world and living in a way that glorifies God. For example, living a life that is free from sin, immorality and selfish desires. Holiness also involves being dependent on God and looking to Him for guidance and direction.

The final aspect of sanctification is service. This involves using the gifts, talents and resources that God has given us to His glory. It involves being willing to serve others and loving them as Christ loves us. Service includes acts of kindness, sharing the gospel and working for the kingdom of God.

The Uniqueness of Sanctification According to Bible

The uniqueness of sanctification according to the Bible is that it is an ongoing process for the Christian. It is never something that we can attain on our own. It requires us to constantly turn to God and look to Him for guidance and direction in order to stay on the path of sanctification. Furthermore, the Bible makes it clear that our sanctification is accomplished through the work of the Holy Spirit in our lives. The process is one that is marked by constant prayer, reflection, and self-examination. It is also one in which we must continually submit ourselves to the work of the Holy Spirit in our lives.

The Benefits of Sanctification in the Bible

One of the main benefits of sanctification in the Bible is that it allows us to be in closer fellowship with God. Through the process of sanctification we are able to come to know and understand Him better. As we continue to grow and mature in our faith, so does our relationship with God. Sanctification also helps us to live through God’s perspective and to be more closely aligned with His will. This helps us to be more effective in sharing the gospel with others and being a testament to the truth and power of God. For ultimately, it is through our sanctification that we bear witness to the truth and power of God.

The Challenges of Sanctification in the Bible

The challenges of sanctification in the Bible are many and varied. The first is that it requires us to continually turn to God, even when we don’t always understand why. It also means we must continually strive to be more obedient to His will and to reject the temptations of the world. Another challenge of sanctification is that it requires us to be humble, obedient and teachable as we follow God’s will for our lives. It takes courage, faith and a willingness to surrender our pride and strength in order to truly follow the path of sanctification.

How to Pursue Sanctification in the Bible

There are several steps that can be taken to pursue sanctification in the Bible. The first is prayer. We should consistently ask God to help us to understand His will and to guide us in our journey of sanctification. We should also make a habit of regularly reading our Bibles to gain a greater understanding of what God’s will is and why He has called us to sanctify ourselves. Additionally, we should strive to be consistent in our worship and obedience to God through acts of service, fellowship and worship. All of these steps are important and necessary to pursue sanctification in the Bible.

The Purpose of Sanctification

The purpose of sanctification is outlined in Hebrews 12:14 which states “Pursue peace with everyone, and holiness, without which no one will see the Lord.” This scripture makes it clear that it is through the process of sanctification that we are able to draw nearer to God and come into closer communion with Him. It also speaks to the importance of holiness and righteousness in our lives and the need to strive for perfection in our spiritual walk.

The Necessity of Sanctification

The necessity of sanctification is essential for the Christian. It is through the process of sanctification that we are able to turn away from the world and detach ourselves from its influences so we can be in closer communion with God. It is only through sanctification that we can be “set apart” from the world and truly develop a closer relationship with our Heavenly Father. Consequently, it is a vital component of the Christian walk and should be taken seriously by all believers.

The Benefits of Pursuing Sanctification

The benefits of pursuing sanctification are many, including greater closeness to God, a better understanding of His Word, improved levels of obedience and holiness, joy, peace and a better appreciation for His grace and mercy. Ultimately, sanctification is something that should be pursued with diligence as it brings us closer to God, strengthens us in our faith, and leads to a more intimate knowledge of Him.

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