What Is Marriage According To The Bible

What Is Marriage According To The Bible

Marriage is an important part of life for many Christians. The Bible, the holy book for Christianity, provides couples with guidance on marriage and offers insight into essential married life values. The Bible does not provide a concrete definition for marriage, though the book does highlight many aspects of married life.

From the beginning of the Bible in the book of Genesis, marriage is presented as a part of God’s design for His creation. When God created Adam and Eve, He made their relationship a symbol of the divine union between Himself and the people of Israel—marriage is a special union between two people created by the divine.

The Bible particularly emphasizes the importance of making a covenant between the two partners in a marriage. A covenant is a solemn agreement, made with witnesses, where both parties agree to keep their promises. In the Bible, making a covenant is associated with a vow and a dowry, and couples are told to use wisdom when making such a commitment as it cannot be undone.

The book of Proverbs provides a range of guidance on marriage, from treating your partner with respect to seeking wisdom for the decisions you make for married life. In addition, the book of the Song of Solomon paints a picture of a loving relationship full of depth and emotion.

Throughout the books of the Bible, there is a strong emphasis placed upon the importance of commitment and loyalty in marriage. A husband must show loyalty and respect to his wife, while a wife must trust in and follow her husband.

The Bible also speaks against divorce, nodding to the importance of staying together even when things get tough. Marriage is held in the highest regard, and the Bible encourages couples to put their marriage first. This means avoiding situations that could weaken the bond and always remembering that marriage should be a lifelong commitment.

Through reading the Bible, it is clear that marriage is a special and powerful bond between two people that should be held with respect, love and loyalty. When marriage is given the attention and dedication it deserves, couples can experience the beauty of an enduring relationship blessed by the Divine.

Respect and Fidelity

The Bible is full of instructions encouraging respect and fidelity in marriage. In the book of Ephesus, husbands are encouraged to treat their wives with love and respect, displaying the same respect they give to the Lord, demonstrating that marriage between a man and a woman should always be based on respect and understanding. Similarly, wives are encouraged to be faithful by following their husbands. In the book of Proverbs, husbands and wives are encouraged to treat each other with understanding and to focus on the good qualities of their partner, rather than the bad.

This emphasis on respect and fidelity can also be found in other books of the Bible. For example, in the book of Acts, Paul speaks of marriage in a positive way, outlining the importance of loyalty and faithfulness. In the book of Colossians, he also speaks of marriage as a way for man and woman to join in a “one-flesh” relationship, encouraging couples to love each other above all things.

In the book of Corinthians, Paul provides instructions on avoiding temptation, asking couples to remain faithful to their partners. He also encourages husbands to love and value their wives, and wives to respect their husbands. This theme of respect and fidelity is repeated throughout the Bible, indicating its importance in marriage.

The Bible also condemns adultery, the unfaithful actions of one partner towards another. In the book of Exodus, it is stated that a man must not lay with a married woman, and punishing those who do. Adultery is seen as a damaging act that can break down trust, leading to the destruction of a marriage.

Respect and fidelity are two essential qualities needed for a strong, successful marriage. The Bible places a great emphasis on these qualities, demonstrating the importance of strengthening bonds and cherishing each other in order to maintain a faithful and loving marriage.

Love and Equality

The Bible promotes the idea of love and equality in marriage. This is evident in several aspects of the Bible, from the way Paul speaks about the relationship between husbands and wives in Corinthian’s, to the way David and Jonathan express their love for one another in the book of Samuel.

The book of Proverbs, for example, speaks of the importance of a spouse being a partner in life. It is stated that one’s partner should be “as their own flesh” with whom, together, they should create a loving home. Similarly, the book of Ecclesiastes states that two are better than one and that both partners should team up in order to bring unity and understanding into the marriage.

Paul also speaks of the importance of equality in married life in his letter to the Corinthians. He emphasizes that, within marriage, each partner should value and respect the other, stating that man and woman are equal in their mutual faithfulness.

Password of Solomon, which is considered to be the most romantic book of the Bible, also highlights the importance of love and equality in marriage. It is a beautiful poem that speaks of the powerful connection between two people and the deep love they share.

The Bible is full of examples that promote the beauty of a loving marriage, emphasizing the importance of two partners working together in order to create a beautiful and strong union, free of judgement and built upon mutual respect.

Family and Forgiveness

The Bible outlines the importance of supporting each other as a family, and of practicing forgiveness in order to maintain a healthy and positive marriage.

In the book of Proverbs, it emphasizes the importance of teamwork and putting God first in order to have a successful marriage, rather than looking out for one’s own desires. This gives couples the opportunity to work together for the benefit of the whole family, and to obey God’s will.

The Bible also addresses the importance of forgiveness within a marriage. In the book of Matthew, it is said that couples should always strive for resolution and reconciliation, and that forgiveness should be practiced often in order to keep the marriage strong. Ephesians also speaks of the importance of forgiveness and understanding, encouraging couples to be humble and willing to forgive each other.

The Bible encourages couples to extend grace and mercy to the one they love, remembering that marriage should never be forced but should be a union based on mutual love and understanding. The book of Isaiah emphasizes that couples should be patient with each other and never despise each other, as this will only lead to destruction.

The Bible teaches that friendships, forgiveness and unity are all essential in a successful marriage. Couples should find ways to be supportive of each other, to exercise forgiveness and to work together as a team in order to maintain a strong and loving bond for years to come.

Marriage as a Relationship With God

At its core, marriage is seen as a reflection of the relationship between God and His people, according to the Bible. Since the union of Adam and Eve in the book of Genesis, marriage has been connected to a relationship with the divine.

The Bible speaks of the importance of marriage being grounded in God and the divine, through the idea of two becoming ‘one flesh’. This illustrates the idea that, through marriage, two people become more than a union of two individuals, but of a single new creation.

In the New Testament, Jesus speaks of the importance of marriage being reminded of the importance of the bond between husband and wife in terms of the relationship between Jesus and His followers. Similarly, the book of Colossians states that marriage reflects the relationship between Christ and his Church.

The book of Ephesians also speaks of the power of marriage, saying that it should never be treated lightly, as it is believed to be the most important of all relationships. The book of Proverbs touches on the same idea, stating that marriage is to be “honored above all”.

It should be remembered that marriage has a cosmic importance and one that is held in the highest regard by God. Couples should stand by their commitment and dedicate themselves to each other in order to demonstrate the beauty and power of the eternal bond.

Spiritual Growth

The Bible speaks of the importance of spiritual growth in a marriage. This is because marriage is seen as a reflection of the divine and, therefore, a place of spiritual, physical, and mental growth.

The book of Proverbs notes that couples should strive to create an atmosphere of love and understanding, and that in order to achieve this each partner should seek wisdom and understanding. A married life full of respect and love is one where both partners can grow spiritually, together.

The book of Colossians speaks of the importance of forgiving and loving each other, and of being steadfast in the faith. This idea is echoed in the book of Ephesians, which states that husband and wife should seek to improve their spiritual connection and understanding.

The book of Corinthians also outlines the importance of marriage being an occasion of spiritual growth, stating that Christians should treasure and nurture their marriage in order to create an environment of understanding and peace.

The Bible places an emphasis on the importance of spiritual growth in married life. While physical pleasure is important and necessary, it should never be placed above the spiritual bond that is created and strengthened through understanding, trust and love.


Marriage according to the Bible is a beautiful, special and powerful bond between two people that should be held with respect and faithfulness. Through the Bible, married couples are encouraged to show love and forgiveness, to seek spiritual and personal growth, and to cherish and value each other. In the words of the Bible, marriage is “honored above all” and should be treated with the utmost respect.

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