What Is Frankincense Used For In The Bible

Frankincense is a resin extracted from a type of tree that is native to the Middle East and North Africa. It has an ancient history of being used as a type of incense, a perfume and a medicinal remedy. The Bible mentions frankincense several times, and its use in biblical times was likely different from its uses today.

Frankincense was one of the gifts brought to Jesus by the three wise men. The Bible says it was given “as a sacrifice according to what is said in the Law of the Lord” (Matthew 2:11). It was also one of the ingredients that formed the incense placed upon the altar of God, which was first commanded in Exodus 30:1-10.

The tree that produces frankincense is called Boswellia sacra. In biblical times, the resin was obtained by making cuts in the trunk of the tree, which caused it to release an aromatic sap or resin that could be burned as incense. This resin was highly prized in the ancient world and was used mainly for two reasons: one, as a form of devotion to the gods and two, as a form of aromatherapy.

Frankincense was also used in religious ceremonies and rituals. In the Jewish temple, a special incense was made with frankincense, spikenard, cedar, myrrh, cinnamon, cassia and stacte, which was burned each morning and evening. In addition, frankincense was used in sacrifices and offering burnt to God. In some cults, it was custom to burn frankincense in the presence of a deity.

The medicinal use of frankincense dates back to the time of Hippocrates, about 400BC. It was believed to have magical healing powers that could protect one from harm and illness. In the Bible, frankincense was also used to anoint kings and was mentioned as being associated with healing in both the Old and New Testaments. In Exodus, God commanded the use of frankincense in a special remedy to heal those afflicted with leprosy.

Today, frankincense is still widely used in Eastern religions. It is still used in incense, perfumes, and even cosmetics. And, recent scientific studies have linked frankincense to potential health benefits, such as anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, and analgesic properties. Additionally, some research has also indicated that frankincense can be beneficial for emotional support and mental clarity.

The Benefits of Frankincense

Frankincense has a lot of potential health benefits, due to the natural oil’s anti-inflammatory properties. Studies have been conducted on how frankincense can be beneficial to physical ailments such as arthritis, asthma, Crohn’s disease, inflammatory bowel disease, and other conditions. Additionally, research has indicated potential benefits towards cognitive health, including stress relief and improved learning and mental clarity.

Additionally, there is evidence to suggest that the scent of frankincense can reduce depression and anxiety. One study found that inhaling frankincense oil helped reduce heart rate and blood pressure in a group of patients with high levels of stress and anxiety. Other studies have found that frankincense has a calming and soothing effect on the body, as well as a positive effect on mental clarity.

Frankincense can also be beneficial for skin health. The oil can help to reduce dryness and decrease inflammation, helping to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, age spots and scars. It can also help to reduce acne, balance the oil level of the skin, and improve the integrity and overall health of the skin.

The Non-Medicinal Uses Of Frankincense

In addition to its medicinal uses, frankincense has many non-medical uses, and can be found in many different products including perfumes, incense, and cosmetics. Its fragrant and calming aroma has also made it popular to burn as incense, which can create a peaceful and joyous atmosphere. Incense burned with frankincense is often used for spiritual and religious rituals, to clean and purify a space, and to attract positive energy.

Frankincense is also popular in aromatherapy, due to the relaxation it can bring. The scent can help to reduce anxiety and stress, uplift the mood, and promote restful sleep. The aroma of frankincense can also be used to improve concentration, focus, and mental clarity. Frankincense oil, as well as frankincense incense, can also be used to create a calm and peaceful environment.

Frankincense and Holidays

Frankincense has been used in religious ceremonies and rituals, especially during special holidays, for centuries. During the Christmas season, frankincense is often used in the form of incense, and the aroma is used to bring a special atmosphere of peace and joy to the holidays. The scent of frankincense is associated with spiritual reflection, contemplation, and devotion.

In addition, frankincense is often used during Easter. As in the Christmas season, incense with frankincense can be used to purify and cleanse a space, creating an environment of serenity and calm. The scent of frankincense is also used to help focus and bring an atmosphere of prayer and contemplation.


Frankincense has a long and rich history, and has been used in a variety of different settings throughout history. In biblical times, frankincense was used for devotion to God, as well as for medicinal purposes. Today, frankincense continues to be used for similar purposes, and it also has many potential health benefits, as well as non-medical uses. Moreover, it is popularly used during the Christmas and Easter seasons to create special atmosphere.

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