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What Is Fellowship In The Bible

Meaning Of Fellowship

The Bible is the most important document for any person of faith. Not only does it contain the divine word of God, but it also outlines several important principles that it expects us to follow. One of the most important of these is the concept of fellowship. Fellowship is defined as the close communication, association, or intimacy between two or more people. In the Bible, fellowship has a special tone, being a mutual activity shared by more than one person.
The New Testament contains over 250 references to fellowship, and it is widely understood to be essential for an individual’s spiritual growth. Fellowship can also sometimes refer to a group of Christians who share a common belief and practice, such as a church or an association of believers. Several Bible passages indicated this type of fellowship is a crucial part of the Christian life, arguing that believers should come together in “love and unity”, to be “knit together in the same mind”, and to assist one another in their spiritual growth.

Definition of Fellowship According to The Bible

The Bible offers a very specific definition of fellowship. First of all, it is important to note that the words ‘fellowship’ and ‘family’ are used interchangeably throughout scripture. This reinforces the idea that fellowship is much more than simply a gathering of a few people; it is a gathering of people who are united in a mutual bond of affection, commitment and spiritual identity.
In John chapter 13, verses 34 and 35, Jesus commands his disciples to “Love one another,” explicitly asking them to “be devoted to one another in brotherly love”. Here, we see fellowship cast as something of an obligation, rather than simply an optional exercise. Similarly, in 1 John 1:3 states that “he who says he abides in Him ought himself to walk in the same manner as He walked.” This further reinforces the idea that fellowship involves actively engaging with one another and working together to grow spiritually.

Purpose of Fellowship

The Bible makes clear that fellowship is central to the teachings of scripture and that it should be an integral part of our lives as followers of Christ. Fellowship is the means to help us form and grow our spiritual understanding, to become closer to God, and to help us become a more unified body of believers.
The Bible tells us that fellowship can provide us with an increased understanding of God, deeper knowledge of the scriptures, as well as guidance and strength. 1 Corinthians 12:26 states that, “if one member suffers, all suffer together with it; or if one member is glorified, all rejoice together with it.” This indicates that our spiritual growth can be furthered not only through our personal efforts to understand God’s word, but also by engaging in fellowship with each other.
It is often the case that when believers come together and discuss their shared experiences, they can find support, strength, and guidance. In many ways, fellowship acts as a catalyst for personal and spiritual growth, allowing us to take a collective approach to seeking God and learning more about our shared faith.

Importance of Fellowship

The Bible is clear that fellowship is an essential practice for those who wish to deepen their faith and spiritual understanding. It is not just about coming together for the purpose of praying or studying scripture, however. Fellowship refers to a particular level of unity and closeness that must be cultivated in order to grow in our faith.
Fellowship enables us to explore different aspects of our faith, encourages us to think critically, and allows us to develop a richer understanding of our shared belief. Fellowship can even challenge us in unexpected ways, introducing us to new beliefs, ideas and concepts which we can together explore and discuss.
Moreover, fellowship can help to breath life and personality into our faith, making it more meaningful and engaging, and providing us with a source of great fellowship and support. Furthermore, fellowship can create an atmosphere of safety and trust, allowing us to be vulnerable and honest in discussion and come to experience God and his word in a more authentic way.

Practices that Enhance Fellowship

For deep and meaningful fellowship to develop, it must be actively pursued and practiced. One way to do this is to look to scripture as a source of guidance and direction. An active and continuous study of the scriptures can help us to discern how to approach fellowship and provide us with an understanding of what it entails. In addition, there are a number of practices which can further enhance fellowship, including:
• Sharing experiences – Whether through structured activities or simply talking together, it is important for believers to share their experiences and learn from one another.
• Praying together – Praying together enables us to connect with God and each other on a deeper level, and can provide a strong foundation for fellowship.
• Encouraging each other – Supporting and encouraging each other through words of affirmation and kindness is an important way of further deepening fellowship.
• Listening to each other’s stories – By listening to the stories and experiences of others, we can gain greater insight into our shared faith and form a tighter fellowship.

Value of Fellowship in The Bible

Fellowship is an important spiritual practice that helps us to grow in our faith and understanding of God. It is a practice that enables us to engage in meaningful conversations about our shared beliefs, encourages us to listen to each other’s stories, and provides us with an atmosphere of trust and safety. The Bible gives us a clear vision of how fellowship can serve to bring us closer to God and enhance our spiritual growth, setting out detailed instructions and guidelines on how we can develop meaningful fellowship with one another.

Significance of Fellowship in The Bible

Fellowship is an integral part of the Christian life and can be seen in countless passages throughout scripture. Its importance is made clear in the New Testament, where Jesus instructs his disciples to “love one another” and to “be devoted to one another in brotherly love”, emphasising that fellowship is an obligation rather than an optional practice. It is also seen in 1 Corinthians 12:26, which tells us that if one member suffers, “all suffer together with it; or if one member is glorified, all rejoice together with it”. This reinforces the concept of fellowship as a collective activity in which believers work together to grow in their spiritual understanding.

Encountering God Through Fellowship

Fellowship is vital for entering into a deeper relationship with God. Through genuine dialogue, worship, and prayer, fellowship allows us to approach God in a more intimate way. Together, we can explore the depths of scriptural truth and gain a greater understanding of our shared faith. As we come together in fellowship, we also draw closer to Jesus and seek to imitate and live in the same manner as He did.
Fellowship leads us into a more profound experience of God’s love, which we can learn and understand more fully, allowing us to stand tall in the assurance of salvation. Fellowship also gives us an understanding of how our faith can provide us with the courage to face life’s challenges and the strength to build and maintain healthy relationships.


Fellowship plays an important role in a persons spiritual journey, as it provides believers with a collective approach to seeking God and understanding our faith. It is also essential for deepening our relationship with God, as it helps us to communicate, explore and learn from each other in a meaningful way. Fellowship enables us to develop a greater understanding of the scriptures, uncover new beliefs, gain courage and strength, and ultimately encourages us to take on the characteristics of Jesus.

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