What Does The Number 8 Mean In The Bible

The number eight has biblical significance, as it appears several times throughout the Old and New Testaments. One of the most well-known occurrences of the number eight in the Bible is the story of the Flood, where God instructs Noah to build an ark of gopher wood that would measure 300 cubits long, 50 cubits wide, and 30 cubits high, making eight sides to the vessel. Another example is when Jesus was baptized, he was 30 years old. Believers relate this number to the Hebrew letter Chet which is “a symbol of new beginnings and new life”, because it marks a “change in one’s existence”.

The number eight can also be interpreted symbolically in the Bible. For example, the book of Proverbs states that “eight is the number of princes”. This means that eight should be seen as an indication of spiritual power and authority, as it is the number of the divine order and holiness.

In the book of Job, eight is also used in reference to the blessings of God. The Lord offers eight special blessings to Job to restore his fortunes: long life, a better future, integrity, children, food, health, wealth, and renewal. Moreover, in Luke 2:22-24, Jesus entered the Temple when he was eight days old, symbolizing the beginning of his time on Earth. This is why Jewish people traditionally celebrate a baby’s first birthday on day eight.

Many Christians also believe that the number eight holds special significance in biblical prophecy. For instance, in Revelation Chapter 7:4-8, there are eight seals that will be opened by the four horsemen of the Apocalypse. This marks the beginning of the “great tribulation” that will ultimately bring about the end of the world, and some believers interpret the number eight as symbolic of the new world that will come after the tribulation has ended. Other symbolic readings of the number eight include renunciation and regeneration, as in the story of Noah, or the first resurrection of Jesus, as well as eternal salvation or life in heaven or in Paradise.

Biblical Numerology And The Number Eight

The number eight has a special place in biblical numerology as well. The practice of assigning spiritual meanings to numbers is known as gematria, and in traditional Jewish gematria, the numerical value of the Hebrew letter Chet, which corresponds to the number eight, is equal to the sum of the values of three other letters: Heh, Vav, and Tav, which together correspond to the acronym “HVT”, meaning “He will be”. This is interpreted as indicative of God’s infinite power, promise, and authority.

In the New Testament, the number eight has a similar symbolic interpretation. In the book of Revelation, the number eight is interpreted to mean a new world or heaven that exists outside of and above the earthly life. This imagery is also used to represent new beginnings and eternal life in heaven. As such, eight is often associated with regeneration or renewal.

Number 8 In Religion and Culture

The number eight has had cultural significance in many religious and spiritual traditions throughout the world, and is linked to principles such as balance, harmony, and stability. In Buddhism, for example, the symbol of the number eight is the lotus flower, representative of enlightenment and the path to nirvana. In ancient Chinese culture, the number eight has deep esoteric meanings associated with luck, prosperity, and wealth.

In contemporary Western society, the number eight is often associated with success and power. The motivation for this can be attributed to the fact that the figure “8” appears in the center of many astrological symbols, indicating both good luck and fortune. Additionally, many of the world’s most successful businesses, such as Dell, Intel, Microsoft, and Adidas, all have the number “8” as part of their logo.

What Does The Number 8 Mean To You?

The number eight, like all other numbers, has different meanings to different people, but most of its interpretations in the past and present point to new beginnings, renewal, prosperity, and blessedness. Whether you are religious or not, the number eight can be seen as a sign of hope in your life, and a reminder that hope, love, and faith can be found in all things. If you choose to embrace its meaning, the number eight can be a source of strength, stability, and balance in your life.


The number eight has a rich and varied interpretation in the Bible, religion, and culture. Whether you look to it for spiritual insight, luck, or both, the understanding of the number eight is an example of how faith and numbers can co-exist to bring meaningful messages to our lives.

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