What Does The Number 24 Mean In The Bible


The number 24 is a special number that finds its place throughout religious scriptures in the Bible. According to numerology, 24 resonates with angel numbers and forces of Cosmic Consciousness that land on Earth for uplifting its frequency. The qualities each angel brings with itself include abundance, joy, knowledge, education, and success. It is believed that tradition suggests carrying out the important activities in life taking the number 24 into account.

The number 24 is the double version of 12, which corresponds to the ”tribes”, or ”foundation”, of Israel: the number 24 is sometimes corresponded to the 24 priests of Israel who offered sacrifices and numerous kinds of blessings to the people of God. These priests were believed to have also raised incense to God at his throne which is why sometimes number 24 is related to prayer.

The number 24 is also mentioned in the Bible to describe the foundations of heavenly Jerusalem, or ”Holy City”; the city is carved of precious stones such as sapphire, emerald, and onyx, while its walls are ”144 cubits high”. This main feature is a reference to the number 144, which is another version of 12 multiplied by 12, and is then summarized as the number 24.

The number 24 is said to also symbolize ‘priesthood after the Order of Melchizedek’ mentioned in the bible. It is the priesthood that is believed to have the authority to forgive sins, declare the truth and perform a number of other activities for the benefit of the people. This type of priesthood is only regarded as superior to the priesthood of Aaron.

This special and mystical number also reflects strength, unity, and power in Christianity. It is considered spiritually significant because it is deeply connected to some of the most important religious activities throughout the bible. Some bible verses mentioning number 24 include: I Chronicles 24: 7-18, I Peter 2:5, Revelations 5:14, Exodus 25:10 and Ezekiel 48:35.


In astrology, the number 24 is related to the planet Saturn and denotes everything related to fear, limitation, control and discipline – these symbols, however, have a good side, too, as it can denote wisdom, organization, and integrity. People connected to the numbers 24 are usually more grounded to reality and firmly follow their instinct.

Those who feel resonance with the number 24 often take leadership roles without hesitation and are born leaders. Such people are dangerous adversaries, as they are never disorganised and always bring something to the table when it comes to making plans. They take their purpose incredibly seriously and carry it out in the most successful way possible.

24 is a number that denotes strength and balance. People attuned with the energy of this number have a delicate sense of justice and don’t stand secrets or dishonesty. They’re easily connected with their emotions and feelings making them great thinkers and communicators. At the same time, they’re never too emotional or sensitive, as they understand the importance of always maintaining a distance and having a broader perspective of things.

The symbolism that the number 24 connects with in the astrological sense is duality – this refers to having two energies, which is where its strength comes from – it is a balanced and harmonious energy, just like yin and yang. Thus, it is a number which is associated with two energies and how they interact like a team.


The number 24 is a symbol of balance, harmony, and focus. It is believed that this number can help shape our decisions and bring order in our path. When a person develops a good connection with the number 24 in their daily life, they allow themselves to develop a sense of composure, strength, and even wisdom.

From a spiritual point of view, the number 24 stands for the unity of opposites or the union of Heaven and Earth. Astrologers say that 24 is a symbol of having both active and passive forces of creative energy available at the same time.

Numerologists believe that 24 stands for public speaking, healing abilities and attunement with nature. It is believed that 24 gives its possessors great strength to stay persistent in their endeavors, teach easily and understand their purpose.


In the mysticism tradition, the number 24 is seen as a sacred sign. People who are focused on this number are devoted to their inner wisdom and loyalty to their higher divine purpose. Moreover, number 24 is believed to carry unconditional love and inner harmony,
which helps its possessors to be more present, compassionate and understanding when solving conflicts.

In the mysticism tradition, 24 is also seen as a number that symbolizes cooperation and collaboration. It is believed that its possessors are not afraid to ask for help or advice which is an important part of developing as an individual. As a result, they obtain inner balance and personal growth.

In terms of beliefs and faith, people connected to the number 24 are strongly devoted and loyal to the beliefs they carry. This kind of devotion and faith serves them as the cornerstone for their spiritual journey.

Healing Arts

The number 24 has healing powers and it is used in different healing arts. Practitioners work with number 24 to restore balance and equilibrium in their patients’ everyday lives.

The number 24 balances both mental and physical aspects of a person. It is believed to optimize their wellbeing, prevent the negative or disempowering energies, and bring better control and organization in their lives.

When used in combination with other healing arts such as acupuncture, the number 24 is believed to be able to create energy flow and release emotional imbalances. It is also regarded as a powerful tool in the treatment of mental and emotional issues, helping people to process strong emotions in a healthier and more productive way.

Modern healers have discovered that 24 is a great tool to help people get better control of their lives and gain an internal strength towards conquering the most difficult situations.


The number 24 appears in many myths and legends from all over the world. In ancient Greece, the number 24 was strongly connected with Apollo and the 24 Muses of Mount Olympus. Apollo was known as the god of knowledge, healing and music, while Muses as the goddesses of knowledge, inspiration and beauty.

In Roman mythology, Jupiter – the King of the gods – is often associated with the number 24. He is known as the supreme god and potent source of creative energy that helps bring order, stability and justice to the world.

In other ancient traditions such as Hinduism, Buddhism, or shamanistic beliefs, 24 is often symbolized in mandalas and sacred geometry. This kind of geometry is believed to be the visual expression of deep knowledge and the hidden powers of the universe.

The number 24 is also one of the main symbols in Ancient Egypt, where it is believed to represent the union of Heaven and Earth. It has been found on many hieroglyphs and ancient artifacts as a representation of cosmic cycles and the eternal cycle of life and death.


The number 24 is an important and highly respected symbol found in major religious scripture, astrology, mysticism, healing arts and mythology. It is a powerful and harmonious energy that symbolizes stability, order, strength, and courage.

When given the right intepretation and used correctly, 24 can bring balance, harmony and focus to its possessors by aiding them in their spiritual journey.

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