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What Does The Number 21 Mean In The Bible

The number 21 is considered the ultimate limit of a cycle or process in many cultural contexts. This symbolic number pops up throughout the Bible, leading many to believe it has a significant spiritual meaning. Ultimately, biblical scholars believe that it carries a positive connotation, symbolizing completion and perfection.

The first biblical reference to 21 is found in Genesis 7:12 when “the rain fell upon the earth for forty days and forty nights” (KJV). In the narrative, God was giving Noah a timeline for when to enter the ark – Noah was to embark on the 17th day of the second month, stay aboard for 150 days, and land after the water had stopped on the 7th month, on the 17th day – the total time is 233 days, which means that the waters receded after around 21 weeks had elapsed.

The number 21 also appears in Joshua 3:2-15, when Joshua instructed twelve scouts to measure the upcoming land they would cross. The scouts returned to Joshua exactly 21 days later and reported that the land was full of milk and honey. This notably marks the time when the scouts had explored the land and marked the completion of their journey before the subsequent battle.

The number 21 is deeply significant for Christian readers as it is a multiple of three, which stands for the Trinity. This signifies the complete unity of the Trinity and reminds the reader that the presence of God is never absent – making the number 21 a powerful symbol of divine continuity.

Further biblical accounts reference the number 21 in Ecclesiastes 3:2-8, 1 Samuel 24:15, Jonah 3:4, Psalms 90:10 and Deuteronomy 2:14. In Psalms 90:10, Moses wrote in a prayer to God, saying, “The days of our years are threescore years and ten; and if by reason of strength they be fourscore years, yet is their strength labour and sorrow; for it is soon cut off, and we fly away.” This reference is 21 years, which signifies the end of all lifespans on earth, as this was the longest life expectancy people could hope for in those days.

Ultimately, the number 21 is symbolic of auspiciousness. It portrays the idea that it is possible to reach a peak state of physical, spiritual, or mental accomplishment before pushing through the boundaries and pursuing higher goals. There will always come a point when the journey ends and the accomplishments will be rightly celebrated.

What Does The Number 21 Mean In Hebrew Scripture?

In Hebrew Scripture, the number 21 often has practical and disciplinary connotations. It is related to Siyum HaShas – a completion ceremony celebrated by Talmudic scholars – and it signifies that a milestone task has been accomplished.

The number 21 is also used to communicate the importance of engaging in activities that are religiously beneficial. In Jewish culture, this often involves the study of religious texts and the performance of charitable deeds. This lends to the notion that the number 21 is associated with spiritual objects, ritualistic behaviors, or religious services.

It is also important to consider the ways in which the number 21 appears in Hebrew Scripture. In the Babylonian Talmud, the number 21 is associated with the Jewish practice of levirate marriage, which is an ancient marriage custom established to protect and provide for the widows of a deceased husband or brother. In the Talmud, it states that a woman is not allowed to marry someone from her family until at least 21 days have passed.

Moreover, there are 21 references to the name of God in the Hebrew Bible – ‘Jehovah’ or ‘YHWH’ – which forms part of the divine name Abraham is commanded to proclaim when making a vow. This lends to the biblical notion that the number 21 is connected to spiritual completeness, as God is the ultimate source of all righteousness.

Esoteric Meaning of 21 in The Bible

In esoteric circles, the number 21 is commonly viewed as a number of transformation – symbolic of a cycle ending and a new beginning. It is believed that when one reaches a certain level, their spiritual energy is awakened, allowing them to make a quantum leap forward in their understanding of the cosmic plan and how to implement it in their own lives.

From a metaphysical perspective, the number 21 is believed to have a great potential for spiritual growth and rebirth. It can help one to move into a higher spiritual realm, by enabling them to access advanced spiritual knowledge and harness divine power. In this way, it is a valuable symbol of spiritual enlightenment and divine purpose.

Similarly, the number 21 carries spiritual significance in numerology, as it is a combination of two powerhouse numbers – the number 2 is associated with patience, balance, and cooperation, while the number 1 is associated with leadership, intuition, and strength.

Viewed as a whole, the number 21 symbolizes an ability to shift gears and take creative risks that are in line with higher spiritual truths. It is an expressive number about the ability to keep up with a pace of change, and to make choices that are meaningful and powerful.

Establishing 21 as a Numerological Symbol

When it comes to numerology, the number 21 symbolizes a powerful transformation – the ability to bring our dreams and goals into reality and to express our unique potential as individuals. It supports the merging of spiritual and material needs, and invites us to seek harmony between our inner and outer selves. The number 21 promotes self-expression, originality, and rejuvenation – traits which will help us to make leaps and bounds with our lives.

The number 21 often brings with it an insatiable appetite for creativity, transformation, and exploration. When it appears in one’s life, it usually reflects a need to initiate change, to go out of one’s comfort zone, and to take action instead of waiting for things to unfold.

This number is also associated with confidence, ambition, and thoughtfulness – in numerology, it is believed that when this number begins to emerge in one’s life, it is important to evaluate which areas of life need transformation, and to make sure that the changes are grounded in logic and reality.

Life Lessons Embodied By The Number 21

The number 21 also carries wisdom, life lessons, and messages of assurance in the Bible. It represents a time of preparation and allows us to reflect on the past while we make plans for the future. It encourages us to stay grounded and to not make premature decisions, but to focus our energy to set and achieve our goals.

From the biblical perspective, the number 21 highlights our ability to practice faith and trust in God. It is a reminder that our journey of self-improvement is ongoing, and that we are never alone. It encourages us to take time to reflect and to consider how our actions affect our goals and our future.

Finally, the number 21 promotes the idea that ultimately, everything that we do is aimed at a higher purpose. It emphasizes the notion that our efforts do not go unnoticed, although the full picture of what we are contributing to the universe may not be immediately evident.

Symbolic Significance of 21 In Christianity

In Christianity, the number 21 is associated with divinity. It is a reminder of the power of prayer, and to remain faithful even in tough times. It is also considered symbolic of the numbers 3 and 7 – 3 represents the Trinity and 7 is a number of completion. Thus, the number 21 holds many symbolic meanings – unity, completion, and perfection. It conveys the idea that there is a spiritual force that guides and balances our lives, and that it is up to us to remain open to all the possibilities it can bring.

In addition, the number 21 can be viewed as a reminder of the life of Jesus and his ultimate sacrifice, as well as the promise of eternal life. Thus, the number 21 is associated with the power of faith and emphasizes the ongoing need to turn to Jesus for comfort and guidance.

Finally, the number 21 is a reflection of a journey towards maturity and unity. It is symbolic of the journey to adulthood, which is marked by a gradual acceptance of responsibility and growth. As such, the number 21 can be viewed as a reminder that, in our own spiritual journeys, there is always room for progress and progress is possible, no matter where we are in life.

What Should We Take Away From The Number 21?

As demonstrated, the number 21 is a powerful and multi-layered symbol, with a range of spiritual messages. From a biblical perspective, it represents a divine force of replenishment and completion, symbolizing the potential to enter a new level of understanding and enlightenment. In numerology, it is associated with creativity, ambition, and transformation. In Christianity, it is a reminder of the power of faith and the promise of eternal life. Thus, the number 21 is a powerful symbol of spiritual progress and divine connection.

Ultimately, the number 21 should be viewed as a reminder to think critically and to trust in our instincts, as we navigate each stage of life. It is a call to stay focused, open-minded, and deeply aware of our purpose in pursuing our goals and dreams. As a deeply symbolic number, the number 21 carries with it a range of spiritual messages to help guide and direct us on our spiritual journeys.

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